Best Tactical Belt- Expert’s Selection & Reviews

Lots of tactical gear have been created and perfected over the years to make the use of tactical equipment much easier and one of the most important ones is a tactical belt.

Just like normal belts, tactical belts will keep our trousers up but they also have the added advantage of allowing us to hold most tactical equipment such as guns and knives.

Here’s what makes tactical belts special…

There is a close resemblance between a tactical belt and a utility belt and to clear things out, a tactical belt simply has the same functionality as that of a utility belt but also allows for attachment of tactical items such as a holster and also has a more rugged texture.

Now that you got an idea of what we’ll be looking into, how about we go ahead and have a look at the top 5 tactical belt reviews in 2018 and sum it all up with an expert’s guide?

Before you delve into the individual reviews, you might want to take a look at the comparison chart below. Here are three of the best you could get for your buck in 2019.


Best tactical belt

Belt material


Product link

Cobra Quick Release Buckle Men’s Tactical BeltCobra Quick Release Buckle Men’s Tactical Belt

100% nylon

Upower Tactical BeltUpower Tactical Belt


WERFORU Tactical BeltWERFORU Tactical Belt

1000D nylon

Best tactical belt reviews 2019

With the most durable, the most comfortable and the most secure belts, there’s no way you could go wrong. Here’s a list of the top 5.

1. Cobra Quick Release Buckle Men’s Tactical Belt

Cobra Quick Release Buckle Men’s Tactical BeltCobra Quick Release Buckle Men’s Tactical Belt

If you’re all about getting the best of the best irrespective of how much it costs, then I’m pretty sure this tactical belt ought to do the trick. Starting off our reviews is one of the best built and most comfortable tactical belts perfect both for all-round usage.

Military grade nylon design

Starting off with the most important feature of all, this belt is made of high-quality military-grade nylon and more so, it is also constructed with utmost precision which means that you get a level of strength unlike any other.

The belt features double-ply nylon that is 1.5 inches wide and bound to fit most standard belt loops and with this vertical rigidity, it’s bound to support different kinds of holsters. As for the length, you’ll get to choose from 10 different sizes in which event it will be quite hard to miss out a size that fits perfectly.

Aluminum alloy buckle design

To back up the durable nylon construction, the buckle on this belt is made out of aerospace aluminum alloy – the 7075 variants to be specific-. In addition to this, there are also brass release clips which give it a touch of style on top of an amazing performance

Quick release buckle

In addition to the buckle being of high quality, it also features an outstanding quick release mechanism- a 2-ply cobra buckle which also does have an adjustable design which deems it eligible for use in different applications ranging from hunting or casual and office wear.

But that’s not all…

To back up the outstanding performance, it comes with some of the best aesthetics since there’ll be a lot of colors for you to choose from

  • Features an aerospace 7075 buckle design
  • Includes a 2-ply quick release cobra buckle
  • Heavy-duty nylon construction for utmost durability
  • The buckle may have to be unthreaded to fit through some belt loops

2. Fairwin Two Layer Tactical Gun Belts

As far as brands are concerned, Fairwin just so happens to be one of the best when it comes to the tactical belts. Despite having a simple appearance, there’s a lot more that this bad boy packs under the hood.

Here’s a closer look

Features a quick release buckle

Considering you’ll most probably be using this out in the wilderness, it comes as a priority to observe utmost ease when fastening it or loosening it.

To ensure this is possible the belt comes with a quick release buckle. The belt is attached to a military grade metallic buckle and the fact that its functionality is both quick and intuitive makes it quite user-friendly. All it takes to get the belt off is just the simultaneous push of both the golden buttons.

Now, if one of the tabs on the buckle is engaged, the buckle will remain locked and fully relock when the one that’s pressed down is released for utmost security.

Utmost longevity

For the material construction, it is made of a double layer high-quality 1.5-inch nylon webbing. In addition to this, it is also reinforced for optimal rigidity- this means you won't have to put up with any bends or sags but 24/7 stiffness.

As far as the support level is concerned, its stiff nature makes it suitable to support any kind of holster be it the OWB or IWB kind without rolling over.

Optimal sizing

For the sizes, it's length is 49 inches (145cm) and the width is 1.5" (3.8cm). the buckle, on the other hand, measures 2.4" and it is 8mm in thickness.

The combination of all these three features renders this the perfect companion for any hunting expedition.

  • Features a quick release buckle for easy usage
  • Stiff design for optimal holster support
  • Built out of 2-layer nylon for longevity
  • Though it gives a lot of support, the belt might feel a little too thick and will take some time getting used to.

3. Upower Tactical Belt

Upower Tactical BeltUpower Tactical Belt

From the strap to the buckle, this belt indeed does have it all. It boasts to have one of the best support systems and in addition to this, the belt is equally as good for use with other tactical gear as well as other casual wear.

Here’s what this mid-range tactical belt has in store for you…

Quick release fastener

Designed to give you an outstanding level of convenience is the quick release buckle mechanism on this bad boy.

On either end of the straps on this belt is one half of a metallic buckle that you won’t have to remove when threading your belt which is not only convenient but also safe. On top of this, the buckle can easily be swapped, a feature which comes in handy just in case you’d want to cut down the belt size to a smaller one.

Speaking of the size, it is worth pointing out that the size of the belt is 49 inches and it’s 1.75 inches thick which deems it suitable to hold holsters of different sizes.

Strong build quality

Besides having one of the best release systems you could get on a mid-range tactical belt, yet another thing that makes this the best tactical belt is the construction quality.

First of all, it is made of high-quality nylon which alone should be enough to guarantee a high level of longevity but to add icing to the cake, there's a webbing on the belt which provides strong support for guns and other gear. At the same time, the belt is lightweight and should be able to give you optimal comfort all day long.

Comfortable design

The belt is made out of high-quality canvas fabric which is not only strong but it's also breathable hence comfortable.

  • Features an adjustable buckle for the perfect fit.
  • Breathable design for optimal comfort
  • High-quality canvas construction for utmost longevity
  • It’s not really the best option for CCW holster clips

4. Fairwin V-ring Tactical Rigger Belt

Fairwin V-ring Tactical Rigger BeltFairwin V-ring Tactical Rigger Belt

Yet another commendable tactical belt from fairwin is the V-ring Tactical Rigger Belt. It is available in 4 different sizes, the small size, the medium size, and the large size. As for the performance, here's what makes it possibly the best tactical belt you could get your hands on.

Features a heavy-duty design

Being a priority when it comes to selecting a tactical belt, this bad boy boasts a heavy-duty design. The buckle, for starters, is heavy duty metal and more so, there is a convenient V-ring on the same that makes it possible to attach other tactical gear and accessories.

As for the weight capacity, it should be able to support 1100lb/500kg, a feature which makes it perfect for outdoor usage

Quick release buckle

Despite having a heavy duty metal design, the buckle features a quick release functionality which is both intuitive and smooth upon pushing down the golden tabs on either side which should be awesome for tactical applications.

If one of the tabs is engaged, the connection of the belt will still be intact and the belt will fully relock automatically when it is released. This guarantees utmost security for tactical applications

1000D nylon construction

Yet another feature that makes this the best tactical belt is the nylon construction. Being 1000D, this should be able to stand up quite well for all outdoor applications. In addition to being strong and durable, it is also breathable and comfortable for all-day use.

Features an adjustable sizing

In order to allow for movement around your waistline on all waist sizes, this belt does not have any holes hence it will give you enough space to carry your gear.

For the small size, you can fit waist sizes between 30”-36”, the medium waist size is either 36”-42” or 37”-41” and the large waist size. The width on all the different sizes is 1.5” and the buckle sizes on the different sizes may vary hence you should be keen on this.

  • Features an intuitive and smooth quick release functionality
  • Made of high strength 1000D nylon
  • Heavy duty construction with a maximum bearing weight of 1100lb.
  • The Velcro might give in to wear after a few years

5. WERFORU Tactical Belt

WERFORU Tactical BeltWERFORU Tactical Belt

If you'd like to get the best tactical belt but you're on a budget, I'd highly recommend that you try this one out. The build quality is top of the line, the fit is outstanding and the performance outdoors is amazing. Let’s take a look at what it packs under the hood.

Features a heavy-duty buckle

Featuring a military style buckle, this belt just so happens to be among the very few you’ll get in this price range.

The belt has a heavy-duty metal buckle. In addition to this, it has a quick release mechanism and will be quick to loosen in all tactical operations.

Still, on the buckle, it is 1.97" wide and should be able to fit through most belt loops. Just in case it doesn't pass through the belt loop. All you've got to do is remove the buckle each time you put it on or off.

High-quality nylon construction

For both longevity and top of the line performance, the strap on the belt is made of 1000D nylon which should be soft and comfortable for all-round usage.

On top of durability and strength, it also does have a breathable webbing which makes it comfortable for tactical activities. 

Easy outdoor usage

Using the belt should be quite simple. First, you could use it simply as a waist belt to hang your tactical gear and equipment or alternatively, you can pass it through the belt loops simply to hold up your pants.

To use it with your pants, you should first press down the button to release one of the buckles and the go ahead and insert the belt end through the pant loop since some loops may be too narrow for the buckle to fit.

Lastly, reattach the buckle then adjust the waistband to the proper size. It is also worth mentioning that the belt comes in both the small and the large size which measure 32”-38” and 39”-46” respectively.

  • 1000D nylon construction for utmost longevity
  • Features a quick release heavy duty buckle
  • Comes with a breathable and durable webbing for utmost comfort
  • The end of the belt easily frays

The ultimate guide for the best tactical belt

As promised, here’s a detailed guide that includes everything you ought to consider when choosing the best tactical belt.

The level of rigidity

The rule of thumb when it comes to the selection of tactical belts is that the stiffer they are, the stronger the belt is. With this in mind, narrow down your focus and look for the belts that come with a liner which makes them stronger and more durable all the same.

With a stronger belt, the weight distribution will be even all around and it will stay in position much better.

The type of material

This is entirely a matter of personal preference and you’ll have two options to choose from in most cases and these are either leather or nylon. For the latter, you’ll spend less but at the same time enjoy a high tensile strength and durability but it won’t be an option if you’d like to match it up with casual wear.

For leather, it’s more expensive than nylon and it’s stronger, thicker, more flexible and can be worn along with casual wear.

Cost vs performance

As with other tactical gear, you get what you pay for when it comes to tactical belts. The belts do come in different price ranges ranging from the cheap ones to those that are a little more demanding on the price and the more you spend, the better the quality and of course, the better the performance.

The width and security

With the typical width size of a tactical belt being between 1.25 inches and 2 inches. Going thicker is also always better since this way, you get much better support. Before purchasing one, ensure that all the tactical gear you intend to carry with it fits perfectly well.

As for security, the buckle should do the trick. This had best have more than just one locking mechanism and at the same time be easily adjustable. Depending on your preference and priorities, go for the type of closure that suits you best.

Final verdict

From both our buying guide and product listing, it’s much easier to get the best tactical belt now.

With the tactical belts being more affordable, you should at the same time watch out for any that are of substandard quality- start off with our top 5 reviews and you’ll be good-. As much as a tactical belt is rugged, be careful not to damage.

Also, I’d recommend that you take your time in choosing the best to ensure you get exactly what you’re after in the tactical belt.

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