Best ice fishing lures – Selection from ice fishing expert

Ice fishing is unlike the kind of fishing you take part in when the weather is warmer for the rest of the year. This also means that the tools and equipment you use should also be different.

From my personal experience, I've learned that it's of utmost importance to pay attention to even the tiniest details which is why in this section, I’ll be talking of how to get the best ice fishing lures. As it turns out, selecting one of this has got a much more delicate process and you’ll need to understand lures quite well to get the best.

Now here’s the thing…

You could use just any kind of lure for ice fishing but I'd advise that you only do this when you have to or when it’s an emergency. By the time we're done, you'll have in-depth knowledge on how to select the best and why you should also settle for special ice fishing lures.

Before we getto our reviews and buying guide, how about we, first of all, take a quick look at the comparison chart below? Here is a list ofthe best of the best just for you each of which is meant to give you a really good ice fishing experience.


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Goture Ice Fishing Jigs


The best ice fishing lures 2019- Top 10 Reviews

Here’s what we’ve all been waiting for, it’s time we take a look at the detailed reviews of the best ice fishing lures in 2018. From the countless hours of research that we put We put a lot of hours of research in our research in order to give you the best and I’m pretty sure that you won’t be disappointed.

1. BURNING SHARK Ice Fishing Lures 

Sougayilang Ice Fishing Lures with 3 Sharp Hooks Winter Lifelike Fishing Baits Ice Jigging Lures Kit for Bass WalleyeSougayilang Ice Fishing Lures with 3 Sharp Hooks Winter Lifelike Fishing Baits Ice Jigging Lures Kit for Bass Walleye

It’s the dream of every fisherman to get nothing but the best ice fishing lure, right? Well, what if I told you that you’d get to work with one of the lightest yet most versatile ice fishing lures? Though this may sound too good to be true, these fishing lures from burning shark might do the trick.

Do take a closer look:

High performance and longevity

Being one of the major aspects that sets apart the best from the worst, you'll be getting 4 fishing lures in the package all of which are made out of the lead. The solid construction of the lures deems them eligible for use even throughout the ice fishing season.

You can also be able to use these lures for both fresh water and salt water fishing

It’s got hooks on both the head and tail

In order to increase your odds in striking a catch and also give you the advantage during a struggle, each of the lures comes with a hook on both the head and the tail.

This way, once the fish bites down on it, it’s going to be really hard for it to escape no matter how hard it tries to swim away.

Weighs 20 grams and is 3.6 inches in length

If you want to catch those deep-water fish, then this is definitely what you should go for. This lure, being made out of lead weighs 20 grams hence will sink quite fast to the deep waters. Its 3.6-inch measurement is also quite small which makes it a viable option for use when targeting fish of different sizes.

Easy visibility

As already mentioned, you’ll be getting 4 lures and each of these comes in a different color. You’ll be able to use them regardless of what time it is in the ice fishing season.

They also do have a life like an appearance which leaves the odds in your favor- definitely the best ice fishing lures.

  • It’s got hooks on both the head and tail.
  • Comes in 4 different colors for more flexible usage.
  • Made of lead for improved performance and high longevity.
  • Always ensure that you watch your fingers with these double-hooked lures.

2. Goture Ice Fishing Jigs

Goture Ice Fishing Jigs with Treble Hook Single Hook for Walleye Winter Fishing Lures ice JiggingGoture Ice Fishing Jigs with Treble Hook Single Hook for Walleye Winter Fishing Lures ice Jigging

Looking for one of the most versatile fishing lures in the market for Walleye? Well, this is definitely what you should go for. As you’ll find out later on, you might need small-sized lures more than you think for ice fishing and these just so happen to be a perfect choice.

Durable and strong hook design

Being one of the determining factors of how good a fishing hook really is, the durability of the hook on these ice fishing jigs from Goture are made out of high-quality carbon steel. This, being sharp and durable means that once the fish bites down on it, it’ll be pretty hard for it to break free.

The fact that you have this means that it's going to last for quite a long time. The best part about it, however, is that it's not going to give in to either rusting or corrosion.

Durable lure construction

In addition to having a carbon steel hook, the rest of the lure is made out of a lead material. This will definitely be suitable for use in a lot of ice fishing seasons, right?

The lure also, besides being small (1.4 centimeters) in size does have a fast sinking capability that makes it eligible for use even for the deep-water fish in the mid-fishing season when the ice is thickest. You can count on this bad boy to strike the best panfish, crappie, and sunfish.

Reflective capability

One more thing that’s worth pointing out on these fishing lures is that they have got a diamond on the head for reflective capabilities.

With this, you can be able to use the lure early in the mornings or late in the evenings when the lighting is poor underwater just as efficiently as you would during the daytime when the sun is high up. Even better, you will conveniently be able to use it in murky waters.

  • It’s got a reflective diamond for easy visibility even in low lighting.
  • Sharp and durable carbon steel hooks for high longevity and durability.
  • Comes in a drop-water shape and made out of the lead for quicker sinking.
  • The jigs are difficult to keep straight while under water.

3. ZWMING Ice Fishing Jigs Kit 

ZWMING Ice Fishing Jigs Kit, Ice Fishing Lures ZWMING Ice Fishing Jigs Kit, Ice Fishing Lures

Well, as far as versatility is concerned, these jigs are going to be quite convenient as they come in 6 different shapes and they also do have different colors as well. Let's find out what more these jigs have in store for us, shall we?

A realistic and easily visible design

Included in the package are fishing jigs that come in 6 different shapes all of which amount to 25 pieces. They also do come in a plastic box for easier and safer storage.

The lifelike and swimming action of the lures is also quite commendable since it attracts fish easily and can conveniently be used for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. This is basically a target for crappies, trout, walleyes, bass, perch etc.

Sharp and durable hook construction

As far as the functionality is concerned, the hook is one of the sharpest you could get on a fishing lure. It is made of high-quality carbon steel that’s got a really solid build in order to help catch more fish.

The carbon steel construction is also quite durable since it’s neither going to give in to corrosion nor rusting whatsoever which makes it even more dependable to use in both salt and fresh waters. 

Lead material construction

To back up the role of the cross-bolt takedown system is a knob incorporated on the pommel and the handle. This ensures a seamless turn of the auger hence resulting in a continuous and consistent drilling motion

Blade protector included.

In addition to having a durable hook design, the rest of the lure is made out of lead hence they’ll sink into the water quite fast. I'd, however, recommend that you do some research on the fish species you're targeting some specific jigs work best in attracting a particular fish species.

But that’s not all…

Something else that you’ll definitely appreciate on this bad boy is the fact that some of the jigs have an illuminated design. With the capability of being able to glow in the dark, you’ll be able to fish most of the time and throughout the ice fishing season. besides just using it in early mornings and late in the evenings when the lighting is dim, you can also be able to use it conveniently even in murky waters.

  • Durable carbon steel hook for efficiency and longevity
  • Lifelike swimming action of the lure for higher chances of landing a catch.
  • A lead material body that's easily visible and realistic
  • Might take some time to know which lure to use for a given species and in specific water bodies

4. Premium Ice Fishing Lure Kit - Angler's World of Jigs

Angler's World of Jigs Premium Ice Fishing Lure Kit Ice Fishing LureAngler's World of Jigs Premium Ice Fishing Lure Kit Ice Fishing Lure

Now here’s something interesting- with these fishing jigs, you’ve got the option of selecting as many as 48 jigs but if you don’t need that many for your fishing expedition, you could just settle with the minimum packaging of 12 which, in my opinion, is still a lot of fishing jigs.

So, what makes these special? Let’s find out what makes these worthy of our list…

A variety of options

There's no better way to dominate this ice fishing season than with these fishing lures. One of the many things that captured my attention with these lures is that it comes in 8 different shapes.

These include the large, medium and small willow leaf, the large and small teardrop design, the L3 slim, the pouch bugs and the dots. Depending on the lure you choose to use, the hook size might vary and it's, therefore, best that you know which size works best with a given species of fish.

Each of the above-mentioned designs will prove really useful especially if you intend to capture different fish species in this ice fishing season

Unique design for the best performance

As far as the design is concerned, each lot has got lures that are hand painted with precise detail which makes these jigs really stand out.

It comes with 3 coatings- the primer coating, the base coating and the final coating that is chip resistant which allows it to withstand wear and tear if you choose to use it throughout the fishing season.

Durable build quality

Most importantly, the durability of this jig is one of the best. Each lot is heat cured for multiple days in a controlled environment which ensures the high-performance sealant adheres properly for superior durability and a long-lasting finish.

  • Comes in different varieties for utmost versatility.
  • Each lure is hand painted for high performance.
  • Chip-resistance for consistent performance and durability
  • It might take some time to know which lure works best with a particular species

5. Dr.Fish 60 Fishing Lures Kit 

Dr.Fish 60 Fishing Lures KitDr.Fish 60 Fishing Lures Kit

We’re already halfway on our reviews and we’re doing great so far. As you can already tell, this kit comes with 60 fishing lures and 5 tackle boxes. Even better, you’ll be getting a wide variety to choose from which is, even more, the reason for you to choose this lure.

Well, that being said, let’s take a closer look at these, shall we?

Premium build quality and design

In addition to being in large numbers, this fishing lure kit does not compromise on the build quality since the spinners are made of a stainless-steel shaft, there’s a plastic bead and polished metal blades.

Something else that I’m pretty sure you’ll appreciate is the detailed laser painting on the hard baits as well as the soft crafting from a tear-resistant suppler silicon with a flash foil inserted into it. each of the lures, including the swimbait, is pre-rigged with at least one razor-sharp treble hook.

Simple as they may seem in appearance, these fishing lures will surprise you when it comes to the fishing.

Suitable for catching a variety of fish

I’m quite sure you’ll appreciate the fact that this kit comes with an outstanding 60 lures. 40 of these are spinners, then there are 8 spoons, 6 soft lures, 5 crankbaits, and a single popper. The fishing spinners lot alone are outstanding for bass, perch, panfish, salmon etc. and I’d recommend that you do extensive research on the type of fish in your preferred fishing ground before you settle on the type of fishing lure to use.

Also, each of the lures comes with different configurations in shape, size and weight each of which, I believe will give you the easiest time out in the waters.

A highly reflective finish

Yet another worth pointing out on this lure is that it comes with a holographic finish that is highly reflective. This makes each lure ideal for use in early mornings and late in the evening. Also, if the water happens to be murky, these lures will just be as efficient for use.

Each lure also does have a lifelike swimming appearance to increase your odds of striking your catch.

  • Comes in a wide variety for the utmost versatility
  • Includes a holographic finish for high visibility
  • Premium build quality for performance and longevity
  • You need to be really keen on the sizing since some are smaller than stated.

6. Fishing lures ice Walleye For Winter Fishing Lures ice jigging 

PUSTOR Fishing Lures ice Walleye for Winter Fishing Lures ice JiggingPUSTOR Fishing Lures ice Walleye for Winter Fishing Lures ice Jigging

Moving on our reviews, we’ve got yet another outstanding set of fishing lures from Pustor. With this package, included in a package are 5 outstanding fishing jigs each of which measures 2.36 inches and weighs about 10.5 grams.

Realistic and vivid appearance

You’ll be getting 5 ice fishing jigs each of which has a different color. I’ve got to say, they all appear really realistic and the fact that they do have 3D stereoscopic eyes make them more attractive, realistic and vivid.

By proving to be an easy meal for fish, chances are that most fish will likely end up falling for the bait which in turn gives you a really good ice fishing experience. You’ll also be getting the brightly colored jugs for easy visibility in low light such as in early mornings, late in the evenings or when the water is murky.

Super sharp trebles

To add on to the realism of their appearance, these fishing lures have got super sharp trebles. This means that even with the slightest movement of the fishing line, these lures will move hence attracting any fish around.

The fact that they’re 2.36 inches in length allows fish to see them clearly under water; if you’re lucky, you could walk home with that game fish you’ve always dreamt of.

High-quality construction

Yet another commendable feature on this lure is that it is made out of high-quality ABS plastic. By having just the right amount of every raw material, the level of durability on these bad boys blows other fishing lures out of the water.

The body is also really flexible hence encouraging fish to chew down hard on it even more and taking into consideration the high-quality resolution on the body detail and life-like swimming actions, you’ll hardly go wrong with either of these fishing lures.

Strong hidden hooks

Included on each of these 5 hooks is a durable hook on both the head and the tail which makes it hard for the fish to break free once they bite down on it.

  • 3D stereoscopic eyes for an attractive, vivid and realistic look
  • Super sharp trebles for sure hookups
  • Made out of high-quality ABS plastic for safety and durability
  • These lures might be a little too large for some fish.

7. Krazywolf 25-45Piece Glow Ice Fishing Jig Kit 

Krazywolf 25-45Piece Glow in Dark Ice Fishing Jig KitKrazywolf 25-45Piece Glow in Dark Ice Fishing Jig Kit

The fact that that these fishing lures are available in quite a lot of colors already qualifies them for use by both entry-level and expert level fishermen, right?

But is there more to these than just this? Let’s find out, shall we?

Multiple assortments of jigs

One thing that this jig offers which you’ll hardly find in most jigs is that they do come in the 25, 35 or 45 jig packages. Now, what’s even more interesting is that in either of these configurations, you’ll be getting the ½ oz, 1/8 oz, and 1/5 oz jigs.

The fact that they come in different varieties makes these a viable option for beginners to be able to get enough jigs to experiment with and know what they really like.

Utmost versatility

In addition to the different sizes, the package includes glow in the dark ice jigs as well. This makes it possible to use the jigs late in the evening or in early mornings when the sun is just rising.

You’ll also find these quite reliable for use in murky or unclear waters. No matter how thick the ice is, there will be no limitation to using this jig whatsoever.

Lead construction

As far as the build quality is concerned, each of these lures is made of lead which is the recommended choice by experts when it comes to submerging lures under water.

In addition to having an outstanding sinking capability, lead is also quite durable and you could also use these for more ice fishing seasons to come.

  • They’ve got a really strong glow for easy visibility by the fish
  • Available in a lot of different colors for flexible usage.
  • Lead construction for ultimate durability
  • They’re really not that large in size and may be tinier than what you’d expect them to be.

8. A-SZCXTOP Ice Fishing Jig Lures

A-SZCXTOP Ice Fishing Jig LuresA-SZCXTOP Ice Fishing Jig Lures

Though the package contains 5 jig lures alone, these bad boys are up to the task no matter how much you throw their way. They promise to hold up quite well as far as their appearance and performance is concerned.

How about you take a closer look and find out whether these are the best ice fishing lures for you in this ice fishing season?

Single hooks on the head and tail

On both the front and the rear of this fishing lure is a single hook. By having a hook on either end of the lure makes it hard for the fish to escape once they bite down on it. When using the hook, you should be really careful since these are quite sharp

Each of the lures weighs 9 grams and is 6 centimeters long. This makes them easily visible at all times.

Comes with the #2 luminous function

Besides their fairly large size, the fact that they come with the #2 luminous function renders them easily visible even when the ice cover is really thick. This, backed up with their bright appearance allows them to reflect a lot of light.

You'll conveniently be able to use these two when the ice cover is really thick when the water is murky or in early mornings and late in the evenings. If you prefer deep ice water fishing, you’ll still find their luminous nature quite appealing

Realistic appearance for the best results

The body coating is really realistic and includes a vivid pattern of bright colors which contributes to its highly reflective nature.

In addition to this, the tail of the lure swings in the water and has a high vibrating function even with the slightest movement of the line or when water waves hit against it.

  • It’s got the #2 luminous function for easy visibility in low light
  • It’s got hooks on both the head and tail for better odds of striking your catch.
  • Lead body and carbon steel hooks for a high longevity.
  • Though efficient with live bait, the hooks are really sharp and could easily injure you

9. Dynamic Lures HD Ice Fishing Lure

Dynamic Lures HD Ice Fishing LureDynamic Lures HD Ice Fishing Lure

We’ve already taken a look at quite a lot of ice fishing lures each of which has proved to be better than the previous one but unfortunately, we’re almost done.

Coming up second last is a fishing lure that’s not going to let you down whatsoever provided you take your time in selecting the best one with regard to your ice fishing grounds. Let’s have a look at what it’s got in store for us, shall we? Now, how about we take a closer look at it and see what it packs under the hood?

Brightly colored for optimal performance

There’s more to an ice fishing lure than just having the sharpest hooks. In order to ensure that you have the best chances of landing a catch regardless of what time in the fishing season it is, this lure comes in 9 different colors.

Now here’s the thing…

In order to ensure that you don’t go wrong, you’ll need to consider which color is best for use in different times throughout the fishing season. What might prove useful at the beginning of the season, for instance, may not be as effective for use when the ice is thicker

Solid and durable construction

Other than just the colors, something else that makes this one of the best ice fishing lures is the fact that it’s got a really solid build.

It comes in a slender and low-profile design, which, for a vertical jig is quite ideal. This lure from Dynamic Lures is 2 inches in length and weighs 0.20 Oz. the material used in the construction is the industry standard coated ABS plastic which also just so happens to be eco-friendly.

The lure also consists of two ultra-sharp size #10 fishing hooks which will prove quite difficult for the fish to break free from once they bite down on the lure.

Ideal for deep water fishing

Being one of the few sinking lures in the market that you could actually count on; this bad boy comes is evenly weighted which allows it to jig and bounce even with the slightest movement.

You could say that every component of this fishing lure from the weight balancing to the sharp hooks function to make ice fishing a lot easier for you.

  • Consistent bright colors to attract fish even at great depths.
  • Solid, durable and safe ABS material construction
  • Ultra-sharp size #10 hooks for better chances of striking a catch
  • Just you pick the correct color for the best results

10. Rapala Jigging Rap 07 Fishing Lure

Rapala Jigging Rap 07 Fishing lureRapala Jigging Rap 07 Fishing lure

It’s now time we wrap up our best ice fishing lures reviews and by taking a look at one quite outstanding fishing lure from Rapala.

The build quality and design are just as good as it’s appearance. This combination of features basically makes its performance quite outstanding and worth counting on in the ice fishing season.

Here’s a closer look at what you should be expecting:

Comes in the minnow profile

The appearance of this lure mimics that of the minnow which makes it look really realistic. The jigging is also designed to swim in tantalizing circles when the line is either raised or lowered slightly in order to attract fish even better.

This deems it eligible for use in both open water fishing and ice fishing hence you could use it at the beginning and end of the ice fishing season equally as good as you will when the ice cover is thick.

Single reversed hooks

On both the head and the tail of this fishing lure, there is a single hook. Upon biting on the lure, it’s definitely going to be hard for the fish to break free which in turn gives you the upper hand in the struggle

Easily visible for the best results

Before we take a closer look at this, I’ve got to say that it is of utmost importance that you only get this fishing lure if you’re sure it will work perfectly in your targeted ice fishing grounds.

The only color available for this jig is the glow yellow perch which also glows for easy visibility. If used perfectly, you’ll definitely be getting a lot of fish with it

  • Brightly colored minnow profile for easy visibility.
  • Single reversed hooks on either end for better results
  • The jigging moves in circles with the movement of the line for the best results
  • You’re only limited to one color

The ultimate guide for the best ice fishing lures.

Now that you already have a list of the best, how about you back that knowledge up with the buying guide below. Here’s all the knowledge you’ll be needing in order to get the best ice fishing lure.

Why is it important to choose special lures for ice fishing?

Why not go for just the first fishing lure you get your hands on? Well, there are a lot of factors in play regarding the lure you choose to use for your ice fishing but it all sums up to the movement of the lure and visibility.

As much as a lot of fishing lures have been manufactured over the past years, there have been a lot of modifications to make them look more realistic. Regardless of how good a lure you get, it is always best that you manipulate it as much as possible to make it look more realistic and appealing to the fish since early in the ice fishing season, the fish are easily able to detect the lure movement.

However, not all lures are alike so here’s the deal…

I'd advise that you get different types of fishing lures and choose one that moves in a specific kind of way if you are attempting to catch a particular species of fish. Following below are the type so f fishing lures you’ll get in the current ice fishing lure market.

The vertical jigs

Vertical jigs are quite common among fishermen and these are normally positioned vertically in the water. The hook wye of the vertical jigs is normally at the top of the lure whereas the actual is at the bottom.

With this kind of lure, you should employ the lift-fall system as this is renowned to attract quite a few fish. If you choose to go with the standard version of this lure, you should go ahead and get some live bait to go along with it. alternatively, the best ice fishing lures of this kind are the rattle version since you can use these by themselves.

But there’s a limitation…

These fishing jigs won’t show on the sonar all the time if you’re using a fish finder or a hand-held fishing GPS which in some way is a limitation in ice fishing and you will have to move it quite often in order to see it on the sonar.

Airplane jigs

Another kind of fishing jig that you could go for is the airplane jig. The fins at the end of this jig in some way resemble airplane wings hence their name but in the latest versions of these jigs, you’ll not have the fins present.

Here’s why you should go for this jig…

This jig moves quite easily when the line is moved even a little bit. The movement is in a semi-circular motion which makes it quite tempting to the fish and chances are that they're going to fall for the trap much faster as compared to the vertical jigs

Swimming lures

Swimming lures, unlike the vertical lures, take the horizontal position when submerged in water and are also referred to as horizontal lures.

The reason as to why they are the lure of choice for most ice fishermen is that they got a really fast sink rate. As we know in ice fishing, most fish are found mostly in great depth which in turn makes this lure quite a viable option to work within deep waters.

This kind of lure, unlike the vertical lures, is also visible in the sonar quite well and you will hardly need to move it in order to detect it in the sonar.

Something else that captured my attention about this lure is that it also allows you to use the pounding technique which encourages the fish to bite and increases the odds of you landing your catch.

If you need something that will give you greater chances at striking a good game fish or panfish, I’d highly recommend that you settle with this one.


Even with the knowledge of the different types of lures, it is important that you know of the different lure colors present in the market and the lure color to best use in different times.

Here are some considerations you should always bear in mind when it comes to selecting the color of your lure.

Select your lure based on the level of aggressiveness of the fish

Another trick that I’ve picked up from my experience in ice fishing is that fish have got different levels of aggressiveness which in turn calls for the use of different types of lures.

The time of the year could, for instance, allow you to decide this better. If you do your fishing during the middle of the season, the fish will most probably be lazy. In such a case, you might want to stick to lures that have a more natural color and not too exaggerated. Fish, in this time of the year, tend to avoid anything foreign.

On the contrary, if the fish are more aggressive, it would be best if you went with flashy and brightly colored lures since these are going to attract them even more. In this case, I’d recommend that you go for a brightly colored airplane jig to engage the fish even more.

Always check for the level of water clarity

The trick here is making the lures look as visible as possible to the fish while at the same time not compromising their natural look which could do the exact opposite of what you intend the lure to do.

If you’ll be fishing in clear waters, primary colors that have got a natural look will work perfectly well. To be more specific, I’d recommend that you go for a jig that only comes with one color such as brown, white, olive, black or beige shades.

On the contrary, if the water is murky you’ll have the best time upon using lures that come in different colors or colors that have got some level of luminescence. Something that I’d recommend you to go for would be a metallic fish that will reflect some light even when the tiniest bit of light shines on it.

The same rule for fishing in murky waters also applies for fishing in darker times of the daysuch as in early morning right before the sun rises or later on in the evening during the sunset. You could also use this if there is a heavy cloud cover overhead.

The time of the year counts

Yet another criterion upon which you should select the color of your ice fishing lure is considering what time it is in the ice season.

The fact that it is the ice fishing season doesn’t permit you to be sloppy and use just any kind of lure. If you choose to fish either early or late in the season, then you'll really need to be concerned about the snowpack since it is most probably similar in both cases.

Going for primary colors would be the best thing to just as you would have when the water is clear. The reason for this is that the fish can see better through the waters and chances are that if you choose to go with more exaggerated colors, they might swim away rather than towards your lure.

On the contrary, if you arrive when the snowpack is dense or love to fish throughout the ice fishing season, I'd advise that you settle with the brighter or luminescent lures. The fish will be able to see more in the poor lighting conditions and in turn, respond better.

Always check for the depth

Whereas the surface water may seem clear, the same does not go for water that is deep below the surface and that being said. Whereas some colors may seem bright when close to the surface, they may dull after being submerged for only a few feet.

If you settle for the color red for instance, it may start to look gray after a few feet into the water. On the contrary, the best ice fishing lures would be the ones with a blue-green hue as these will also be visible when deep in the water.

However, just to be sure…

You could go for the lures that have got luminescent colors since these will be able to maintain their luminescent colors all the time.

How heavy should the jig be?

Now that you know the color that’s good enough for you to settle with when choosing a fishing lure, it’s a good idea to know how heavy the jig should be.

The early and late winter season

During this time of the year, it means that you’ll be going to fish in the shallow waters since the temperatures are still a little warm.

You should also go for the flutter jigs since the slow fluttering action of the jigs will seem like an easy meal for the smaller fish closer to the surface. To increase your odds of striking a catch, you could tip the jig with a live bait such as a few spikes or waxworms.

In the mid-winter season

In the peak of the winter season, the ice thickens and in order to keep warm, the fish will move in a little deeper which call for the use of a heavier bait that will sink in the deep waters easily.

The trick when using heavier bait is to settle for a bait that is smaller in size but heavier in weight since most fish won’t always want to go for the larger meals. If you go for a small-sized jig, I'd advise that you attach a live lure to it.

Is it always a good idea to use a bait?

Lures along can be really effective but only if you are really keen in selecting the lure. If you’re new in the ice fishing game, it might be really hard for you to get as much fish as you’d expect to the first time you’re out in the ice.

But what if I told you there's a workaround trick for this? Well, it's quite simple. Since the lures have hooks and getting live bait is quite easy, you could go ahead and add some worms to the lure. This basically gives the fish even more reason to chomp down on your lure which in turn leads to the hook firmly holding onto the fish.

Also, if your lure has a perfect jigging capability, the live bait will keep the lure in motion most of the time which attracts fish even more.

Ice fishing isn’t as complicated as most people assume it to be. As a matter of fact, if you get things right, it might be the best fishing season for you all year.

Final verdict

So,there you have it. We’re done with our reviews and I think that choosing an ice fishing lure is now much easier. Just as it is the case with any other fishing equipment, the trick lies in paying attention to detail.

For ice fishing lures, it is of utmost importance that you don’t take your chances and only go for the best that you can buy. The last thing you’d want is to scare the fish away, right? So, take your time and know what really does suit you best and then go ahead order the lure.


Always store them up properly after use to avoid losing them and to keep them in perfectly good shape as well. You might end up using them for future ice fishing seasons.

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