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Ever since the invention of firearms, man has always tried to find the safest way of carrying them and up to date manufacturers are still trying to find safer ways of carrying them using gun holsters.

The idea behind looking for the best tactical holster is that at the end of the day, you’ll want something that is comfortable to carry and at the same time safe enough for you to have your gun in it.

So, here’s the thing…

With plenty of holsters in the market, you’ll have to look around a lot to get one that’s perfect. Also, a tactical holster is just as important as a chest rigas far as holding your tactical accessories is concerned and you deserve to get the very best.

In this post, we’ll not only be reviewing 10 of the best tactical holsters but we’ll go a step further to also give you a buying guide that’ll help you get started in picking the right one.

Here goes…

We've made things easier for you with the comparison chart below. It's a side by side comparison of the best of the best in our top 10 list. The best prices, the safest and the most comfortable.


Best tactical holster



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Safariland 6304 ALS Tactical Leg HolsterSafariland 6304 ALS Tactical Leg Holster

Right & left-handed

Orpaz Glock 19 Holster Orpaz Glock 19 Holster

Right & left-handed

aokur Tactical Pistol Leg Holsteraokur Tactical Pistol Leg Holster

Right & left-handed

Best tactical holster reviews

For each of the holsters below, we'll be taking a look at the features that make them worthy of being in our top 10 list as well as the pros and the cons. Let's get to it then, shall we?

1. Safariland 6304 ALS Tactical Leg Holster

Safariland 6304 ALS Tactical Leg HolsterSafariland 6304 ALS Tactical Leg Holster

Safariland has designed the 6304 to have one of the best retention systems in the tactical holster market. No better way to have your pistol securely held in place while at the same time giving you the fastest draw without any twists or struggle. The simplest thumb operation every.

Features an automatic locking system (ALS)

Immediately you holster your weapon, the internal automatic locking system will be triggered. This basically secures the gun in all directions even when the primary device is open. The primary lock works in the self-locking system (SLS).

The SLS will allow for a smoother single-motion draw since there is no snap and this gives you a better operation in tactical situations.

Has got a standard double strap leg

With the double strap leg design, not only will you have your gun but there’ll also mounting holes for any additional accessories you may need.

The leg strap also offers a vertical adjustment which is quite easy to achieve. Most importantly, this leg harness is lightweight for all tactical applications.

Ideal gun protection

The tactical finish on the holster protects the gun inscape, scratch and dent incidents. The thermal-molded SafariLaminate construction will also protect your handgun and sights.

  • Double strap design for additional accessory attachment
  • Has a secure Automatic locking system
  • Adjustable leg strap for comfort
  • If you intend to use a light with it, ensure that it fits

2. Orpaz Glock 19 Holster

Orpaz Glock 19 Holster Orpaz Glock 19 Holster

It’s comfortable, breathable and up to the task for any tactical operation. What’s more interesting about this holster is that it also fits the Glock 17, 22, 23, 26, 27, 34 and more.

Unique polymer base construction

The thigh base on this holster is a special polymer which gives the holder of the holster two height level adjustments. This way, you can install your holster at the preferred height depending on the tactical situation you’re going to face.

Thumb lock and release mechanism

For easy operation, there is a thumb lock and release mechanism which not only gives you quick access but also a level 2 retention. With the 2-level retention system, it’s much safer to have your gun in this holster.

Fully adjustable

Included in the package is an M5 Allen key. For both retention and rotation, you can use this Allen key to adjust the position of the Orpaz Glock 19 such that you get it to fit you just right.

Also, the holster comes in both the right-handed and left-handed variant for utmost versatility.

  • Features a polymer thigh base for two-level height adjustments
  • Includes a thumb lock and release mechanism for quick access
  • Fully adjustable with an Allen key that’s included.
  • The screws come a little too tight and you might want to loosen them up for a quicker draw

3. Orpaz Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Holster

Orpaz Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Holster Orpaz Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Holster

Yet another one from Orpaz is the Smith & Wesson M&P holster. In addition to being perfect for the 9mm, it is equally as good for S&W and M&P 40 and 9mm holsters. The build quality is above average and you’ve also got guaranteed security with this one

Custom molded nylon 6 polymer

Since durability is always a priority on the best tactical holster, this one’s got a nylon 6 polymer construction and on top of this, it is also combat tested.

In the field, it’s got amazing strength and elasticity; at the same time, despite being elastic and allowing free mobility of the holder it’s also abrasion and chemical resistant hence utmost longevity.

Features an innovative 2-piece design

The M&P 40 comes in an innovative 2-piece design which allows for a whole 360-degree rotation which adjusts with ease for cross-draw, driver, strong-side and small-of-the-back caries.

In simple terms, you can have it positioned anywhere on your thighs and have a quick and easy draw of your pistol all the same.

Includes an adjustable design

Besides the rotation adjustment, there are 2 screws. The first one allows for position adjustment and the second one locks down in the position just in case the first adjustment wasn't tight enough.

There’s also a tension adjustment screw with which you can tighten or loosen the tension level holding the gun in the holster.

  • 2-piece design for 360-degree adjustment.
  • It’s got a tension adjustment screw
  • Features a thumb lock and release
  • Might take some time to get the tension right to easily pull your gun out.

4. JahyShow Tactical Right Hand Paddle & Leg Belt Drop Leg Holster

JahyShow Tactical Right Hand Paddle & Leg Belt Drop Leg Holster for Glock JahyShow Tactical Right Hand Paddle & Leg Belt Drop Leg Holster for Glock

In addition to being compatible with a number of Glock models, the thigh platform is flexible, allows for accessory mounting and much more. Here’s a closer look…

Features quick disconnect swivel buckles

For superior flexibility of the length of the belt, it has got quick-disconnect swivel buckles which in turn make quick mounting and dismounting of holsters.

Whether you need this for military application, law enforcement or hunting, it’ll not disappoint you whatsoever.

Offers a snug fit

For the fit, there is a flexible thigh platform that’ll conform to your leg size. It also has got accessory mounting locations for magazines, knives, and flashlights.

Comes in a speed-cut design

For a rapid draw, target acquisition and re-holstering without having to take your eyes off the target, the speed-cut design has got you covered.

High-quality construction

The belt is made of high-quality thick nylon and as for the holsters, you’ll be getting a high-density durable polymer that’s light, comfortable and guaranteed to get the job done. The holster will be compatible with the 17, 19, 22, 23, 31 and 32 Glocks for utmost versatility.

  • Features accessory mounting locations
  • Speed cut design for a faster draw and easy re-holstering.
  • Flexible thigh platform for a snug fit.
  • Always check the screws as they may loosen with time

5.CONDOR Tornado Tactical Leg Holster

CONDOR Tornado Tactical Leg HolsterCONDOR Tornado Tactical Leg Holster

Condor is one of the few brands known for the production of the best tactical gear and in this case, they’ve for the CONDOR Tornado tactical leg holster that’s aimed at giving you the best tactical experience. Without breaking the bank, here’s what this mid-range CONDOR leg holster has for you…

Features a fully adjustable leg strap.

So as to give you a snug fit, the leg strap is fully adjustable and just to be sure on the fit, there is a rubber lining that ensures it doesn’t slip but always stays in position. On the other hand, there's an amazingly quick release buckle which makes it easy to take off the holster.

Secure retention system

So as to always hold your pistol in place, there’s a secure retention system and to back up its operation, there's a Velcro strap that adds on o the security of the pistol within the holster.

Also, the holster is designed in such a way that it can be able to hold pistols that got flashlights or lasers on them. Besides the pistol holster, there’s a magazine pouch with an adjustable Velcro strap as well.

  • Secure retention system with a Velcro strap as well.
  • Has got an adjustable leg strap with a non-slip rubber lining
  • Includes a magazine pouch
  • The top strap is not adjustable and may result in the pistol falling out.

6. Vivoi 3 pc Drop Leg Gun Holster

Vivoi 3 pc Drop Leg Gun Holster Vivoi 3 pc Drop Leg Gun Holster

Designed to fit most pistols sizes, this tactical holster is designed to fit most people, it’s got a durable construction and quite easy to use.

Features a fully adjustable belt

To ensure that everyone gets to enjoy this tactical holster, the belt can be adjusted to fit waist sizes of up to 52 inches. Besides having an adjustable belt, the thigh strap is also adjustable and does have a quick release buckle.

Tough PVC construction

For the material design, it does have a tough PVC material which makes it ideal for any tactical operations as well as Airsoft applications.

Quick release thumb snap

Yet another outstanding feature on this holster is the quick release thumb snap and in addition to this, there is also a single magazine pouch at the front of the holster.

Features a triple magazine pouch

Besides the magazine pouch at the front, there’s also a triple magazine pouch that’s got hook and loop magazine flaps that secure your pistol magazines.

  • Tough PVC material construction
  • Features an adjustable belt size
  • Holster features an adjustable drop leg height with quick release buckle
  • it’s somewhat difficult to adjust the straps to the correct level.

7. aokur Dual Pistol Leg Holsters

aokur Tactical Pistol Leg Holsteraokur Tactical Pistol Leg Holster

Dual pistol leg holsters are quite difficult to come across and it is quite amazing that you’ll be getting one from aokur especially at the budget category. It’s got an amazing design, the build quality is good, the adjustments are right and plenty more…

Features a quick release buckle and Velcro

The holster has got both a quick release buckle and a Velcro strap all of which make the holster fully adjustable to be able to accommodate most handguns. As a matter of fact, with this bad boy, you can have a handgun, a pistol or a revolver in it.

Has got a fully adjustable wraparound design

For an additional fit and security, it features a wrap-around design that is fully adjustable. The adjustable perimeter is 38 centimeters hence compatible with most people.

Its got a non-slip leg strap

For the leg straps,they are adjustable and more so have a non-slip texture thus besides minimizing movement, they also do over maximum comfort.

Also, both the right and left thigh holster are completely made of nylon to get you through any tactical operations.

  • Features an adjustable non-slip leg strap
  • Quick release holster buckle and Velcro strap for flexible adjustments
  • Usable both right and left-handed
  • Though durable, they’re a little bulky

8. EZT3D Drop Leg Holster

EZT3D Drop Leg Holster Right Handed EZT3D Drop Leg Holster Right Handed

It’s comfortable, it’s durable and easily adjustable- quite a lot of amazing features in one holster that you won’t have to spend a fortune on. Let’s see why you should get it, shall we?

Includes adjustable non-slip leg straps

The leg holster is one of the most comfortable since it’s easy to adjust and in addition to this, the leg strap has a non-slip design which minimizes its movement in all tactical operations hence providing maximum comfort.

Features a magazine pouch with hook and loop

There’s also a magazine pouch included the same has got a hook and loop mag flap that functions to secure your pistol magazines.

As for the holster, it is fully adjustable and will fit the 17, 19, 20, 21, 23, 26 Glocks etc. as well as the Ruger 45, 40C, 59, P97 and many more.

Superior flexibility

For flexibility and reliability, it allows for quick mounting and dismounting. The holster is also designed in such a way that you can take it on and off without having to undo your belt

  • Includes a hook and loop magazine pouch
  • Superior flexibility with quick mounting and dismounting
  • Non-slip leg straps to minimize movement
  • The top restraint on the holster is way too long despite there being a Velcro on the inside.

9. Terrernce Molle Tactical Pistol Thigh Gun Holster

Terrernce Molle Tactical Pistol Thigh Gun HolsterTerrernce Molle Tactical Pistol Thigh Gun Holster

Whether you’re using a pistol, a handgun or a revolver, this holster from Terrence will equally be as good also considering its compatible with most medium to large frame handguns.

A decent retention system

For the retention system, there are Velcro straps that help keep your weapon in position at all times. With their tactical design, the gun will always be in ready position and you can adjust the height and tension to your preferred level

Comfortable usage

The adjustment is easy and ideal for any tactical operations. It does have a fully adjustable wrap-around design for added safety and security at all times as well.

Quick release buckle and Velcro straps

For the holster to be fully adjustable, there is a quick release buckle and Velcro strap. Some of the weapons that you could accommodate in the holster include the Glock 17, Colt M2000, P229, HKP7 Ruger P85 and much more.

  • Adjustable wrap-around design
  • Non-slip leg straps
  • Features a quick release buckle and Velcro strap
  • It’s not ideal for anything smaller than a full-sized pistol

10. CISNO Tactical Drop Leg Holster

Its build quality is amazing and it’s also one of the best budget drop leg holsters. The CISNO tactical drop leg holster has a snug fit, is adjustable, ideal for any tactical operation and more. Here’s why you should give it a chance

Includes a non-slip leg strap

To minimize movement and also give you maximum comfort, the leg strap comes in a non-slip design. The rubber lining on the leg strap prevents it from running up your thigh or dropping too low.

Nylon construction.

As far as longevity is concerned, the nylon construction should be ideal for outdoor operations. For a snug fit and security, it also comes in a wrap-around design. The size adjustment is possible for a perimeter size of up to 38 cm and should fit most people.

Quick release Velcro & buckle system

The holster sports a quick release buckle system and Velcro straps all of which function to make this holster adjustable. In it, you can have your handgun, your pistol, and even your revolver.

  • It’s got a durable nylon construction
  • 38 cm adjustable perimeter size
  • Non-slip leg strap design for comfort and security
  • It’s not suitable for minis and small-sized pistols.

How to Chose Best tactical holster

It’s time to change things up a little bit and have a look at the tactical holster buying guide. Even upon outlining, reviewing and comparing some of the besttactical holsters in the market, it is equally as important that you have a look at the buying guide to know exactly what to look into when shopping for the best.

Is the adjustment correct?

Most tactical holsters are normally the drop leg holsters and if you’re not keen enough, you might end up being really disappointed as far as the adjustment is concerned. With this in mind, the adjustment should always come as a priority.

Not only should the straps on the holster be fully adjustable but at the same time, the holster itself should be adjustable as well. This way, it should be possible to wear the holster exactly as you like and more so, making any customizations should be easy.

The more comfortable it is, the better off the holster

In addition to being easily adjustable, it should also be comfortable. Owing to the fact that it will be sitting in your thigh, the last thing you’d want is for the holster to dig into your thighs as you move or give you any discomfort.

Still, on the comfort, the holster should not delay the draw of your gun whatsoever.

The construction and build quality

Yet another aspect you ought to prioritize when searching for the best tactical holster is the hardware used in the design. As compared to most of the other types of holsters, tactical holsters are subjected to a lot of strain hence you should always go for the best quality.

Unless you are on a budget, always go for the ones with metallic clips and screws instead of the polymer ones. The buckle locks should also be equally as secure.

Does it hold?

The retention mechanism should be one that you can count on. You’ll be using your holster for outdoor activities hence it should have the best level of retention such that the gun does not threaten to drop out as you move around.


Otherwise known as the thigh holster, the drop leg holster has proven to be the best for any tactical operations. From our top 10 picks, you can get the most secure, most comfortable and most durable and as you’ve already seen, we’ve also got the best budget tactical holsters that you won’t have to break the bank for.

So, just to get things right, ensure you wear your drop leg holster as per the manufacturer’s instructions without compromising on the comfort and the retention strength of the same- the idea basically is to have the proper clothing, get the height right and ensure it is firmly secure.

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