Best Propane ice Auger 2020 Review

As far as durability is concerned, gas-powered augers are much better as compared to electric augers. Though they're noisier, they can be used in more extreme conditions without giving in and getting damaged.

I’d highly recommend these for longevity and performance simultaneously.


Eskimo Propane Auger

The Eskimohand ice augers have proven to be quite outstanding as you've already seen but are the same reflected on their propane ice augers as well? It's about time we found out. Let's have a look at this High compression 40cc propane auger from Eskimo

Features a cast bottom

For the auger to be able to smoothly cut through the ice, it has got a cast bottom that will penetrate through the ice of different thicknesses with utmost ease. This is much more reliable since it also allows for a faster operation without compromising the quality of the blades.

Aluminum handlebars

The powerhead on this bad boy is also redesigned which makes it one of the best propane ice augers in the market. it features new aluminum handlebars that besides allowing you to have a firm and stable grip also do shield the engine which is the most important and critical part of the auger hence increasing its longevity

Easy to operate

The operation is also quite easy. It utilizes a 1 lb. propane bottle which only calls for you to twist in place, clamp it down, flip the switch to on and pull the mitten-grip recoil. There's no trouble of having to fill the tank or prime the engine at all.

There’s more…the fact that you’ll be using propane also saves you from the trouble of having to mix fuel and oil. There’ll be no messy spill or leaks and at the same time, it’s not going to release a lot of exhaust fumes

Packs quite a lot of power

The engine used on this auger is a fine-tuned, high compression 40cc engine that is bound to give you a lot of drilling power.

As a matter of fact, it can turn both an 8” and a 10” auger bit with utmost ease even when the ice is really thick.

  • Easy to operate & features a cleaner running
  • It packs an outstanding 40cc that’s enough to handle both 8” and 10” augers perfectly
  • A quick release bottle holder for faster operation
  • You should be extra careful with the plastic since it may easily crack


Eskimo Mako 43cc Quantum Ice Auger

Eskimo Mako 43cc Quantum Ice Auger

If you need something stronger than a 40cc engine, then this auger is definitely meant for you. Well, in addition to just packing a lot of drilling power, this auger comes in both the 8-inch and the 10-inch variants and depending on the species of fish you're after, you can select either of these.

Easy to use and startup

Being one of the things that scare people away from a gas auger is the somewhat complex operation. Well, at least this is one major concern especially for first-time users, right?

Taking this into account, this auger comes with oversized mitten grip handles which makes starting this bad boy a walk in the park. You won't have to take your gloves off when powering this up; after all, it’s every angler’s dream to keep warm while fishing, right?

Ample power for utmost convenience

The amount of power that this auger pack is yet another feature worth pointing out. With as much as 43cc, there's really nothing this auger can't do as far as drilling through ice is concerned, right? It's bound to penetrate even the thickest sections of ice in a jiffy.

Considering that the auger is 43 inches in length, using it should be quite comfortable for use with anglers of different heights.


The engine on this 43cc Quantum ice auger is the 8000 rpm viper engine that’s one of the best you can get on an ice auger.

Easy control

It does include the foam grip handlebars which also do allow for a fingertip control of the throttle. Though this may seem like quite a small feature to make a difference, it's definitely going to come in handy especially if you want to work much faster.

  • A high performance 8000 rpm engine with 43cc for reliable performance.
  • Oversized mitten grip handles for easy startups.
  • It’s got foam grip handles with fingertip throttle control for convenience.
  • The 8-inch variant tends to be smaller than what it should be


Eskimo Propane Rocket Ice Augers

Eskimo Propane Rocket Ice Auger

In addition to the fact that it comes from the brands in the ice fishing auger market and available in both the 8-inch and the 10-inch variants, this auger does have other outstanding features all of which aim at giving you the most comfortable time throughout this ice fishing season.

Features a cast bottom

At the bottom of the auger is cast which ensures that every cut is smooth and that you also get to have the best breakthroughs with every hole you drill.

Regardless of how thick the ice is, there’s no better and faster way to get the job done. Still, at the design, the powerhead is redesigned and comes with aluminum handlebars that aid in shielding the engine from any imminent damage.

A high compression 40cc 4-cycle engine

Then engine packs an outstanding 40cc and considering it’s got 4 cycles, it’s going to give you tons of power when drilling.

Depending on your preference, you can have either the 8 inches or the 10-inch drill bit attached to the engine. Either of these will come in a lightweight configuration which adds quite a small amount of weight to the powerhead

A quick-release bottle holder for easy operation

For the best performance, the powerhead has got a quick release bottle holder that holds a 1lb propane cylinder. The propane bottle is readily available and all you’ll have to do is simply clamp it down, flip the switch to on and pull the mitten grip to start the drilling.

This also allows for a cleaner running as it releases fewer fumes and at the same time, there'll be no mixing of fuel and oil.

A high-speed transmission

For an increased speed, the auger has got an all-metal transmission that is streamlined in order to increase the drilling speed.

  • Features a cast bottom for smoother cutting and breakthroughs.
  • It comes with a quick-release bottle holder
  • The powerhead is redesigned with new aluminum handles to help shield the engine.
  • The pull start tends to get stuck at times.


Sting Ray 33cc 8" Quantum Gas Auger

Sting Ray 33cc 8" Quantum Gas Auger

Though it’s not as powerful as the gas propane augers we’ve already taken a look at, it is guaranteed to get the job done nonetheless. Let’s have a closer look at what the Eskimo S33Q8packs under the hood…

Lightweight yet powerful

Being a feature that most ice fishermen dream of but only a few get to have a taste of, the lightweight and powerful nature of this auger blows most in its class out of the water.

It boasts an outstanding 33cc engine and has got a gear ration of 49:1. This is bound to get the drilling done quite fast hence leaving you with a lot of time to fish.

Comes with a blade protector

It is always the best option to keep not only your hands clear of the auger blades but also other equipment, right? Included in your package is a blade protector which makes it possible for you to store your auger together with other equipment without risking to damage any of them.

The blade protector also does increase the longevity of the auger as it is safely covered when not in use.

Easy to start up and operate

Yet another feature you’ll definitely appreciate is the mitten grip that makes it quite easy to start up the auger. No more taking off your gloves while starting it up and no more uncomfortable grips. Definitely the best option to stay warm while drilling at the same time.

42 inches long with an 8-inch diameter

The blade configuration on this auger is 42 inches in length and has got a diameter of 8 inches. This deems it eligible for use by people of different heights and the fact that it is 8 inches in diameter means that you can go for most of the big game as well.

  • Includes a blade protector that increases the longevity of the blades and protects other equipment you pack it with.
  • It’s lightweight and powerful for innumerable applications
  • The blade has got an oversize mitten grip for easy startup
  • Be careful with the pull string. Don’t pull it too hard.


ThunderBay 33cc 8" Power Ice Auger

ThunderBay 33cc 8" Power Ice Auger

Coming up second last on our list of propane ice augers, we have the B33Z08 from ThunderBay. It has got plenty of power and at the same time, it's lightweight. With this shipment, you’ll be getting a kick for your buck as it includes the power head, the auger as well as a blade protector.

But is there more to it? let’s find out…

Weighs only 32 pounds- comfortable to use

The auger despite having an outstanding performance out in the ice weighs only 32 pounds which deem it eligible for use by almost anyone.

In addition to being easy to handle out in the ice, it shouldn’t be much trouble for you to pack it up and transport it or move it around to a different spot in the ice.

A powerful engine

The power head of the B33Z08 has got a 33cc engine. This should be enough power to give you just the right amount of torque to cut through ice even at the thickest spots which are just what you need to have the best ice fishing expedition.

The cold-shot technology for easy startups

The cold-shot technology makes starting up the engine quite easy which is just what you need to have a smooth time drilling through the ice.

Outstanding blade configuration

As for the blade configuration, you’ll be getting 8 inches in diameter. This also does have the reverse feature for versatility. The diameter should also be large enough to allow you to fish out even the big fish species.

About the brand

With the change of market demands and construction methods, Thunderbay products change for the better as well and at the same time implement the most recent features aimed at giving you, as a fisherman an enhanced outdoor time. From the aesthetics to the performance and build quality, Thunderbay definitely has the daily fisherman in mind.

  • It weighs only 32 pounds hence easy to operate and transport
  • Has got the cold-shot technology for easy startups.
  • It's got 33cc of power that gives the right amount of torque to drill even through thick ice.
  • It only comes in the 8” variant which limits you on the fish you should go for.

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