Best mountain bikes under 300 Dollars – 2019’s best deals!!

For any cycling enthusiast who loves exploring the mountain trails, there’s nothing as awesome as getting the best mountain bike? Well, easy as this may sound, there’s a lot you’ve got to do in order to get your hands on the best.

What if I told you that by the time we’re done, you’ll have the best of the best simply a click away? Think of how amazing it would be to get your hands on the best mountain bike under 300? Yes, that’s right, top of the line quality and you won’t really have to break the bank to get a mountain bike.

So, what will we be looking at?

We’re all about utmost customer satisfaction which is why we’ve taken our time to put together an in-depth expert’s review on 10 of the best mountain bikes under 300.

To add icing to the cake, we'll also be looking at some things you should consider before spending a dime on a mountain bike. That being said, let's cut to the chase and move to the main agenda already, shall we?

I’ve got to say, getting a single let alone 10 outstanding mountain bikes that go for less than 300 bucks is no easy task.

Our team had to do a lot of searching and upon first contacting a number of manufacturers, we did put together a long list of bikes which we shortened after passing them through a series of our rigorous tests for quality.

Just to verify that we really did have the best quality bikes, we deemed it necessary to reach out to critics and bike enthusiasts from who we were able to get first-hand feedback regarding the quality of our bikes.

At the end of the day, we did have a list of the top 10 which we’ve classified not only based on price and quality but also on gender so there’s enough for everyone.

Comparison chart.

If this is your first time purchasing a mountain bike at this price range or you’d like to get done with the selection first, you might be spoilt of choice on what to go for with the individual reviews hence the comparison chart below will come in handy quite well.


Best mountain bikes under 300


Frame material


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Royce Union RMT Womens' 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain BikeRoyce Union RMT Womens' 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike

Shimano 21-speeds


Royce Union RMA Womens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain BikeRoyce Union RMA Womens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike

Shimano 21 speeds


26inc Men's Mountain Bike, Black26inc Men's Mountain Bike, Black

21 speeds


Expert’s review of 2019’s best mountain bikes under 300

Here’s what we’ve all been waiting for! It’s time to dive into the reviews and find out what will work best for you. let’s kick off our reviews by kicking off with the high-end mountain bikes under 300, right?

The high-end bikes: the best of the best

We normally like to start off on a high note and in the 300-price threshold bike category, we’ve got one that’s perfect for anyone who’s willing to spend as much as possible only to get the best. Take a closer look, you won’t be disappointed…

1. Mongoose Men's Switchback Expert Mountain Bike (16”/Small)

There are quite a lot of the men’s exclusive mountain bikes out there in the market and it’s not that easy to come across one that’s really good. With this one from Mongoose, however, there’s quite a lot under the hood to look forward to.

Here’s what you’ll be paying for…

Features a mongoose aluminum mountain frame

My personal favorite on this bike is the frame. Since the frame functions to hold all the other bike parts together, it is of utmost importance to get one that is as durable as possible.

In the case of the Expert switchback from mongoose, the aluminum frame will be a perfect companion.

Most importantly, the frame is lightweight in nature. By cutting down on the weight, moving around in this will be quite easy. as a matter of fact, it just so happens to be the best choice for any style of mountain bike cycling.

The aluminum frame yet again stands out to be the best in this price range as far as durability is concerned. As light as it is, the frame is quite strong and more so, it's not going to give in to rust easily which gives you the advantage of using it in all cycling conditions.

The suspension fork

So as to complement the performance of the aluminum frame, there is a suspension fork included. This is the SR Sun Tour M3010 suspension fork that's ideal for use on the bike's front wheel.

The suspension fork basically takes in most of the shock and vibrations hence when faced with uneven terrain or bumps in your way, this will basically save you from all that.

Just to be specific, the suspension fork comes with a 63mm travel which is guaranteed to take in most of the shock. Just in case you’d like to use this as a wholly rigid mountain bike, the suspension fork has got a lockout.

Features a 24-speed drivetrain

The drivetrain plays quite an important role in dictating whether or not a mountain bike is good enough for you.
For this one, you’ll be choosing from either of 24 speeds each of which

will be handy for the different kinds of mountain bike cycling. For the rear derailleurs, you will be having the Shimano Atlus whereas the front ones are the Shimano Tourney.

It's always a good idea to compliment the derailleurs with top of the line shifters which the Switchback Expert just so happens to take care of with the Shimano Eve 51 trigger shifters for quick and easy shifting.

Includes the Promax mechanical disc brakes

The braking power on the Switchback Expert is outstanding and made possible with the Promax mechanical disc brake.

The Promax mechanical does have the 160mm rotors and he Shimano Ef51 brake levers. These two function to give you an almost instantaneous and secure braking power which keeps you safe throughout your cycling. 

Features durable alloy wheels

For the wheels, the Switchback Expert features the alec Ace24 double-walled, 32-hole alloy rims which function to add on to the strength of the bike. As for the spokes, the bike comes with stainless steel spokes and all these functions to keep the bike in its best performance. In addition to this, there is also the alloy q.R Disc hubs

Includes the Innova mountain tires

As for the tires, there are the Innova 26 x 2.0-inch tires. Being 26 inches in size, the movement will be fairly easy and picking up momentum will be amazingly fast.

With a width as thick as 2.0 inches, the bike will easily be able to move through muddy and wet terrain quite well.

Features a triple crankset

Lastly, the Switchback Expert features the SR Sun Tour triple crankset (42/34/26) and this comes with a tanged cartridge bottom bracket.

  • Features an aluminum frame for durability.
  • Features the Shimano 24 speed drivetrain and eve 51 trigger shifters
  • Includes the Promax mechanical disc brakes for the ultimate stopping power
  • Though it’s entirely a personal preference, you may find the derailleur a little narrow
The mid-rangers: quality & performance all in one(29-inch wheels/18” frame)

Looking for a mountain bike that has a balance between the price and boasts an outstanding performance all the same? Well, this category is definitely meant for you.

2. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bikes

Schwinn High Timber Mountain BikesSchwinn High Timber Mountain Bikes

Looking for a men’s bike that just perfect on the size? Well, I’m pretty sure this one from Schwinnought to do you some justice. Other than its ravishing looks, there’s plenty more you should be looking forward to.

Here goes…

It’s available in 4 different sizes

Though you might be having a good bike, it really won’t do you any good if it’s not of the perfect size, will it?

So, to cover you on this, the women's Eva 1 Recreational Mountain bike is available in 3 sizes and these include the 12-inch frame for the 24" wheels, 18-inch frame for the 27.5" and 29" wheels and the 14-inch frame for the 25" wheels. You can, therefore, choose either of these frame sizes based on what you're most comfortable with and you'll be good to go.

As a matter of fact, it would be a good idea that you take the bike for a test ride just to be sure it’s the perfect size

But that’s not all…

The different sizes feature a Schwinn steel mountain-style frame and they also do have a Schwinn suspension fork. The frame guarantees both strength and longevity while the suspension fork will take in most of the vibrations you might encounter on the trail. This means less shoulder and arm fatigue or injury and more so long hours of uninterrupted fun

Large wheels for easy mobility

Now, for either of the sizes mentioned above, the bike is complemented with one of the best pairs of bike wheels you can get at this price range.

Being 29 inches high, rolling over obstacles will be quite smooth. What’s even better about this wheel size is that you will pick up on speed gradually and once you are up to speed, controlling the bike will be quite easy. quite efficient especially for mountain descents

Yet another feature included in the tires that will blow you away is the fact that they are knobby. They’re bound to perform equally as well on pavements as they will on dirt or mud.

Features the Shimano twist shifters and rear derailleur

Yet another amazing feature on this bike is the shifters. Boasting to have the Shimano 21 speed shifters, it’ll be quite easy and, as a matter of fact, instantaneous to switch between either of the different speeds.

Think of how amazing it would be to switch between the different speeds with just a simple flick of your wrist while on your favorite trail- every cyclist’s dream, right? speaking of shifting speeds, let’s see how much it’s got, shall we?

Features Schwinn alloy cranks

The crankset plays quite a huge role when it comes to switching between the different gear speeds, right? The better the crankset, the more efficient switching between the different gears is and with the Schwinn alloy cranks present on this one makes the process quite smooth.

The Schwinn alloy cranks with triple chainrings will also require little maintenance without, at the same time, restricting you from cycling.

Alloy linear pull brakes

Safety should always be a top priority in choosing a mountain bike, right? well, there’s no better way to ensure this besides the braking system.

On the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bikes are the alloy linear pull brakes. These once triggered give you a crisp stopping power which is just what you need for mountain bike cycling and in all conditions.

Other than safety, the alloy linear pull brakes do allow you to have a better control of your bike 

  • Knobby maintain tires for all-terrain usage
  • Includes 29-inch wheels that easily roll over any obstacles
  • Comes with 21-speed Shimano twist shifters and derailleurs
  • Though durable, the steel frame might feel a little heavy at first

3. Mongoose Women's Switchback Sport Mountain Bike (16”/small)

Yet another one for the men is the Switchback Sport Mountain Bike. Well, despite just being available in only on the 16”/small size, it is still worth having. So, how about we dive in and have a closer look as to why you should consider getting this bike?

Features Innova mountain tires

At the end of the day, we all want a bike that’s going to get us through the mountainous terrain with ease, don’t we? Well, one of the most important bike parts to ensure this is the tires they got.

This men's bike, there are the Innova 26 x 2.0 mountain tires. Being 26 inches high, they'll be able to roll over most obstacles on your terrain. In addition to this, the acceleration will also be amazingly fast and once you're up to speed, you'll not have a problem controlling your mountain bike.

Yet another aspect of the tires that makes this bike worth having is the fact that they are 2 inches thick and should be enough to smoothly roll over mud and dirt equally well

Includes a triple crankset

The crankset is the 42/34/26 crank and it also does have a tanged cartridge bottom bracket. This basically holds the chain and in addition to this, it functions to convert your pedaling motion to drive the chain. Now, with as much as three of these, you switch between either of them to alter your pedaling speed.

Durable wheel designs

In addition to having an amazing pair of tires, the bike also does have amazing wheels. These are alloy wheels with Weinmann zac 19 double wall. These should conveniently support your weight and more so persist irrespective of how unfriendly the trail up ahead of you is.

The bike also features 36-hole rims as well as an alloy q.R Hub. The stainless-steel spokes add on to the stability of the bike and the fact that they are stainless steel does allow them to hold up well even in inclement weather- no corrosion whatsoever.

Comes with the Shimano drivetrain and gear shifters

As for the drivetrain, there is the Shimano 21 speed and it is comprised of the Shimano Tourney derailleurs and the Shimano eve 51 shifters.

Upon switching between either of the 21 speeds available, you can be able to match your preferred cycling style and in order to make the switching process a walk in the park, the shifters will have you covered. 

Mongoose mountain frame with a Sun tour suspension fork

You could say that a bike is just as good as its frame. Now, with the frame being the Mongoose aluminum mountain frame, longevity and strength will be at it’s best. Aluminum can hold your weight quite well and being corrosion resistant, you won’t have to worry about rusting whatsoever.

Still, on the aluminum frame, it's also lightweight and working hand in hand with the tires, movement and maneuverability will be quite easy.

What about the suspension fork?

Working hand in hand with the aluminum frame is the Sun tour M2025 suspension fork and this comes with a 63mm travel to take in most of the bumps and vibrations you may encounter on your path.

What’s even more interesting about the frame is that it does have a lockout. This makes the bike usable as a fully rigid bike when you’d prefer to work without the suspension.

Features the Promax brakes

The braking system is one of the best as far as response and security are concerned. With the Promax alloy linear pull V brakes, you'll pretty much be getting this combination in all cycling conditions.

  • Features 26 x 2.0 tires for easy maneuverability
  • Features an aluminum frame for durability, stability, and longevity
  • It’s got a suspension fork with a lockout
  • The instructions on assembly are a little unclear

4. Mongoose Men's Switchback Comp Mountain Bike (20”/large)

From the Switchback Extreme that we have already had a look at, you can clearly tell that Mongoose is one of the best mountain bike brands in the market and with yet another one from them. You will also be getting both the small and the large variant. That being said, let’s delve deeper into what it’s got in store for us.

Features an aluminum frame

Considering the frame takes up quite a huge portion of a mountain bike, it is of utmost importance that the bike has a strong enough frame to support your weight and at the same time persist even through the roughest mountain terrain.

First, the aluminum frame is light and possibly the lightest you will get in this price range with the capability of supporting your weight without giving in to damage.

Besides just being light and strong, it’s corrosion resistant and you can definitely count on this bike to serve you for a really long time.

SR Sun tour suspension fork

Since you’ll be dealing with terrain that is unlike anything you’re used to when on a road bike, you’ll be better off with a bike that’ll handle the bumps and vibrations up ahead your trail.

Complimenting the aluminum frame is the M3010 SR Sun tour suspension fork which also does have a 63mm travel which is guaranteed to keep you comfortable with most cycling styles.

That’s not all, …

Yet another thing you should know about the suspension fork is that it’s got a lockout which gives you the convenience of using the bike as a completely rigid one

Comes with the Promax pull breaks

Safety should always be a priority when on a bike especially the mountain bikes and there's no better way to ensure this besides the braking system. Taking this into account, the Switchback Comp Mountain Bike has got the Promax alloy linear pull V breaks.

This is meant to bring you to a halt almost instantaneously. In addition to this, the linear pull break will also make maneuverability quite easy. speaking of maneuverability, how about we delve more into this and have a look at the wheels

Features durable alloy wheels

The bike features alloy wheels with alec DC25 double walls as well and there are also 32-hole rims. With the double walls and the 32 holes on the rim as well as durable stainless steel spokes, there’s no way you could go wrong with this bike as it is going to support your weight quite well.

Yet another thing you should know about this bad boy is that it does have an alloy q.R. Hubs. Not only is this durable but it is also strong enough and it’ll definitely persist in most trails

The drivetrain &shifters

Considering you’ll be on a mountain bike, the gear system is yet another component that should closely be paid attention to.

With this bike, you’ll be getting a total of 24 speeds for the drivetrain. Switching between either of these should make uphill climbs a walk in the park with utmost control and stability and the same goes for movement downhill.

For the front derailleur, you’ll be getting the Tourney derailleurs whereas for at the rear you’ll have the Altus derailleurs.

Now, for the shifters, here’s what you’ll get…

The 20”/large size and the 16”/small size has for the Shimano eve 51 trigger shifters. With these two, it’s going to be pretty easy to switch between the different speeds.

Includes a top of the line crankset

The crankset is yet another part that’s worth shedding some light on. For the large size, there is the Alloy SR Sun tour xcc triple 42/34/26 crankset that does have a tangled cartridge at the bottom. The small size, on the other hand, has got the XC triple 42/34/26 crankset.

Based on how you like your cycling, you can switch between either of these for your convenience.

  • Features the Shimano 24 speed drivetrain and shifters
  • Includes a durable aluminum frame and a Sun tour M3010 suspension fork
  • Features the Promax alloy linear pull V brakes for complete safety
  • The grips might feel thin and it can take some time getting used to them.

5. Schwinn Men's Protocol 2.7 Mountain Bike

Think of how awesome it would be to not only have one of the best-performing mountain bikes but also get to ride on one from the best brands in the market. You could say that this is a dream come true for some. The Schwinn Men's Protocol 2.7 has got more to it than just it’s good looks. Here’s an in-depth look at its features

Features an aluminum frame

Yet again, I'd like to emphasize how important the strength of the frame should be when selecting a mountain bike. It's actually quite simple, the stronger it is, the better off the frame is.

In the case of the Schwinn Men's Protocol 2.7, you’ll be getting an aluminum frame and it just so happens that this one is the best you can get your hands on as far as durability is concerned since it’s guaranteed to persist even in inclement weather conditions.

But that’s not all…

The aluminum frame is also lightweight in nature which means it won’t be a problem for you as far as maneuverability is concerned. Yet another thing worth pointing out on the frame is that it is indeed strong enough to get you through even the roughest terrain.

Includes a dual suspension

In addition to having a durable aluminum frame, there is also an amazing dual suspension system. This is actually quite amazing since it’s not easy to come across such a configuration in this price range.

The dual suspension system functions to take in most of the shock you might encounter while out on the trail.

Being at the front and the rear, it will take in most of the shock hence preventing your hands and shoulders from taking in these vibrations. In the long run, you’ll experience minimal fatigue which in turn allows you to stay on your path for as long as you’d like to.

Comes with the front and rear mechanical disc brakes

Yet another outstanding feature on this bad boy is the pair of mechanical disc brakes you get both at the front and at the rear wheel.

The two of these are mechanical disc brakes and have got one of the best responses you could get on a bike’s brake. With the quick response time, you’ll get a crisp stopping power on all different kinds of terrain.

The responsive braking system also means that you’ll have a better control and of course be much safer while on the bike.

Quality wheel construction

Without breaking the bank, you’ll also be getting one of the best set of wheels. These are made of high-profile double wall alloy rims.

Just like the aluminum frame, these too are light and strong in nature for both longevity and top of the line performance. Still, on the wheels, they are 27.5" in size which means they'll easily roll over obstacles and more so pick up speed quite fast while at the same time allowing you to be in total control of the bike.

The width of the wheels is 2.25 inches and they're also knobby- a perfect combination of features that makes it quite easy for them to have the best grip even on the wet or muddy grounds.

Durable Schwinn alloy crank

The bike also features a durable Schwinn alloy crank. This gives you a steady gearing for whichever style of mountain cycling you prefer and even better, you’ll not have to deal with a lot of maintenance as you use the bike.

The shifter and derailleurs

One more thing I'd like to shed some light on is the shifters and derailleurs that come with this bike.

It’s a combination of the 21-speed Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifters and a Shimano rear derailleur. With the all-Shimano combination, gear changing will be easy and quite smooth.

  • A dual suspension frame for optimal shock absorption
  • Features 27.5” x 2.25” tires for all-terrain functionality
  • Come with durable Schwinn alloy cranks for steady gearing with less maintenance
  • Assembly is not really straightforward and might take some time

6. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual-Suspension Mountain BikeSchwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

If you’re all about getting the best brand and at the same time would like to have a men’s specific bike, Schwinn definitely has you covered on this. In addition to the bike being men’s exclusive from Schwinn, there are lots of amazing features it packs under the hood.

Features an aluminum frame

When it comes to choosing a mountain bike, you could say that it’s just as good as the frame. The last thing you’d want is to have too weak a frame or too heavy a frame when out in the trails, right?

For you to have the best experience while on this bike, it's been made completely out of an aluminum frame. This means that as much as it is lightweight, it will, at the same time going to hold up quite well in outdoor usage as far as corrosion and rusting are concerned.

Aluminum is also quite strong and possibly the strongest frame you can get at this price range which gives you the advantage of getting through even through the roughest terrain with utmost confidence.

Features a full suspension frame

It’s not every day that you’ll get a dual suspension frame from a reputed brand and more so at this price range, right? well, though it seems too good to be true, shock absorption will be at its best with this mountain bike.

The dual suspension system functions to take in all the shock which in turn saves your arms and shoulders from doing this.

In the long run, you get to spend as much time as you want out in your favorite trail while enjoying utmost comfort.

Lightweight and strong alloy rims

In addition to having one of the lightest and most durable frames, there are also outstanding arrow black anodized alloy rims you'll be working with.

These are lightweight and strong in nature and more so they're double walled hence complement the strong aluminum frame.

What about the wheels?

For the wheels, these are 26 inches in size. Being a size that’s ideal for both beginners and expert cyclists, the bike will be easy to control and the acceleration will be fairly fast. They’ll also rollover obstacles easily hence helping you climb even the steepest terrain.

Also, the bike does have one of the best pairs of knobby tires that are durable and at the same time suitable for use on all kinds of terrain.

Includes Shimano shifters and derailleurs

You’ll be getting an outstanding 24 speeds on this bad boy and these come along with the Shimano EZ-Fire shifters and the Shimano Altus rear derailleur.

With these much speeds, you can be able to conquer any uphill climbs and then there are the EZ-Fire shifters that make the speed-shifting process a walk in the park. Irrespective of whichever style of cycling you’re into, I’m pretty sure this bike will do you justice.

A secure braking system

There’s no better way to experience braking at it’s best other than with the Promax front disc brake and a rear alloy V-brake.

The combination of these two guarantees quite responsive braking for all cycling conditions which in turn guarantees utmost safety. At the same time, it will be easy to maneuver different terrain with this much braking power.

Features a Schwinn alloy crank

Last but not least, there is the Schwinn alloy crank which gives you the best gearing while you’re on your trail.

At the same time, the alloy crank demands little maintenance which, upon working with the other components of this bike makes it one of the best mountain bikes under 300.

  • Lightweight and strong alloy rims
  • Features a durable dual suspension aluminum frame
  • Includes a Schwinn alloy crank for optimal gearing and minimal maintenance
  • The tires tend to lose pressure faster

7. 27.5" Royce Union RMA Womens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike

27.5inc Royce Union RMA Womens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike27.5inc Royce Union RMA Womens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike

Yet another outstanding mountain bike for the ladies is the Royce Union RMA. It's got a little bit of everything from the looks to the performance and build quality all of which makes it an all-around mountain bike and definitely a worthy companion for any style of cycling.

Let’s find out why you should choose this, right?

Features a durable aluminum frame

Starting with what, from my experience, is the most important part of your bike, the frame on this bad boy will be worth having out in the trail.

Being a hardtail aluminum frame, it is lightweight in nature which means you get to have a better control of your bike. Well, besides being lightweight, an aluminum frame just so happens to be the best as far as durability and strength are concerned.

It is capable of supporting your weight and at the same time, the frame holds up quite well in inclement weather conditions and regardless of how trough the terrain is, it’s performance will be outstanding.

Comes with the ZOOM suspension

There’s no better way to experience shock absorption at its best other than with the ZOOM suspension.

Positioned at the front, it's going to take in all the shock from any imminent bumps and dips you might encounter. This makes it possible for you to cycle comfortably by minimizing unnecessary fatigue and at the same time, gives you a better control of the bike.

Large 27.5-inch wheels

Besides just the suspension, yet another feature that allows you to have utmost confidence while on the bike are the wheels.

The rule of thumb when it comes down to choosing a bike with regard to the wheel is that the larger they are, the better the performance, well, of course not too large but just the optimal size. With the Royce Union RMA, you’ll be getting 27.5 inches.

Being neither too large nor too small, they’ll be able to pick up momentum quite fast and most importantly roll over obstacles smoothly as compared to average tires.

Includes outstanding Shimano derailleurs

There’s the Shimano EZ Fire Plus trigger as well as the Shimano Altus rear indexed derailleur which will be giving you an outstanding 21 gear speeds and the capability of switching between the speeds simply with the flick of your thumb

For utmost precision and a flawless performance, the drivetrain is exclusively from Shimano.

Features the alloy linear pull breaks

For safety and easy maneuverability, the bike comes with alloy linear pull brakes. Now, with the superior brake pads on these pressing against the machined alloy rims when reinforced, you’ll come to a consistent stop almost instantaneously.

There are also the Krayton grips and pedals each of which feels comfortable 

A padded saddle

Something else that’s thrown in the design to give you the best time while on this bike is a padded saddle.

The saddle comes with high-quality sides stitching that holds it all together for utmost longevity and more so ultimate comfort. In addition to this, you can adjust the saddle to your preferred height and angle for comfortable cycling.

Speaking of comfort, it is worth mentioning that there is a slight rise handlebar which allows for a fairly upright riding style. In the long run, the Royce Union RMA offers speed, longevity, comfort, and performance all in one- definitely one of the best mountain bikes under 300 

  • Features alloy linear pull brakes for the ultimate stopping power.
  • Comes with a Zoom suspension fork for shock absorption
  • Features a durable & lightweight aluminum frame
  • The seat may feel uncomfortable after some time hence you may need a replacement
The budget mountain bikes: spend less for more

It's not every day that you'll get an outstanding performance without breaking the bank, right? well, if you're looking for a budget mountain bike, then I'm pretty sure you'll be blown away by each and every one in this category.

8. 27.5" Royce Union RMT Womens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike

27.5inc Royce Union RMT Womens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike27.5inc Royce Union RMT Womens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike

Looking for a perfect trail companion for the ladies? How about you give this one a try; after all, it’s not every day that you can easily come across a women’s exclusive mountain bike, is it? other than the undisputed ravishing looks of this bike, there is a lot more to look forward to. Let us find out what you will be getting.

Includes a complete Shimano drivetrain

With quality comes outstanding performance and this is basically what the Royce Union RMT for the ladies is all about.

Irrespective of the kind of terrain you’ll be exploring, shifting between the gears is just by a simple twist and you can switch between either of the 21 speeds available for you. included in the bike is the Shimano Revoshift and the Shimano Tourney indexed rear derailleur. Still, on the rear derailleur, it is worth pointing out that there is also a removable rear derailleur guard which helps protect the bike from any accidental damage hence giving you a top of the line performance at all times.

Both of the above-mentioned derailleurs function to give you an uninterrupted shifting between the gears in relation to the path up ahead of you.

Quick and easy assembly

Assembly is one of the things most manufacturers tend to overlook ad whereas other brands may be unclear on this, this bike actually does come with all the tools for assembly included for you right out of the box.

Yes, that’s right, DIY installation is easy and fast even for a first-time user which gives you the advantage of hitting the trails.

The 15-inch frame is recommended for a minimum inseam of 25.25 inches whereas the 17-inch variant is suitable for a minimum of 28.5 inches.

Still, on the wheels, it's worth pointing out that the wheels include a tread pattern which provides minimal rolling resistance which isn't easy to come across on most mountain bike tires.

Easy mobility

As we will find out later on in our buying guide, the wheel size plays a huge role in determining how comfortable you will be while moving around with this bike.

The Royce Union RMT is present in two variants, the 15-inch frame, and the 17-inch frame and the best part about the design is that both of these variants have got a 27.5-inch wheel size. With this, picking up the momentum will be amazingly fast and more so, the larger wheels size will allow you to roll over obstacles with utmost ease.

Here’s more on the bike frame…

Being a ladies’ exclusive mountain bike, you’ll want to go for something that gives you a comfortable match with relation to the wheel size and both the 15 inch and the 17-inch frames just so happen to be the best you can get in the market.

Features a padded saddle

From my personal experience, the rule of thumb when it comes to comfort is that the longer you can be on your saddle without any discomfort, the better off the bike is.

In the case of this one, you will be getting a padded saddle that also does come with quality stitching on the side for the sake of longevity. Something else worth pointing out about the saddle is that the height and the angle are adjustable. This is made possible by the alloy quick release binder which allows you to customize for a perfect fit.

Includes the ZOOM suspension fork

To complement the comfortable nature of the padded saddle is a ZOOM suspension fork. With this being on the front of the mountain bike, it will save you from bumps, dips and even uneven terrain.

This basically makes this mountain bike the best choice for anyone who likes those steep uphill climbs.

Durable construction

Last but not least, the construction of theRoyce Union RMT is top of the line. The frame is a lightweight 6160 heat-treated aircraft-grade aluminum. This, besides just being lightweight and strong is also corrosion resistant.

When it comes to handling and picking up momentum, it also does hold up quite well hence leaving it to be the go-to choice for anyone looking for a smooth performance.

The breaks on this one are the alloy linear pull breaks and in addition to this, their wheels are machined alloy wheel rims that ensure superior break pad contact for a smooth yet dependable stopping power. 

  • Comes with an adjustable seat height and angle for ultimate comfort
  • Features the ZOOM suspension fork for shock absorption
  • Durable 6160 heat-treated aircraft-grade aluminum for longevity
  • Requires a significant amount of assembly

9.Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike 26" Wheel Men's bicycle

Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike 26inc Wheel Men's bicycleMongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike 26inc Wheel Men's bicycle

We’re already halfway through with our best mountain bikes under 300 reviews and yet another one for the men in the mid-range category is the Mongoose Status 2.2. in addition to being from a reputed brand, it’s equally as good on both performance and longevity. Here’s a deeper look at the features it packs.

Features a strong aluminum frame

There's more to a bike frame than just holding the different bike parts together. It all narrows down to three things- longevity, overall weight, and strength.

Now, with the Mongoose Status 2.2, you’ll be getting a combination of these 3 features. The frame boasts to be aluminum which is one of the most durable frames you could get- it’s corrosion resistant hence suitable for use even in wet conditions.

As far as the strength is concerned, the aluminum frame, in addition to holding all the other bike parts together and supporting your weight in uneven terrain, will not give in to damage whatsoever.

As much as it is able to take in all that weight, the most amazing thing about an aluminum frame is its lightweight nature. The rule of thumb as far as bike frames are concerned is that the heavier, they are, the harder they are to control. This, however, is taken care of by the lightweight nature of this bike frame.

Still, on that note, let's see how good the wheels are

Lightweight and durable wheels

Just like the frame, the wheels too ought to be lightweight and durable and there’s no better way to guarantee this on this bike besides the alloy rims you’ll be getting. This deems them suitable for use especially for quick drops while descending your trail.

What about the tires?

To complement the premium quality of the wheels, there are 2.125 knobby tires which are capable of rolling over anything on your path. The tires will also perform well in both muddy and wet conditions.

Includes a powerful suspension fork

Experience shock absorption at it’s best with the powerful suspension fork on this bad boy. Functioning to smoothen out any bumps and vibrations on your trail, the fork ensures that you get to have a better control of your cycling.

But that’s not all…

By taking in most of the vibration and shock, the suspension fork saves you from fatigue you might encounter on your shoulder and arms which means you get to cycle for as long as you want.

It’s got a 3-piece mountain crank

The bike features a 3-piece mountain crank that gives you a wide range of gears. This, in addition to being durable, gives you a smooth cycling experience round the clock.

More on the gears…

Included in the bike are the SRAM twist shifters which allow for easy changing of the gears hence you can choose between either of the 21 speeds included in the Shimano rear derailleur.

Comes with the front and rear V brakes

For safety and optimal control, you’ll be getting the V-brakes both at the front and the rear of the bike which get the bike to a stop once they’re reinforced. Safety and control at their best, right?

  • Features a strong aluminum and durable frame for
  • Includes a powerful suspension fork to even out any bumps
  • Includes front and rear V-brakes for the ultimate stopping power
  • The packaging is not so great and you may need to reassemble the bike all over again.

10. 26" Men's Mountain Bike, Black

26inc Men's Mountain Bike, Black26inc Men's Mountain Bike, Black

It has indeed been a good review and it’s time to wrap it all up. Though simple in appearance, the final item on our budget mountain bikes under 300 categories will blow your mind. here’s a blend between affordability and performance- do take a closer look

Features a top of the line aluminum frame

Experience durability at its best with the least amount of cash with the durable aluminum frame on this bad boy.

Bound to push through all weather conditions, longevity will be at its best. In addition to this, the aluminum frame is also lightweight in nature, a feature which, in general, makes the bike easy to handle.

Being aluminum, it is also one of the strongest you could get on a bike frame and even through the roughest terrain, it won't let you down whatsoever.

That’s not all…

In addition to having a durable aluminum frame, the handlebars and pedals are also made of aluminum. 

Includes a 3-piece high-performance crank

The bike comes with 21 speeds and also does have a high performing 3-piece crank. The crankset makes shifting gears between either of the 21 speeds quite easy which then allows you to get through different terrain with utmost ease and confidence.

Full suspension with fork

One of the most important parts of a mountain bike is the suspension fork for reasons that are quite obvious…

When the going gets tough and you're forced to face bumps along your path, the dual suspension system kicks in and takes in most of the shock and vibrations. This, in turn, saves your arms and shoulders from fatigue and any possible injury.

In the long run, it will be much easier for you to focus on the path ahead for long hours of cycling.

Features a padded seat for utmost comfort

Last but not least, there is also a padded seat included on the bike. Well, even with an outstanding suspension, you still will be needing a padded seat to keep your bum comfortable hence keeping all your focus on the trail up ahead of you.

Features 26” wheels

Yet another outstanding feature on this bike is the set of wheels. These are 26" in size and they're bound to give you the best control while at the same time utmost convenience as they roll over obstacles with ease.

  • Full suspension system for shock absorption
  • Includes a padded seat for added comfort.
  • Features an aluminum frame for ultimate durability
  • Be sure to check the brakes after assembly for calibration

The ultimate guide for the best mountain bikes under 300

It’s only fair that with the products reviews, you know exactly what you’re looking for as you venture to get one of these. It’s also important that you have clear priorities as to why you are getting your mountain bike before you actually spend your money on one.

That being said, let’s get started with our guide. Here goes…

The build quality and design

As far as construction is concerned, the build quality plays quite a substantial role in determining how much you can be able to do with your bike as well as how long it will last before you can get a replacement. Here are some of the options you could have at this price range.

•  An aluminum frame

Mountain bikes with aluminum frames are the preferred choice for most since they’re light in weight, strong and at the end of the day, you won’t have to spend a fortune for these.

Some manufacturers normally have lighter frames that observe utmost strength but of course, you’ll be spending more on lighter aluminum as compared to the average aluminum alloy. Aluminum frames are also quite easy to move with and regardless of your style of cycling, these are equally a perfect choice.

•  Steel frames- weight vs cost

A steel frame is the cheapest needed to design a bike frame but at the same time, they come with added weight as compared to aluminum.

Steel frames, similar to aluminum are also strong and corrosion resistant. These are mainly recommended for downhill cycling and so you will have to find a way to carry them up a hill.

The hardtails vs full suspensions.

Yet another important thing you should always consider is the level of comfort you get on your bike. All this is determined by the suspension present and you’ll have to choose between either the hardtail or the full suspension.

•  The Hardtails

For the hardtail, there is a suspension fork at the front which aids in absorbing impact only on the front wheel. These are much less expensive as compared to their full suspension counterparts and they also cut down on the moving parts hence you have less maintenance to worry about. the benefit of having the hardtails is that you can lock out the front fork for when you need to work with a fully rigid mountain bike

•  Full suspensions

The full suspension, as the name suggests absorbs shock both at the front and the back which means you get to be more comfortable as compared to having a hardtail alone. The major advantage of having a full suspension is the capability of being able to lock out the rear wheel in some models to experience the full transmission of power.

As much as these give you the luxury of added comfort, they are demanding on the maintenance. 

The wheel sizes

Though this is a feature that is greatly overlooked, the wheel size, unlike what most people think, plays quite an important part in determining the performance of a mountain bike.

•  27.5 inches

these are common in both the full suspension and the hardtail bikes. With this wheel size, the acceleration is fast and they easily roll over terrain as compared to wheel sizes smaller than this. What’s even more interesting is that they suit people of different sizes comfortably.

•  The 29ers

Large than the 27.5-inch wheels, these accelerate slow but once you are up to speed, it’s going to be a walk in the park conquering new terrain as compared to smaller sized wheels. These bikes, therefore, are more reliable for longer rides.

The braking system

To wrap up our buying guide, let’s have a look at how the braking system on a mountain bike ought to be like. I’ve got to say, there is a lot more to the brakes than just bringing you to a stop.

•  The disc brakes

These are normally present in two variants which are hydraulic that offer a stronger braking with minimal effort and the mechanical disc breaks that need manual adjustments as the breaking pads wear out.

Disc brakes, despite having a more consistent braking power and being cheaper to replace are harder to inspect and if you have the hydraulic breaks, these are even much harder to maintain.

•  The rim breaks

Rim breaks are economical and you can easily tell when they wear out and need replacement. On the other hand, even as they wear out, they will wear out the rim as well hence you may need to replace the wheel. These are not also your go-to choice for muddy or wet conditions.

Final verdict.

There you have it…choosing the best mountain bikes under 300 is not that hard now after all, is it? you have the best of the best just a click away and what’s even more interesting is that there is a buying guide to back up our reviews.

But even with all that, do pay attention to this…

It could be quite frustrating if you spend this much on a mountain bike only for it to break after a few uses, right? the secret to getting the best experience from your mountain bike lies entirely upon you. utmost care and maintenance should be a priority. 

I’d recommend that after a rough day out in the trails, you go ahead and clean up your bike, tighten any loose parts and check for any broken ones that may need repair.

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