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At the end of the day, the sole purpose of getting a power tool is either to handle the tasks at hand much faster or do what you couldn’t be able without the tools and much faster as well.

As much as there are numerous types of saws out there, a reciprocating saw stands out to be one of the safest and more so fastest to use when handling most cutting tasks. What sets the reciprocating saws apart from hand and circular saws is that you’ll use it in a smaller scale and in the hard to reach places..

With this post, you’ll have a clear picture of everything you need to pay attention to when it comes to shopping for the very best and more importantly, we’ll also have the top picks just a click away. With that being said, let’s get to it then, shall we?

It’s going to be a relatively long review and as such, perhaps it would be worthwhile that you do have a look at the side by side comparison of the best of the best down below


Best reciprocating saw

Power capability


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WORX WX550L 20V AXIS 2-in-1 Reciprocating SawWORX WX550L 20V AXIS 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw

20V battery


DEWALT DCS380B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Reciprocating Saw (Tool Only)DEWALT DCS380B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Reciprocating Saw (Tool Only)

20V MAX Li-Ion battery


SKILSAW SPT44A-00 13 Amp Reciprocating Saw with Buzzkill Tech, RedSKILSAW SPT44A-00 13 Amp Reciprocating Saw with Buzzkill Tech, Red

13-Amp motor


An expert’s review of 2019’s best reciprocating saws

Straight to today’s main agenda, it’s time we take a look at the options you got to choose from in 2019 each of which is guaranteed to give you a bang for your buck. We’re talking durability, efficiency and accuracy all in one.

Let’s dive into it then, shall we?


WORX WX508L 20V Recip SawWORX WX508L 20V Recip Saw

For a battery-powered reciprocating saw, the feature-packed WORX WX508L is designed to make each task at hand much simpler with the level of accuracy, precision and high-power rating it’s got. Here’s what it’s got…

Control is ensured with the pivot footplate

Being one of the most important features that dictate the level of accuracy you get from your reciprocating saw, the pivoting footplate on this bad boy can be adjusted with ease. By being able to do this, you should conveniently get a larger contact surface and as such have better stability and control.


With the footplate being adjustable, you can be able to optimize on using the whole of the blade length for the best cutting results.

Get the best versatility with a variable speed control

Other than having a pivoting footplate, yet another feature that'll come in handy is the variable speed control. With a carriable speed trigger, it will be much easier to have more controlled cut

You can slow it down for harder materials such as metal and tune it up a notch for softer materials such as wood and plastic. In addition to this, by varying the speed, you’ll be able to have better control of your cuts especially if you are just starting with using reciprocating saws.

Designed to give an improved cutting efficiency

It's all about the results when it comes to power tools and by considering this,WORX WX508L stands out to be one of the best cordless reciprocating saw due to the inclusion of the pendulum function. This, as it turns out ensures you get an improved cutting efficiency for amazing results.

To add icing on the cake, it observes safety by including a lock-off switch that guarantees safe operation at all times and if you'll be using it in low light conditions, the LED light ensures that you get a clear-cutting sight.

There’s more…

As far as ease of use and minimal maintenance are concerned, the tool-less blade change system makes it really friendly to use and therefore a worthy upgrade or beginner reciprocating saw to settle for.

  • Get a larger contact surface with the adjustable footplate
  • Includes an LED light or clear-cutting sight
  • Has got improved cutting efficiency with the pendulum function
  • Be sure to get it a carrying case for longevity


WORX WX550L 20V AXIS 2-in-1 Reciprocating SawWORX WX550L 20V AXIS 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw

WORX stands out as one of the best brands in the manufacture of power tools and with the WORX WX550Lbeing one of theirs, you do have a lot of amazing features to look forward to. From the built-in blower to the pivoting design, you're going to enjoy every minute of using this bad boy.

Maintain a tidy workspace with the built-in blower

A feature that you won't easily come across on just any reciprocating saw, the inclusion of the built-in blower ensures that dust and debris are removed from your workspace. By doing this, not only will you have a tidy workspace but you will also have better cutting visibility for the most accurate results.

The lightweight and innovative design makes it easy to operate

Being a cordless reciprocating saw, it’s compact ad easy to use axis weighs only over 4 lbs. Now, that regardless of the lightweight configuration, it’s quite capable of handling lots of different cutting tasks.

As far as innovation is concerned, it does have the motor situated at the side of the tool's body which allows the motor and hearing to rotate all at the same time. With this kind of performance, chances of misalignment or slippage are low and at the end of the day, you get a smooth and constant power transfer for more efficient cuts.

Versatility is achieved with the pivoting head

Now here's something that you'll highly appreciate. Just as convenient as it is to have this as a reciprocating so, the inclusion of a pivoting head makes it possible to use this as a jigsaw as well.

It does have a 20V axis which combines a reciprocating saw and a jigsaw in one which in turn delivers utmost versatility without compromising the power. Still, on the axis, it's worth pointing out that it does have an orbital mode that should come in handy for the more difficult reciprocating tasks

What about the power rating?

It's not the best cordless reciprocating saw if it doesn’t pack enough power to get the job done right, don’t you agree? Well, to make this stand out from the rest, it does run on an efficient 20V MaxLithium battery. In addition to this, it’s part of the 20V power share platform which means you can use this battery on other 20V tools

  • Features a side placed motor for more accurate cuts
  • Includes a built-in blower to remove dust and debris
  • Has got a pivoting head to convert from a reciprocating to a jigsaw
  • You might need an additional battery for more complex tasks


DEWALT DCS387B 20-volt MAX Compact Reciprocating Saw (Tool Only)DEWALT DCS387B 20-volt MAX Compact Reciprocating Saw (Tool Only)

A tool that I’d recommend to anyone who is just getting started with using a reciprocating saw, the Dewalt DCS387B is light enough to handle. In addition to this, you can get the tool alone, a starter kit or with blade sets which makes it a good enough upgrade as well.

Designed to offer a faster cutting speed

Being one of the most important features of a reciprocating saw, the cutting speed that comes with the Dewalt DCS387B is one of the best you could get. With a stroke length measuring 1-1/8”, the cuts will be faster and definitely cleaner.

Has got a variable speed for utmost control

With the speed ranging between 0 and 2,900strokes per minute and as such, you’ll have a better blade control. By being able to vary the speed, you will be able to cut through soft and tough materials by increasing it or decreasing it respectively.

Includes a multi-position blade clamp

Last but not least, this reciprocating saw allows you to have the blade 4 different positions. This, as it turns out, is unlike anything you’ll get in other reciprocating saws in its class. By having the blade in 4 different positions, it will be possible to use the saw in hard to reach spaces without compromising the accuracy.

  • Includes a 1-1/8-inch stroke length for faster cutting speeds
  • Features a variable speed trigger with 0-2,900strokes per minute
  • Includes a 4-position blade clamp that makes flush cutting possible
  • It vibrates a little too much


DEWALT DCS380B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Reciprocating Saw (Tool Only)DEWALT DCS380B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Reciprocating Saw (Tool Only)

Yet another cordless reciprocating saw from DEWALT is the DEWALT DCS380B which you can get along with other accessories or just the saw alone. Nonetheless, the saw itself does have an above-average performance and you can count on it to get you through all your projects well enough.

Versatility is made better with the multi-position blade

The general rule of thumb when it comes to using any power tools is that the more you can be able to do with it, the friendlier it is, right?

Well, to observe this, you’ll be getting a 4-position blade clamp and with this, you’ll have a better position versatility. Also, to work on different kinds of projects, flush cutting is made easier for added convenience.


Yet another feature you’ll appreciate about the blades on this bad boy is that it’s got a keyless blade changing process. To ad on to the multiple position blade, it will be easier to work on different materials faster.

Get control at its best with the variable speed trigger

On to the performance, the variable speed trigger deems this eligible for use with different kinds of materials for equally as good results.

The stroke length on the DEWALT DCS380B is an amazing 1-1/8 inches which is long enough to deliver a faster cutting speed. Also, since it’s able to achieve as high a speed as 3000 strokes per minute, blade control will be better.

More on the control…

Something else you’ll highly appreciate on the DEWALT DCS380B is the pivoting adjustable shoe. With this, you should be able to control how deep your cuts will be. Most importantly, the shoe adjustment allows for optimal usage of the blade such that rather than wearing out the mid-section alone, you’ll use the ends equally as good.

The shoe also functions to dampen some of the vibrations emanating from the motor and as such, you get to have better stability when handling this reciprocating saw.

Experience an optimal performance with the 20V MAX system

As far as efficiency and reliability are concerned, it all comes down to how much power the reciprocating saw runs on. Considering this one has got the 20V MAX system, you’ll be getting as much as 2.88x faster application speed and power that exceeds most reciprocating saws by as much as 82%.

To add icing on the cake, it has up to 181% more runtime and in addition to having the 20V MAX system, it also does have Lithium-Ion batteries and amazing ergonomics.

  • Has got a pivoting shoe for extended blade life
  • Features a rubber over-molded grip for comfort and control
  • Has got a double oil shaft that resists contamination and increases durability
  • The battery capacity is a little too low for longer tasks


BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C 20V MAX Reciprocating SawBLACK+DECKER BDCR20C 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw

With a friendly control and maintenance coupled up with an efficient system, there's no way you could go wrong with this reciprocating saw. For convenience purposes, you can go ahead and get the saw only or select a package with additional accessories. Nonetheless, here’s what you should be looking forward to with this one.

Have convenience at its best with the pivoting shoe

One of the most overlooked features by most manufacturers is the pivoting shoe design which is, unfortunately, quite an important feature.

With the saw’s shoe being adjustable, you should find it easy to vary the cutting depth since you’ll be able to utilize different parts of the blade which could otherwise be impossible if the shoe were not pivoting. At the end of the day, ends of the blade will be used just as much as the midsection is.

Comes with a variable speed trigger for better control

Not all materials are the same and the convenient cutting speed on one could not be the same for another. By considering this, BLACK+DECKER included a variable speed trigger on the BDCR20C.

The motor can, therefore, be run at a full speed of 3000 strokes per minute or you could take this down a notch and have it run at a slower speed for tough materials such as metal.

Besides the variable speed trigger, yet another feature that makes this the best reciprocating saw as far as safety is concerned is the inclusion of an electric brake with which you get better control.

Has got the tool-free blade changing system

A feature that’ll highly be appreciated by anyone looking for the best beginner reciprocating saw, the blade change process does not demand the use of any tools whatsoever so handling this won’t be a problem.

There’s more…

Being a battery-powered reciprocating saw, it does have a nominal voltage of 18V with which you should be able to get most tasks done to completion.

  • Includes a variable speed trigger for control
  • Has got a tool-free blade changing process
  • Comes with a pivoting shoe for better control
  • The battery is ideal for small and quick jobs


BLACK+DECKER BDCR20B 20V Max Lithium Bare Reciprocating SawBLACK+DECKER BDCR20B 20V Max Lithium Bare Reciprocating Saw

Yet another amazing option from BLACK+DECKER is the feature-packed BDCR20B. With an easy operation, a highly efficient 20V system coupled up with a design that is meant to give you the highest level of user control and plenty more, there’s no way you could go wrong with this one.

Have control at its best with the variable speed trigger

Being one of the most appreciated features on a reciprocating saw, the inclusion of the variable speed trigger makes this good enough for use on different materials.

With a maximum of 3000 strokes per minute, you'll find it quite handy when cutting through softer materials such as plastic or wood and you can then drop to a slower speed for cleaner cuts through tougher materials.

Alongside having a variable speed trigger, there is also an electric brake included which adds on to the control and accuracy you’ll experience from using this saw.

Ease of use is ensured by the pivoting shoe.

Besides the variable speed trigger and electric brake, the inclusion of a pivoting shoe does set this saw apart from the rest reason being it will be much easier to use. By adjusting the shoe to the appropriate position, you can have quick and consistent cuts through different materials.

The shoe also makes it possible to optimize the whole blade length since you’ll not be restricted to wearing out the middle section of the blade more and leaving the ends untouched.

The tool-free blade changing process makes maintenance easy

Last but not least, you'll also appreciate the fact that you won't be needing any tools to change the blades. With this being possible, you’ll find it quite easy and fast to cut different materials using a single saw which will come in handy for complex projects

  • Includes an electric brake and a variable speed trigger
  • Has got a pivoting shoe for better control
  • Allows for tool-free blade changing
  • Has got a lot of vibrations


Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL Reciprocating (Bare)Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL Reciprocating (Bare)

When it comes to delivering optimal performance, the feature-packed Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 is guaranteed to do the trick. For a cordless reciprocating saw, it packs a lot under the hood ranging from the quality motor design to the inclusion of safety protection in the circuitry. Have a closer look at what it packs under the hood.

Comes with a brushless motor for high efficiency

Starting with the key feature that determines how good the overall performance of a reciprocating saw will be, the motor included on this bad boy is brushless. This means that you get the cutting power of a corded reciprocating saw and mobility convenience of a cordless reciprocating saw.

To add icing on the cake, yet another feature you’ll highly appreciate from the brushless motor is its low maintenance and highly durable design. This, as compared to the alternative motor designs will have the saw operating optimally for the longest time possible.

It has been proven to cut faster than most of its corded counterparts and to add icing on the cake, you get up to 2x more runtime and a 5x longer tool life than other competitive saws.

Performance is optimized by the safety protected circuit

The brushless motor above would not be any good if the saw would give in easily as you use it, right? Well, to ensure this does not happen, this bad boy comes with a circuit that is protected from overloading, overheating and over-discharging.


You can go ahead and get the REDLITHIUM XC 4.0 battery pack that provides a superior pack construction such that you get more work done on a single charge.

Includes an adjustable shoe for better control

When control is a priority, the inclusion of the adjustable shoe on this corded reciprocating saw ensures that this is observed.

The shoe allows you to control the cutting depth such that you'll utilize the ends of the blade just as much as you use the middle part of the blade.This way, the blade will have a longer lifespan as compared to what you'll get from its competitors.

Some additional features…

Other than the above-mentioned features, the Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 reciprocating saw also comes with an integrated LED light that illuminates your workspace for accuracy. Also, with the inclusion of a hanging hook on the saw, storage won’t be a problem while on the job

  • Includes low maintenance and highly efficient brushless motor
  • The circuit is safety protected for optimal performance
  • Includes an integrated LED light for accuracy in low light conditions
  • The plastic blade changing mechanism is a little difficult to use


SKILSAW SPT44A-00 13 Amp Reciprocating Saw with Buzzkill Tech, RedSKILSAW SPT44A-00 13 Amp Reciprocating Saw with Buzzkill Tech, Red

Though it does not come with a saw blade right out of the box, there are plenty of features that compensate for this. It’s one of the lightest yet most versatile you could get your hands on with high enough power rating to get you through most tasks. Here’s what it’s got…

Get hassle-free operation with the buzzkill tech

Being one of the major features that make this one of the best corded reciprocating saws for the money, the buzzkill technology will be highly appreciated since it dampens vibrations by as high as 35%. This, as it turns out, is way too high than what you’ll expect to get from its competition.

With this feature included, you won't have to worry about wearing yourself or the tool itself out.

Have convenience at its best with the variable speed

Other than the vibration dampening buzzkill technology, the variable speed feature it’s got is also contributes highly to the amazing results you’re going to get from each cut you make. Whether you’ll be using it to cut through a material as soft as plastic or one that’s as hard as metal, it should come in handy either way.

Where necessary, you should consider getting another blade depending on the material you are cutting through. With a variable speed, you’ll also find the tool much easier to use since stability will not be compromised.

Handle most tasks with the included 13-amp motor

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much you can be able to do with the reciprocating saw, right? Well, to make this a worthy addition to your power tools, it's got a 13 Amp motor built into it which should be strong enough to shred through even the toughest materials.

More on the design…

The saw also features a unique design that’s meant to direct debris and dust away from the user so you don’t have to worry about getting all messy each time you’re using this.

  • Features a 13-amp power rating for versatility
  • Has got a variable speed trigger
  • Comes with the buzzkill tech to reduce vibrations
  • Be careful with the plastic silver portion between the handle and grip


SKIL 9206-02 7.5-Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating SawSKIL 9206-02 7.5-Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw

It’s lightweight, has got a consistent performance, it’s bound to give you the most comfortable time as you use it and has got plenty more to offer. Well, other than being from the best brand, let’s take a look at every reason you should consider adding this to your set of tools.

It’s got a sturdy construction for longevity

With durability being a priority in the design of power tools, this one observes this with the metal gear housing on the outside which gives it added ruggedness. This, as it turns out, makes this a worthy companion to have if you are looking for something that can take a beating.


Being a corded reciprocating saw, the weight of the tool is greatly cut down since there is no battery present which means you get to have more and better features in a smaller unit. It’s best suited for homeowner applications but even so, you have to be careful not to cut the cord as you work.

Stability is ensured with the pivoting footplates

Being one of the most recommended features by experts, the inclusion of a pivoting footplate gets the user better stability and in addition to this, you can also be able to control the cut length.

It’s also worth mentioning that by controlling the cut length, you should be able to utilize the full length of the blade so that the mid-section and the ends will be exhausted equally. This way, you get to use the blade for a longer time.

Has got a high-powered motor for the utmost versatility

There’s no better way to get the job done right on a corded reciprocating saw other than with the inclusion of a good enough motor, right? Now, with the SKIL 9206-02, you’ll have an amazing 7.5-Amp motor that makes this a good enough saw for homeowner and light professional application.

There’s more…

When it comes to easy maintenance, you couldn’t go wrong with the SKIL 9206-02 whatsoever since it has got a tool-less blade changing process. In addition to this, it also features a counterbalance that minimizes vibrations and upon doing so allows you to have better control of the saw. 

  • Includes a pivoting footplate for added stability
  • Features a rugged and durable metal gear housing
  • Run by a powerful 7.5 Amp motor
  • It’s a little difficult to have the blade in position


Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp Corded 3000 Strokes Per Minute Reciprocating Sawzall w/ Variable Speed TriggerMilwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp Corded 3000 Strokes Per Minute Reciprocating Sawzall w/ Variable Speed Trigger

When the workload is too much, getting the best corded reciprocating saw would be the best way to go. The Milwaukee 6519-31 does have a high-powered motor, durable design and plenty more all of which will make your sawing experience, unlike anything you've had in the past.

Longevity is ensured with the gear protecting clutch

Durability is one of the main areas of concern when working with power tools. With this being the case, the Milwaukee 6519-31 has got a clutch included which helps protect the internal components.

The saw is designed for rugged environments and has the motor protected from Jobsite abuse plus it's designed to absorb high impact forces which makes it eligible for use even in the roughest workplaces.

Still, on the protection, the saw comes along with a carrying case that is made of high impact rated polyurethane ad should make storage of your saw easy.

Blade changing is made easy with the tool-free process

Since a cordless reciprocating saw is meant for heavy-duty tasks, you might have to use different blades. Well, to make the blade changing process easy enough, you’ll only need to pull a latch, replace the blade and then close the latch after which you can carry on with the task at hand.

Designed to minimize vibrations for optimal accuracy

Last but not least, performance and accuracy are made better with smooth operation. This is made possible by the counterweighted mechanism that reduces them plus it comes with a redesigned front grip area which gives you amazing ergonomics.

  • Includes a variable speed trigger and has a max SPM of 3000
  • Features a QUIK-LOK blade clamp for tool-free blade replacement
  • Durability is made better with the gear protecting the clutch
  • The blade clamp doesn’t hold some blades well enough


TACKLIFE Classic Reciprocating Saw, Sawzall with Rotary HandleTACKLIFE Classic Reciprocating Saw, Sawzall with Rotary Handle

Coming up second last in our reviews is the TACKLIFE Classic Reciprocating Saw and if you want an efficient tool that comes in a small configuration, this is it. With the included blades, a rotary handle, a carrying case plus plenty more, it’s a perfect upgrade or for those getting a reciprocating saw for the first time.

Allows for tool-free blade changes

To make maintenance easy, you won’t be needing any tools to change up the blades on this bad boy. This not only saves you from all the trouble but it also saves on time and allows you to get back to the task at hand much faster.

Other than a quick blade change, it also has got a pivoting foot.This allows for the adjustment of the support angle for different working scenes that in turn gives you added stability especially when handling hard materials.

The adjustable shoe design increases the blade life

With the inclusion of a pivoting shoe, you’ll easily be able to adjust the cutting length and angle for steadier cuts. You will also be able to use the whole blade length and by pressing the shoe against the material you are cutting; vibrations will be reduced.

Features a variable speed knob for added accuracy

With just a simple press on the variable speed trigger, you can have the saw moving as fast or as slow as you want it to depending on the material you’re cutting. The speed can also be locked for a steadier operation using the lock-on button.

To add on to the accuracy, the saw does have a strong LED light which illuminates the cutting area for precision

  • Includes a 180-degree rotary handle for cutting versatility
  • Has got a compact and 9.4 lbs. light yet high-performance design
  • Comes with LED lights to illuminate the working area in low light
  • The motor may give in after a few uses


Professional Reciprocating Saw, TECCPO Professional Reciprocating Saw, TECCPO

We’re coming to the end of our reviews and it’s been a good one so far. With this, you’ll be getting a little bit of everything inclusive of which are 3 saw blades for wood and metal cuts. Let’s see what more there is to look forward to, shall we?

Designed to give you the best of performance and stability

First things first, one of the key features that make this cordless reciprocating saw worth getting is that it comes with a superior 9A copper motor which functions to generate better and stable performance. As compared to an aluminum motor design, what you’ll be getting from this one will be a huge leap forward.

For the stroke length, it’s got an amazing 1-1/10 that should be enough to get the job done fast. Alongside the stroke, the cutting speed is further enhanced by the 2500 strokes per minute which makes this one of the most efficient motors you could get your hands on.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

Despite the superior performance, you most certainly will appreciate the lightweight configuration that the motor comes in. Being only 7.41 lbs., it stands out to be 21% lighter than other motors in its class and as such, user fatigue is minimized.

Includes a multi-functional speed adjustment button

It's not the corded reciprocating saw if it doesn't observe convenience, right? Well, to make this stand out from the rest, it includes a multi-functional power button. Other than just powering the tool on and off, the button can also be used to adjust the speed optionally such that the harder you press on it, the faster the speed.

Here’s more…

Besides just having an adjustable speed setting, the saw also comes with a metal pivoting shoe. The shoe can be adjusted by 3/4-inch length and can angle at +10 and -10 degrees. When it comes to making different kinds of cuts, this feature will be quite resourceful.

It's also worth mentioning that by being able to adjust the length, you can be able to optimize the usage of the whole blade rather than wearing out the midsections alone.

Built to last and comfortable to use

On to the construction, the saw comes with a superior soft and over-mold rear grip which conforms to ergonomics. This, as it turns out results to you getting a skid-free operation which makes the tool safer and more comfortable to use.

To add icing on the cake, the grip also functions to reduce vibrations up to 40% vibration that adds on the comfort. As far as protection is concerned, the saw does have an alloy shell that provides all-around protection for the motor which protects the motor for getting damage in case of accidental drops.

Here’s more…

The saw also does come with 2 pieces of 6” lades with large saw teeth for wood and plastic and there is also a single 4” blade that’ll be convenient when cutting through metal. You can also quickly and easily change the blades with the metal locking knob on clamp rather than fumbling with tools to do this.

  • Includes a multifunctional power button for speed adjustment
  • Features a comfortable grip and an alloy shell protection for the motor
  • Comes with a tool-less blade changing feature.
  • The saw is a little too noisy

Choosing the best reciprocating saw- the ultimate expert guide

To make this post more resourceful, we've complimented the reviews about with this buying guide which will come in handy for anyone looking to upgrade to a better or get a new reciprocating saw.

Here’s everything you need to focus on when choosing the best reciprocating saw.

Cordless vs corded reciprocating saws

One of the major decisions you’ll have to make when upgrading or shopping for an entirely new reciprocating saw is whether to give priority to reliability and power or portability. Let’s have a look at wither options and when each one of them will come in handy.

Corded reciprocating saws

Standing out as the best option when lots of power is a priority, corded saws are preferred because they have a consistent supply of power each time the power trigger is pressed.

In addition to this, when weight is an issue, corded reciprocating saws are the go-to choice since they don't have a heavy battery on the inside.The added weight could make them rather difficult to handle that in turn could compromise on the accuracy.

However, …

As convenient as they are when handling tasks for a long time and supplying consistent power, all the same, lack of a power outlet would inhibit their usage. In a situation where the power outlet could be a little too far, be sure to get an extension cord with the proper cord gauge and amperage rating.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting an extension cord, I’d recommend that you go ahead and settle for the cordless variants. Let’s see what they’ve got.

Cordless reciprocating saws

First things first, you should bear in mind that with a cordless reciprocating saw, the main area of focus is the battery (which we'll look into later on). Without the best of this, it wouldn't have what it takes to get the job done conveniently.

Now, the battery aside, I’d recommend a cordless reciprocating saw when you need to work where there’s no power outlet. These come in handy as they make it easier to handle jobs that require you to reach in tight spots. In addition to this, your workspace will be tidier and unlike the corded saws where you could end up cutting the power cord, cordless variants are not subjected to this whatsoever.

With the high convenience they come with, portable saws, will, unfortunately, give you a limited runtime and more so, the battery takes long to charge up. As far as the power capability is concerned, you should prioritize choosing the ones with the highest power rating and avoid the disadvantage of having to wait for them to charge up, it's important that you get more than one battery at a time.

The motor

Thanks to technology that battery-powered reciprocating saws cannot be viewed as only being a supplementary option to the corded variants. As it turns out, the battery-powered saws cannot work just as hard and even harder in some cases as the corded reciprocating saws which are quite amazing.

For the corded saws, you can now get a reciprocating saw whose amperage rating is as low as 7.5 amperes and goes up to 15 amperes.This being the case, it’s important that you consider the type of task at hand before buying one in which case the lower power rating should be selected for the lighter tasks and the higher rating for more difficult tasks.

More on the motor…

Besides the rating, it’s important that you settle for the brushless motors since these require less maintenance despite being more expensive and are long-lasting too.


Whereas the corded reciprocating saws demand that you pay attention to the amperage rating, you’ll want to focus on the battery if you want the best cordless reciprocating saw.

With the battery, depending on the kind of task at hand, you'll have to choose between the 12, 18, 20, 24 or 28-volt variants. The general rule of thumb regarding the power you get from a cordless reciprocating saw is the higher the voltage rating is, the more work you can be able to handle with it.

To get more clarity on the power of the battery, it's important that you find out the watt-hours it's got in which case you have to multiply the nominal voltage by the amp-hours.

The cutting speed

With all the other things constant, the cutting speed you get from a reciprocating saw is a combination of the length of the strokes and the speed you have from each stroke.

In most cases, the stroke length will be at about 1-1/8 inches whereby the range is narrow (1 to 1-1/4 inches). As for the cutting speeds, these will vary from about 2,600 to 3,300 strokes in a minute. To determine which saw has a higher cutting speed, go ahead and multiply the stroke length and stroke speed.

With a higher stroke length and stroke speed, you’ll have a higher cutting speed which is what you want for the heavier tasks.

On the contrary, you could also go for a smaller model that has got a lower stroke length and speed but you’ll have the advantage of accessing tighter spaces which would not be applicable with the larger models. This would be the best reciprocating saw for plumbers.

What about variable speed reciprocating saws?

As tempting as it may be to go for the fastest reciprocating saw at first, I’d recommend that you give this idea a second thought and consider getting one with a variable speed instead. These could be a little expensive but think of how convenient a reciprocating saw would be if you were able to adjust the cutting speed with just the turn of a dial.

Some materials such as metal normally demand a slower and steadier speed but the same could not be said for wood or plastic. By considering such factors, you should know what works best for you

Is the blade changing process friendly?

When it comes to using cutting power tools, blade changing is inevitable and the same goes for the reciprocating saws regardless of how good a quality they do have.

There are lots of reasons for you to change the blade on your saw with the blade dulling being at the top of the list. Alternatively, you might need a blade change when cutting different materials or when the blade accidentally breaks which is highly unlikely.

The best reciprocating saws normally have a tool-less blade swap mechanism which needs you to engage a lever to release the old blade and secure the new one. Others, instead of using a lever have the blade lock remain open when twisted then automatically closes up when a blade is inserted.

At the same time, as much as easy blade changing should be a priority, it’s important that you ensure safety is not compromised. To observe this, unplug or remove the battery first before changing the blade.

Always got for an adjustable shoe

Something else you’ll want to consider looking into is whether or not the saw has got an adjustable shoe. The shoe is the metal surrounding the blade which, unfortunately, is highly overlooked.

The shoe functions to stabilize the saw against the material being cut and also functions to minimize vibrations. Rather than being stationary, the flat face of the shoe should pivot back and forth to account for any changes in the angle of the blade as you're cutting through materials.

For utmost convenience, it’s recommended that you go for a saw with a shoe that can retract and extend fully. This will aid in getting more life from your blade since you will be able to use the ends just as much as you’ll use the middle portion of the blade. Similar to the blade changing, some reciprocating saws have a tool-less adjustment for the shoe whereas others require the use of a wrench.

The vibrations

Whereas you'll have less to worry about from the circular motion of the blade in a circular saw, the same cannot be said for the backward and forward motion of the blade on a reciprocating saw.

As a result of the to and fro motion of the reciprocating saw, the interior mechanism that results in this motion can cause a lot of vibration which makes it rather difficult to handle the saw. To eliminate this problem, some manufacturers will include a vibration stabilizer in the saw.

Yet another feature that could function to eliminate the vibrations is having the handle separated from the main body. In the event where either of these above is not included, I'd recommend that you push the shoe against the material being cut.

The ergonomics

After ensuring that it’s able to eliminate the vibrations conveniently, you should go ahead and shift your focus to the overall design of the saw.

This is applicable especially when you are getting the saw from a local store whereby the saw should feel comfortable in your hand.This should be aided by a rubberized grip which you should always pay attention to even when shopping for the saw online. With either of the above-reviewed saws, you're bound to get one that'll fit perfectly in your hand.


For the sake of durability, it’s recommended that you settle for a saw that does have a carrying case or get one separately to improve the longevity of your saw.

Orbital action

Due to the straight cuts, they deliver from the forwards and backward motion of the blade, most reciprocating saws are not able to deliver angled cuts. This normally comes in handy for the smoother materials.

In the event where you may need to make an angled cut, going for a reciprocating saw with an orbital action would suffice. These introduce an oval pattern to the cut since the blade not only moves back and forth but it also moves side by side.

This kind of cutting motion results to faster-cutting speed but could sacrifice a bit of precision. If you're lucky, you could get one that can give both the orbital and straight cuts.


Something else that could come in handy when blade versatility is a priority is whether or not it’s necessary to go for the multi-position blade clamps. With these, you can use the saw with the teeth of the blade facing upwards or downwards. In some models, you can have as much as 4 blade clamp positions with which you should have flush cuts in both directions.

As a bonus, you might want to consider getting a saw with an integrated LED light which will be resourceful when working in low light conditions by illuminating the workspace well enough. In addition to this, it’s wise that you get a saw kit with blades so you can be able to use the tool right away especially if you are getting your very first reciprocating saw.

Final verdict

After going through our best reciprocating saw reviews and buying guide, I’m positive that you can agree that adding one of these to your set of power tools should be a priority. The convenience they offer is amazing plus depending on what you want to work on, you can get the corded or the battery-powered variant.

Most importantly, you shouldn’t compromise the integrity of your reciprocating saw which could then compromise the safety and durability. Be sure to get a carrying case and observe maintenance procedures as recommended by the manufacturer.

All in all, take your time to know exactly what's going to work best for you to get the best value for your money. all the best.

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