Best ice fishing suits | Expert’s #1 Selections & Ultimate Guide

Similar to any other style of fishing, ice fishing will only be as fun if you have all the equipment you need, right? Well, as much as this is completely true, you’ll need to be keen on other things when it comes to ice fishing such as the type of clothes you have on since the last thing you want is concluding your fishing expedition way too early.

What if I told you that you could get the best of the best ice fishing suits by just the click of a button? No more endless searches on the internet for the best apparel and no more uncertainties while shopping for ice fishing suits since today, we’ll be reviewing the top 10 suits in 2020’s market.

But that’s not all…

In addition to the reviews, there will also be a detailed guide that’ll make it much easier for you to shop for one. There’s no way you could really go wrong with such a combination.

That being said, let’s cut to the chase and delve into the main agenda already, shall we?

Before we get started, we’d like to first of all list down 3 of the best ice fishing suits for you in the market; this will definitely save you the time of reading all through and it’s just as good as the individual reviews.


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Striker Ice SIHardWater Jacket




Striker Ice SI HardWater Bibs

Striker Ice HardWater Bibs




Arctix Women Petite insulated Jacket




Women's Insulated Overalls Bib




Striker Ice Predator Jacket




Striker Ice Predator Bib




10 Best ice fishing Suit Reviews

Now here’s what we came for. We’ll be taking a look 10 of the best ice fishing suits and in each review, you’ll have an outstanding jacket that’s matched with the best ice fishing bib. Durability and comfort all in one.

1. Frabill Mens I-Float Jacket & Frabill Mens I-Bib

Frabill Mens I-Float JacketFrabill Mens I-Float Jacket

Kickstarting our reviews is definitely a pair that won’t disappoint you. The Frabill Mens I Bib and jacket combination is meant for use exclusively for the men and the best part about it is that it comes in different sizes hence you’re guaranteed to get one that fits perfectly.
Let’s first take a look at what the jacket has to offer…


If you love exploring new ice fishing grounds, I’m sure you’ll find this really useful. This float assisting ice fishing jacket is even recognized by the U.S. coast guard as a personal floatation device hence just in case of an accident, this jacket will aid in keeping you afloat.

Durable construction

Being one of the most important features on any ice fishing suit, durability is not left out on this jacket. It comes with 100% nylon construction which will stand up quite well in extreme weathers.

The same also does have mesh self-drainage openings for emergency water evacuation. The material also comes with highly visible USCG orange accents and lining and a 3M Scotchlite reflective material for a better detection while out in the elements.

Both windproof and waterproof
As far as weatherproofing is concerned, this ice fishing jacket is both windproof and waterproof which makes it perfect for use out in the elements.

Frabill Mens I-Bib

Frabill Mens I-BibFrabill Mens I-Bib

Moving on to the Frabill Mens I-Bib, I’ve got to admit that this bib is just the perfect match to the ice fishing jacket aforementioned above which will possibly give you the best Frabill ice suit

100% nylon construction

It is also made of 100% nylon which just so happens to be quite outstanding for outdoor use. it’s light and at the same time is durable enough to withstand the harsh ice environment you’ll be fishing in.

Ergonomically designed knees

As much as the nylon construction will give this bib a really good level of longevity outdoors, I’m quite sure that you’ll also appreciate the ergonomically designed knees. They have got durable Cordura which means you can use these without being too cautious of how you move or where your knees are.

Self-drainage openings

For emergency water evacuation, there are self-drainage openings which ascertain of your safety just in case you’re completely submerged.
Also included in the design are holsters for your ice pick which do save on the storage space.

About the brand

The two above owe their outstanding performance to the frabill brand which is renowned for manufacturing some of the fishing gear since the year 1938. With regard to being in the market for such a long time, they definitely blow other brands out of the water. With this much experience, you’ll definitely see every dime you spend on their products put to use.

  • The Frabill Mens I-jacket is floatable for added safety
  • The suit has got self-drainage openings for water evacuation.
  • The bib comes with Cordura on the knees for durability
  • The shoulder straps on the bib are a little long and may take some time getting used to them.

2. Frabill I3 Jacket & Frabill I3 Bib

Frabill I3 JacketFrabill I3 Jacket

Yet another one from Frabill is a combination of two of the best in the Frabill i-series that are definitely going to withstand anything the winter throws your way. They’ve got the most advanced features- from the fit to the construction and build quality, this suit won’t let you down.

Frabill I3 Jacket

Starting off with the jacket, it will be doing more than just keeping you warm out in the snow. Here’s a closer look at it:

300D nylon construction

it is made out of the 300-denier nylon Taslan shell and as far as ice fishing jackets are concerned, this one is going to stand up quite well out in the ice.

As for the seams, they are 100% sealed hence they won’t be letting in any water whatsoever.

Utmost comfort.

There's more to the design than just the nylon construction. It has got an adjustable hood with a sun visor and there is are also hand warmer pockets that have got a tricot lining. Speaking of keeping yourself warm, this jacket has got a 3MThinsulate that’s 150g to keep the warmth in.

Utmost safety

This jacket also features a self-rescue set. This entails ice pick holsters, an ice pick set, drainage mesh, and an ice safety internal label.

Frabill I3 bib

Frabill 2505041 Ice Fishing Safety GearFrabill 2505041 Ice Fishing Safety Gear

Complimenting the jacket mentioned above is the Frabill i3 bib. It’s got both comfort and durability altogether and will be giving you quite a good time out in the ice.

Full elastic shoulder straps.

For a snug fit, the shoulder straps are elastic and they also come with the cam lock buckles. By giving you a perfect fit, you’ll find this bib really comfortable to move around in

500D nylon knee reinforcements

Speaking of comfort, it is worth pointing out that this bib also does have 500D nylon reinforcements on the knees and the pant cuffs. Since these areas are prone to wear and tear, the higher quality 500D nylon increases their longevity.

A durable 300 denier nylon Taslan shell.

As for the rest of the bib, there’s a durable 300D nylon Taslan shell which is windproof, waterproof and breathable hence besides just being suitable for use in the harsh environments will keep you comfortable as well.

Internal knee and seat padding

You’ll also be getting a padding on both the knee and your bum area for an added level of comfort throughout your fishing expedition.

  • The bib comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for a snug fit.
  • 300D nylon construction for the jacket and bib for utmost durability and comfort.
  • 3M Thinsulate insulation to keep you warm at all times.
  • The jacket might feel a little short; going a size up might help

3. Striker Ice Predator Jacket & Striker Ice Predator Bib

Striker Ice Predator JacketStriker Ice Predator Jacket

Besides just frabill, another reputed brand in giving you the best ice fishing suits is Striker. With this pair of bib pants and a fishing jacket, you’re definitely going to have a really good time.

Here’s a closer look:

Starting off with the jacket, it comes in different sizes and the chances of you missing one that fits you are quite slim. Besides just a variety of sizes to choose from, it boasts a durable construction of a 320D tussor shell material which will serve you quite well out in the ice.

Sureflote floatation assist

Just in case you're accidentally submerged in the ice-cold water, the sureflote floatation assist technology will increase your buoyancy and in turn theoretically give an average person a floatation assist of up to 2 hours.

Thermadex insulation

To be a good enough companion for you out in the cold, it does have a thermadex insulation which is amazingly light. It has got a superior insulation performance and more so, it is soft and breathable at the same which definitely gives you utmost comfort.

It's windproof, waterproof and breathable.

Yet another feature that I’m sure you’ll appreciate is the Hydrapore system. This is meant to give you the best protection against extreme weather elements such as wind and snow. It has got the 5000/5000 rating for resisting water penetration and for breathability.

Guaranteed to keep you warm and dry and at the same time prevent the buildup of moisture within.

Striker Ice Predator Bib

Striker Ice Predator BibStriker Ice Predator Bib

A perfect match to the above jacket is the Striker ice predator Bib. Similar to the jacket, this one too does come with the 320D Tussor shell material. This, as you probably already know is of one of the best qualities as far as durability is concerned.

100g thermadex insulation

For complete warmth while out in the ice, you’ll be getting the thermadex insulation which is similar to what you get on the matching jacket that we’ve already looked at.

As much as there is the insulation property, it is completely breathable hence by letting out excess moisture, you won’t be uncomfortably warm

An additional padding on the seat and knees

To reduce wear and tear while at the same time giving you utmost comfort and really good longevity, there is an additional padding on the seat and the knees of this bad boy.

Sureflote floatation assist technology.

Yet another thing worth pointing out on this bib is the floatation assist technology. This will give you an increased buoyancy just in case you’re accidentally submerged and would work perfectly fine with the jacket above.

  • The suit has got the Sureflote floatation assist which keeps you afloat just in case you’re submerged.
  • The Thermadex insulation keeps the cold outside.
  • It’s waterproof, windproof and breathable for utmost comfort at all times.
  • Be sure to doublecheck the seams on the bib to ensure they’re strong enough before going out.

4. Striker Ice SI W Prism Jacket & Striker Ice Prism Bibs

Most of the bibs we’ve looked at are either unisex or for the men but this pair right here is exclusively meant for the ladies.

Striker Ice SI W Prism Jacket

Striker Ice SI W Prism JacketStriker Ice SI W Prism Jacket

Starting with the jacket, the first thing that I’d like to point out about it is that it is one of the best-looking women’s ice fishing jackets in the market.

Let’s see what it packs under the hood, shall we?

It’s waterproof and breathable.

I’m pretty sure that you’ll definitely appreciate this. Depending on the size that you get, the weight may vary but even the largest size will feel comfortable.

It comes with a 320D shell Tursor shell that is waterproof and breathable at the same time- quite an amazing combination, right? By keeping the moisture out and preventing the build-up of moisture within it, this jacket will keep you completely dry.

A fast-drain hem and sleeve cuff

In the event when you happen to be accidentally submerged, the jacket has got a fast-drain hem and sleeve cuff which will let out any excess moisture and get you dry really quick.

Utmost comfort

It comes with lycra inner cuffs with closures and the elbows are pre-curved which makes movement quite easily. As for the warmth, it does have a rating of 9/10 which is made possible by the 150g Thermadex insulation.

Sureflote floatation assist

To back up the fast drain hem and sleeve cuffs, this jacket comes with the Sureflote floatation assist technology which increases your buoyancy just in case of accidental submergence in the ice-cold water.

Striker Ice Prism Bibs

Complimenting the above jacket is this pair of women’s ice fishing bibs still from striker. The bib also does have a waterproof and breathable 320D Tussor shell that is also breathable hence keeping you as comfortable as the jacket would.

1600D Snakeskin knees.

In order to minimize wear and tear, the knees on this bib are made of high quality 1600D Snakeskin material which also allows you to use them perfectly well in any environment.

Durable and comfortable construction

For the construction and build quality, it comes with the 210T interior lining, the sureflote floatation assist, and an adjustable cuff/inseam.
With all of these, you won't have to be worried just in case you happen to be accidentally submerged and at the same time, you can use the bib while enjoying utmost comfort.

  • 320D construction for utmost durability.
  • The suit is lightweight, waterproof and breathable for the best comfort levels.
  • It includes reflective elements for ultimate safety in low light
  • They run ½ size smaller hence you should be keen on picking one to ensure it fits

5. Striker Ice SI Climate Jacket&Striker Ice Climate Bibs

It’s comfortable, weatherproof and is definitely meant for use in the harsh icy environments. This ice fishing suit will surely be giving you one of the best experiences of ice fishing. Here’s what you should expect from it:

Let’s first see what the jacket has got.

Striker Ice SI Climate Jacket

Striker Ice Climate JacketStriker Ice Climate Jacket

In addition to being available in a number of sizes, this ice fishing jacket also does boast a high-quality 320D Tussor construction.

Still at the construction and build quality, this jacket also does have a waterproof yet breathable Hydrapore material construction. With this, you’re kept dry as a bone as it prevents entry of moisture and at the same time, the jacket allows for excess moisture to leave your body.

You can also be able to wear it as a jacket or alternatively have it on as a soft shell if it's not too cold.

360-degree reflective material for utmost safety

The highly visible reflective material all around this jacket makes it easy for other anglers to see you while you’re out in the elements which can come in handy quite well if you love exploring new ice fishing grounds.

100% seams taped.

Besides just having the Hydrapore system that prevents the entry of moisture, the seams on this jacket are completely taped. These also ensure that the 320D fabric is firmly held together to improve its longevity.

You will also be getting Velcro adjustable cuff closures which function to give you a snug fit al the time.

There’s more…

This jacket also does have D-rings for the attachment of additional accessories hence allowing you to carry some more gear.

Striker Ice Climate Bibs

Striker Ice Men's Climate Insulated Waterproof BibsStriker Ice Men's Climate Insulated Waterproof Bibs

As for the matching bibs to the aforementioned jacket, you’ll be having this pair which also does come in different sizes.

The material construction

The bib is made out of a 320D Tussor shell and also does have a removable liner. When it’s not too cold, you could take this off to regulate the temperature. On the other hand, it does have a sureflote membrane insulation that is moisture resistant hence adding more protection against the cold.

Hydrapore insulation

There is also the Hydrapore system technology which is designed to give you maximum protection against any extreme weather elements.
Besides just resisting water penetration, it is also breathable. Depending on the external temperatures, the rate at which moisture is expelled via this system is variable with the external temperatures.

  • 320D Tussor construction for utmost longevity.
  • 5000/5000 W/B Hydrapore construction keeps the water out and expels excess moisture.
  • It’s got a removable liner for when the temperatures get hotter.
  • Though warm, this suit may feel a little bulky

6. STORMR Strykr Jacket&STORMR Strykr Bib

We’re already halfway done with our reviews and we’re doing great so far. Yet another reputed brand in the market for giving us some of the best ice fishing bibs is STORMR.

With this combination of jacket and bibs, you’ll be enjoying more than just a long-lasting performance. Let’s first see how the jacket holds up

STORMR Strykr Jacket

Stormr Strykr Neoprene JacketStormr Strykr Neoprene Jacket
High-quality construction

This jacket is meant to persevere even the harshest conditions as it utilizes an abrasion-resistant material in the high contact areas such the elbows

This is made possible by the polyester construction used throughout the jacket. In addition to the polyester, there is also a fleece-lined interior as well as an exterior extended collar both of which keep you warm and comfortable.


You will also be getting waterproof exterior pockets that also do have a PU coated non-corrosive zipper to increase their longevity.

A perfect fit.

For this to be good enough a jacket to use outdoors, it comes with an adjustable waistband as well as two interior cord locks. You will also appreciate the internal neoprene cuffs as well as the two adjustable Velcro cuffs

STORMR Strykr Bib

Stormr Strykr BibStormr Strykr Bib

There’s no better match to the jacket above other than the STORMR Strykr Bib. Similar to the jacket, this one too does offer head to toe protection for the outdoors. It also is made of 100% polyester and does have an abrasion-resistant material on all the high contact areas

Waterproof design

The exterior shell is water repellent and in addition to this, it also does have 5 pounds of positive buoyancy which make this bib a choice to go for in hardcore outdoor weather conditions- definitely guaranteed to keep your extremities protected

A perfect fit

The shoulder straps are adjustable and it also has got an adjustable Velcro waistband as well as reinforced adjustable Velcro ANKLE cuffs.

But that’s not all…

In order for it to hold up perfectly well in the outdoors, it does have an abrasion-resistant knee and seat reinforcement which not only keeps you comfortable but also increases the longevity of this bib.

About the brand

The STORMR products utilize the neoprene core technology, VAPR tech and UV shield performance which makes them suitable for use to defy the elements. The gear remains flexible and tough and bound to protect you against any foul weather while simultaneously offering maneuverability and maximum comfort.

  • 100% abrasion resistant nylon construction for durability.
  • High insulation to keep out the cold.
  • Both the bib and jacket have got adjustable components for a snug fit
  • The jacket might feel a little stiff at first till after a few uses

7. Striker Ice HardWater Bibs (XL)&Striker Ice SI HardWater Jacket

As we have already seen, the Striker fishing suits are some of the best and so far, none of these seem disappointing, don’t you agree?

That being said, let’s find out whether this striker ice suit holds up to the reputation of the brand.

Striker Ice HardWater Jacket

Striker Ice Hardwater JacketStriker Ice Hardwater Jacket

From the name alone, it’s crystal clear that this jacket will definitely be perfect for use outdoors and the best part about it is that it comes in a variety of sizes hence there’s enough for everyone.

600D Endura waterproof/breathable construction.

With the shell being both waterproof and breathable, it’s going to dissipate excess moisture from your body and at the same time prevent any moisture from getting in. This is made possible by the Hydrapore technology which also renders this jacket completely windproof

The fact that the jacket has a 600 denier, 100% polyester material construction deems it a good enough jacket to depend on for use in any harsh outdoor conditions.

Thermadex insulation

To retain as much of your body heat as possible there is the thermadex insulation. The same makes it possible for you to wear fewer clothes beneath the jacket for warmth.

Sureflote buoyancy material

With this technology, you will be getting an added buoyancy just in case of accidental submergence. For an average person, it gives you added support for about two hours.

Striker Ice HardWater Bibs

Striker Ice SI HardWater BibsStriker Ice SI HardWater Bibs

To have the perfect combination, you could match the jacket mentioned above to this bib. It’s also made of 600D Endura polyester with a 3000/3000 W/B shell. There’s also an additional padding on the seat and knees for additional comfort.

150g thermadex insulation

With this, it’s able to keep the cold out and at the same time, you won’t have to wear too many clothes underneath the bib for warmth.

The seams on this bib are 100% taped and won’t be letting in any moisture or cold.

Sureflote buoyancy material

With this working together with the jacket, you sure will be getting the best ice fishing suit since the sureflote technology in both of these aid in keeping you afloat just in case of an accident.

About the brand

Striker Brand mainly focuses on the manufacture and distribution of technical wear for all outdoor enthusiasts all year around. You need any ice fishing gear from clothing to your tackle, I’d highly recommend that you try out striker.

  • This striker ice suit is waterproof and breathable for utmost comfort.
  • It’s got the thermadex insulation to retain as much heat as possible.
  • Made out of 600D polyester for added longevity.
  • It’s a bit heavy but this is a small price to pay considering how warm it is

8. Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Jacket  & Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Bibs

Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing JacketEskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Jacket

Then Eskimo brand is also reputed or having some of the best fishing jackets and bibs and with this combination of bibs and jacket, you sure will be having one of the best ice fishing suits.

Let’s first see what the Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Jacket has got for us…

600D Endura outer shell

With the construction being the 600D Endura outer shell, you’ll be having on one of the best ice fishing jackets in the market. this material is both durable and it will conveniently be able to protect you from the elements.

In the inside is al 210T lining which gives this jacket amazing insulation properties.

Hydrapore technology

The Hydrapore technology is 5000 waterproof and breathable. This means the jacket will be letting out excess moisture to keep you cool and at the same time prevent any moisture from getting inside.

Sureflote floatation-assist liner

With the Sureflote floatation-assist liner, this jacket will have an additional buoyancy when completely submerged. This means that each time you have it on, the odds of drowning just in case of accidental submergence will be quite slim.

Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Bibs 

Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing BibsEskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Bibs

The better half of the above jacket is this bib. This one too comes with a 600D Endura outer shell for increased longevity and it also is suitable for use in the harsh icy environment.

Hydrapore 5000 W/B

In order for the bib to keep out any moisture, it does have the Hydrapore technology which also functions to dissipate moisture from your body. No matter how hectic your fishing expedition is, this bib will keep you really comfortable.


It does have 100% PU seams taped to prevent any moisture entry and hold it together no matter how tough the going gets.

Sureflote floatation-assist

Similar to the jacket, this bib also does have the sureflote floatation assist technology and with this feature in your ice fishing suit, there’s no way you could really go wrong.

About the brand

By focusing on innovation and technology for over 50 years, Eskimo has won the heats of a lot of fishermen. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, I’d recommend that you give this brand a try- they literally do have everything you’ll need.

  • Hydrapore 5000 W/B guarantees proper air flow and keeps any moisture out.
  • 600D outer shell for utmost durability
  • It’s got the sureflote floatation assist that increases its buoyancy
  • The liner is a little loose around the zipper of the bib and you should be careful with it.

9. Arctix Women's Insulated Bib Overalls&Arctix Women's Petite Insulated Jacket

Yet another one for the ladies is this bib and jacket combination from Arctix. Well, there’s more to the two of these besides just their ravishing looks.

Let’s take a closer look…

Arctix Women's Petite Insulated Jacket

Arctix Women's Petite insulated JacketArctix Women's Petite insulated Jacket

This one boasts a durable 100% polyester construction and holding the jacket together are sealed seams in all the critical sections.

ThermaTech insulation.

To keep you as warm as possible out in the cold, you got 85 Grams ThermaTech insulation which keeps the warmth in and the cold out.

It is also wind and water resistant and at the same time, it has a breathable liner material that wicks away any moisture.

Adjustable hook-and-loop closure cuffs

For a comfortable wear, you’ll be getting adjustable hook and loop closure cuffs which also prevents the heat from leaving your body.

Arctix Women's Insulated Bib Overalls

Arctix Women's Essential Insulated Bib OverallsArctix Women's Essential Insulated Bib Overalls

As for the bibs, these too do boast a 100% polyester Dobby shell with thermalock material construction. The thermalock has a W/R + W/P 3000m coating which is breathable and at the same time keeps you protected from the elements.

600D ballistic reinforcement

The ankle, scuff and hem guards are reinforced with the 600D ballistic and this way, they are able to hold up quite well to daily wear and tear.

ThermaTech insulation

For these to be a perfect match to the jacket, they come with 85 grams of ThermaTech insulation which offer a lot of warmth in a lightweight configuration.

Comfortable fit

It has got adjustable comfort suspenders with elastic side gussets for maximum motion. In addition to this, it also does have boot zippers for easy on and off.

  • It’s weather resistant yet breathable for utmost comfort.
  • 85 grams ThermaTech insulation keeps you as warm as possible.
  • 100% polyester construction for utmost durability
  • You should be really keen on the sizes- they tend to be a little tight

10. Arctix Men's Performance Tundra Jacket & Arctix Men's Overalls Tundra Bib 

Arctix Men's Performance Tundra Jacket with Added Visibility
\Arctix Men's Performance Tundra Jacket with Added Visibility

It’s been a good review and to wrap it all up, we have the best ice fishing suit that you could get from Arctix. Let’s see whether this one’s good enough for you to count on outdoors, shall we?

Let’s first start off with the tundra jacket…

100% polyester Ballistic Oxford shell

The build quality on this ice jacket is quite outstanding and definitely above average. You’ll be getting 100% polyester Ballistic Oxford shell that also does have a thermalock coating which is both breathable and weatherproof.

Keeps you comfortable and at the same time keeps wind and moisture outside.

120g ThermaTech insulation

With as much as 120 grams of ThermaTech insulation, you’ll be getting a lot of warmth in a pretty lightweight configuration. To be specific, it keeps you warm at temperatures from -30 to 35 degrees Celsius.

It also does have a hand warmer style pockets for warmth

Sealed critical seams and aAsnug fit

With all of the critical seams sealed, you’ll be kept completely dry even in the harshest ice conditions. As for the fit, it comes with a drawcord adjustable waist and a durable YKK zipper.

Arctix Men's Overalls Tundra Bib

Arctix Men's Overalls Tundra Bib With Added VisibilityArctix Men's Overalls Tundra Bib With Added Visibility

The bib is a perfect match to the jacket above as it also comes with 100% polyester ballistic oxford construction that is weatherproof and breathable with a thermalock coating.

Reinforced seat and knees

One feature that I’m sure you’ll definitely appreciate is the reinforcement it comes with on the knees and the seat. Besides just minimizing wear and tear and increasing the longevity of this bib, this should be really comfortable to have on at all times.

The 600D ballistic nylon is used as a reinforcement on the ankle, scuff and hem guards as well

ThermaTech insulation

With as much as 85 grams of this, you’ll be kept really warm and considering the bib is amazingly light, you’ll find it really comfortable to move around in.

Easy on and off

It’s got 20” zippers for easy on and off and also added in the design is a convenient D-ring for keys, gloves or lift tickets.

There’s more…

Also included on this bib are boot gaiters with grippers which form a seamless integration with your boots hence keeping the warmth in

About the brand

Arctix specializes in the manufacture of snow pants, bibs and jackets and is renowned for building products that suit your everyday lifestyle all year round. We also offer a lot of private labels such as SkiGear, Drift, and Allyance but most of our hard work and prowess is reflected in our snow apparel.

  • ThermaTech insulation gives you enough warmth round the clock.
  • Durable polyester ballistic Oxford shell with a thermalock coating for durability and performance.
  • Weatherproofing and durability all in one for utmost comfort
  • The drawstring component is a little weak and you should be careful with it

Guide on Choosing The Best ice fishing Suits

Now that we’re done with the reviews, let’s move on and shed some light on what you’ll really need to look into to have the best ice fishing expeditions.

Waterproofing: it’s in your best interest to keep dry at all times

There’s a very thin line between fishing in ice and ordinary fishing during summer or spring, right? Well, considering its fishing, the last thing you'll want is to be all wet and in the case of ice fishing, you should be twice as keen to stay dry. The water temperatures are much lower than what you're used to and could pose a health hazard.

But here’s the thing…

As far as keeping out water is concerned, you’ll need to know of the difference between waterproof and water-repellent fishing suits. 

  • For water repellent suits, it’s achievable with the use of a water repellent which keeps out the water just in case you happen to have some splash on you.
  • On the contrary, the alternative to this is getting fishing suits with waterproof coatings. Waterproof coatings will keep out water completely even when they're completely submerged in water. Waterproof coatings, however, happen to wear out with time and due to this, you’ll need to reproof them.
  • There is also a hybrid of the two in which case you’ll have a fishing suit with both the waterproofing and a water-repellent layer on top of the waterproof coating.

Regardless of whichever you choose to get, It is of utmost importance that you observe the best maintenance measures to ensure they always perform at their best.

That’s not all…

It may be somewhat difficult to get a pair of fishing bibs and a jacket that has the best mechanism for keeping out water. Therefore, from my personal experience, I'd recommend that you go for the best bibs or pants that you can afford. It can be quite frustrating to cut short your ice fishing expedition, can't it?

Insulation- should be warm enough

Whereas a fishing suit may have the best waterproofing or water-repellent properties, it’s really not good enough and worth your money if it won’t be able to keep you warm.

I'd, therefore, recommend that you opt for a suit that will keep you warm as well.

Since you most probably will be working in environments that have got temperatures that are below zero degrees Celsius, it is in your best interest to get a suit with the best insulation properties. In this case, you’ll want both the jacket and the bibs to have equally as good a level of insulation.

With the ability to retain as much as your body temperature as possible, the best ice fishing suit should bet you through the winter quite well. The added advantage to having a really good level of insulation is that even in the event where you may be forced to deal with a bad storm, you’ll still have your vulnerability at a minimum and such a bib surely will keep you warm even through long fishing hours.

Mobility- ensure it’s got no restrictions

Even with the best waterproofing and insulation properties, it is of utmost importance that your suit gives you enough room to move around.

The last thing you’d want would be a heavy, cumbersome bib. This will definitely make it difficult to move around especially if you have to walk on snow.

As an ice angler, it’s all about patience and it could be quite frustrating and think of how frustrating it would be if you were forced to sit and wait for your catch in a fishing suit that’s not comfortable.

Also, in the event where fish falls for your bait and you have to battle with the fish, a comfortable suit will definitely determine which direction the battle goes. Going for something that allows you to move your hands-free as well as your waist should be given the top priority.

As much as waterproofing and insulation are important, going for something that is lightweight and flexible is of utmost importance.

Is your ice fishing suit comfortable enough?

Besides just allowing you to have enough room for movement, it is in your best interest to get an ice fishing suit that is comfortable enough. Let’s shed some light on what you should always consider in order to enjoy comfort at its best.

Ensure it gives you enough room for underlying clothes

As much as it might allow for enough room for movement, you might want to go for an ice fishing suit that feels slightly larger when you’re wearing your normal apparel.

But why is this so?

Considering you’ll have to keep warm during the winter, you’ll be needed to have extra layers of clothing. The ice fishing suit you’ll be having on during ice fishing, therefore, should provide enough room for extra layers of clothing without compromising your mobility

Ensure the level of padding is good enough

Something else besides comfort that I’d recommend you pay close attention to is the padding on both your jacket and pants.

A well-padded ice fishing suit should allow leverage on both the seat and the knees hence making it possible for you to be able to kneel or sit on your bum more comfortably.

Breathability should not be overlooked

As much as you want to keep out the cold and retain most of your body heat, you also don’t want to get all sweaty, right?

The best way to ensure this does not happen is to go for a fishing suit that has got a breathable shell. This way, excess heat, and moisture will effectively be dissipated from your body and you won't feel overheated even upon putting on layers and layers of clothing which is something you have to do while ice fishing.

If you choose to go for the jacket-bib combination rather than having your jacket and pants on, I’d recommend that you settle for a bib that has got a vented back panel. If you’re lucky, you could get a bib that’s got a zippered vented back.

Adjustability- the details do matter

Most manufacturers of ice fishing jackets, pants or bibs make their products true to size but even so it is best that you consider going for something that can be adjusted. A clam-lock system, for instance, should do quite well in giving you a snug fit.

Durability- only go for quality construction

The worst thing that could probably happen to you while you are out ice fishing would be for your ice fishing suit to give in to the rather harsh environment and expose you to the cold or water.

Because of this, it is of utmost importance that you pay close attention to the details. On any top-rated product, you’ll get either a high denier nylon construction (such as 600D nylon) or one that is constructed out of polyester. 

The seams

For them to hold up well during a struggle or as you are moving around, you should also ensure that the seams are double stitched and sealed. This also prevents any moisture from seeping into the bib or jacket. Even better, for the bibs or pants, you could go for those that got riveted seams or reinforced hems which ends up giving them greater strength


Think of how bad it would be just in case you happened to be accidentally submerged in water and in this case, ice-cold water. You’d definitely want to get yourself out of there as quick as possible, right? Well, getting a floating ice fishing suit will definitely do the trick.

To the eyes, these may look just as ordinary as any ice fishing suit but when you submerge either the bib/pants or the ice fishing jacket in water, they’ll end up floating. When you have either of these on, you’ll have an easier time just in case of an accident. Better safe than sorry, right?

The brand & price- is it good enough a brand?

Things such as the brand name and the cost of an ice fishing suit are not given much thought when we finally make up our minds to purchase one, right?

As much as it may not be really that important to pay attention to the brand name or the price tag, it’s something that you should consider looking into after you’re satisfied with all the essential features the suit has to offer.

From our reviews, for instance, the frabill ice suit and the striker ice suit just have got some of the best gear and you really won’t have to break the bank to get these.

However, …

The best ice fishing suit is entirely a matter of personal opinion and whether the suit will be worth every penny you spend on it. I’d recommend that you take your time in researching on the variety of options and settle on one only after you’re completely sure it won’t let you down.

Some additional features could be useful

We’re talking ice fishing suits here and consider you’ll be getting both a jacket as well as an ice fishing bib or a pair of ice fishing pants. You could take advantage of the fact that you’re getting two of these to purchase a suit that possesses some extra features which could be a really good alternative to just a standard ice fishing suit.

Some may come with a lining added in the interior of the suit which functions to increase buoyancy which could be useful to you if you like exploring in new fishing grounds. Some, on the other hand, feature survival kits that'll serve you quite well in extreme circumstances.

How do we wrap all this up?

With the much that we've taken a look at, I think it should be easy enough now for you to choose the best ice fishing suit, right? Each of the pairs we've reviewed above observes durability and comfort altogether which should be enough to keep you comfortable as you fish, right?

Expect any of the suits mentioned above to give you the best performance and longevity all the same. All in all, take your time while shopping for one to ensure you get the best fit.

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