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The need to give anglers utmost comfort while ice fishing has grown over the past few years and this being the case, there are a lot of ice fishing chairs in the market today. But then, how do you get the most comfortable and the most durable? Well, it’s the reason why you’re on these reviews- to get the best ice fishing chairs, right?

So, here's a simple truth…

As much as there are a lot of options you could choose from, not all these are actually viable options bound to give you the best experience on your ice fishing expedition. Since ice fishing is all about patience, you’ll exercise this even much better on a comfortable seat and definitely not one form a garage sale.

With these reviews and a detailed buyer’s guide, you’ll be getting the biggest kick for your buck as far as ice fishing chairs are concerned.

Update on 8 August 2019

You don't necessarily need to read all the way to the end in order to get what you came here for. We've put together to comparison chart below to help you make your selection much faster. Do take a quick look

How we put together our top 10 reviews

We’re all about your utmost satisfaction and that being so, we went to extensive lengths in order to ensure that you’ll only be getting the best of the best in 2018’s ice fishing chair market.

In addition to our years of experience in ice fishing, we went an extra mile to reach out to some of the best brands in the manufacture of ice fishing seats to get credible details about the best ice fishing seats. In addition to this, we did reach out to critics and most importantly first-hand users to know how the different seats performed in the field.

This enabled us to set apart these 10 from the rest in the market.

Top 10 reviews of the best ice fishing chairs

Best ice fishing chair

Best ice fishing chair

What we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. These won’t be a problem to move around, they’re comfortable and some of them have a lot more to offer than just the comfort of an ice fishing seat.

Outdoor Sports Camping Low-Rise Fishing Chair with Fishing Rod Holder and Attached Insulated CoolerOutdoor Sports Camping Low-Rise Fishing Chair with Fishing Rod Holder and Attached Insulated Cooler

Starting off our reviews on the high-end ice fishing chairs, we’ve got this outstanding 34.5”H x 18.5” W x 15.5” Dchair that is just as comfortable as it is long lasting out in the ice.

Aluminum frame construction

Starting with one of the most important features on an ice fishing chair, this one boasts an aluminum frame. This should be strong enough to support your weight and most importantly, when used out in the ice, the aluminum won’t give in to corrosion or rusting whatsoever.

Also, being aluminum means that this is going to be really light as far as transportation is concerned. Speaking of transportation, let’s have a look at how well it holds up.

Built-in shoulder straps for easy movement

Included in the design are built-in shoulder straps. These basically make the seat easy to carry and more so save on storage space especially if you'll be hauling a sled by hand.

The shoulder straps are comfortable too and you won’t have to worry about any fatigue.

Elegant wooden armrests

Besides the reclining backrest, there are wooden armrests on either side of this chair each if which keeps you really comfortable as you wait to strike our catch.

But that’s not all…

There's a cup holder on the right armrest as well as a fish-rod holder included. In addition to these two, there's also an insulated cooler on the back.

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • It's got built-in shoulder straps for easy carrying
  • It's got armrests on either side to keep you comfortable
  • You can’t use the cup holder and the rod holder simultaneously
Eskimo Quad Ice ChairEskimo Quad Ice Chair

With this ice fishing chair being from one of the best brands in the manufacture of ice fishing equipment, the Eskimo Quad Ice Chair 30619 is one of the strongest and most comfortable chairs you could have with you this ice fishing season.

Here’s every reason you should get this bad boy…

Breathable mesh back-rest

As far as ice fishing chairs are concerned, it's mainly all about how comfortable an angler is, right? In order to see to it that this is observed, the backrest spots a breathable mesh which increases the ventilation. This allows you to stay out in the ice as long as you want to.

Mesh side pocket for storage

On the left side of the chair is a mesh pocket that’s attached to the seat fabric. In this, you can have some accessories such as your keys, mobile phone as well as some fishing gear such as lures.

22mm strong and durable frame

The frame, being a 22mm tubular design has got extra strength for support. In addition to this, it is also wide and comfortable. On either side of the chair is an armrest which adds on to the comfort while out in the ice.

Easily foldable for transportation

You could say that this is pretty much an all-around ice fishing chair since despite boasting the above features, it is also foldable which makes transportation easy.

Also, the chair has got a weight rating of 300lbs and could pretty much be used by anyone without giving in to the weight.

  • Foldable for easy transportation
  • Breathable mesh backrest for ventilation
  • A strong 2mm tubular frame with added support
  • You might need to add some padding for added comfort.
Wise Outdoors Super Sport Hunting Seat with Insulated CoolerWise Outdoors Super Sport Hunting Seat with Insulated Cooler

Yet another one on our list of the high-end ice fishing chairs is one of the best from Wise that boasts an insulated cooler at the bottom as well as a premium construction.

Here’s a closer look at what you’ll be getting…

An adjustable shoulder carry strap system

With mobility being a huge area of concerned when out ice fishing, this cooler has got adjustable shoulder carry straps which make it easier for you to move around from one spot to the other.

The seat is also foldable and the fact that you can have it reduced down to a compact size saves on storage space allowing you to carry even more gear out in the ice.

A heavy-duty plastic bucket

This chair also includes a heavy duty 10-gallon capacity bucket which is rated to hold over 360 pounds. You'll be having this at the bottom of the seat in which you can store our beverages and foodstuffs.

As a plus, this seat could also be used in other activities besides just ice fishing and is guaranteed to be just as convenient.

Premium foam padding & tough polyester fabric

For the design and build quality, the seat has a marine swivel design and is made of a tough polyester camo fabric. There is also a 1” foam padding that keeps you really comfortable.

  • Adjustable shoulder strap carry system
  • Premium foam padding and a polyester fabric construction.
  • Removable insulated cooler at the bottom
  • The seat is attached with screws that may need fastening from time to time

4. GCI Outdoor Quick-E-Seat Folding Tripod Field Chair

GCI Outdoor Quick-E-Seat Folding Tripod Field Chair with BackrestGCI Outdoor Quick-E-Seat Folding Tripod Field Chair with Backrest

Looking for an all-around ice fishing chair that's got every component designed with utmost precision? This is definitely it. Being one of the few tripod chairs in the market worth every penny, this chair will be giving you the best ice fishing expedition.

A padded seat and extra wide padded backrest

With comfort being a priority when ice fishing, this tripod chair includes a backrest as well as seat both of which are well padded for long hours of comfort out in the ice.

Features a foldable design with integrated shoulder strap

Setting up the chair is quite simple and straightforward. The design is easily collapsible to 4.7 x 5.5 x 26.8 inches for easy transportation anywhere and there’s also a shoulder strap included which makes it easy to carry as it weighs only 4.4 pounds

It’s got a sturdy powder-coated steel frame

When it comes to durability, the chair boasts to have one of the sturdiest frames you could get on a tripod chair- a powder-coated steel frame. This is quite durable and without a doubt will take you through future ice fishing seasons. Still, at the frame, it is able to support as much as 250 pounds and this makes it an ideal choice for most anglers.

But that’s not all you get

On the right side of the seat is an easy to reach beverage holder to keep you hydrated at all times and 

  • Easily foldable design
  • Features a sturdy powder-coated steel frame
  • Extra wide padded backrest and padded seat for ultimate comfort
  • The legs lie within the base of the chair and might topple over easily

5. Domary Outdoor Folding Camping Chairs Portable

Domary Outdoor Folding Camping Chairs Portable Moon Leisure Chair Beach ChairsDomary Outdoor Folding Camping Chairs Portable Moon Leisure Chair Beach Chairs

With this ice fishing chair, you'll be getting more than just comfort. It boasts one of the most durable build qualities you could get on a decent ice fishing chair and much more.

Portable design

Being one of the most sought-after features on ice fishing chairs by ice anglers, this chair is amazingly portable. You can easily fold it up to 52 x 13cm and store it away in an included compact stuff sack. The chair weighs only 3.6 lbs. which shouldn’t be a problem at all to move around with.

A rust-resistant aircraft grade frame

When it comes to durability, this chair boasts one of the best frames you could get on an ice fishing chair. This is an aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum alloy frame that is rust resistant as well. The fact that it is aluminum also makes it ultra-light hence easy to move around with

In addition to this, the fabric used is a 1000D Oxford fabric which is also breathable

Headrest and reclining design for comfort

As far as the comfort is concernedit does come in a reclining design which just makes it ideal for ice fishing. In addition to this, there is also an included headrest pillow for more comfort

Easy setup and cleaning

Setting it up should be in a matter of minutes and the same goes for folding it up. Just in case you may need to clean it up, the mesh fabric is machine washable.

  • A 1000D oxford fabric for durability
  • Machine washable mesh fabric for utmost convenience
  • It’s got an included headrest for added comfort
  • You might need to reinforce some of the crimps to add to the stability

6. ALPS Mountaineering Grand Rapids Chair/Stool

ALPS Mountaineering Grand Rapids ChairALPS Mountaineering Grand Rapids Chair

Don’t let the simple design of this ice fishing chair fool you. It’s got one of the most durable build qualities and a decent level of comfort. It’s also easy to store and pack away making it an ideal ice fishing chair to have outdoors.

A powder-coated steel frame

With the frame being one of the most important components on an ice fishing chair. The one you’ll be getting on this bad boy, in addition to being stainless steel is also powdered which gives it ultimate strength for long-term usability

Features a comfortable seat and backrest

For the comfort, the seat is extra wide and in addition to this, the backrest is angled which means zero fatigue each time you’re out using this chair.

The fabric, being a TechNet fabric will give you not only a comfortable but also a breathable sitting experience.

Comes in a compact and foldable design

In addition to comfort and durability, this seat is foldable as well to quite a compact size and there is also a shoulder carry bag included to make carrying it easy

  • Features a TechNet breathable fabric
  • The frame is durable and powder-coated steel for longevity
  • It’s got a foldable design and includes a carry bag for easy portability
  • Being a 3-legged design, you’re only restricted to one seating position

7. Moon Lence Outdoor Ultralight Portable Folding Chairs

MOON LENCE Outdoor Ultralight Portable Folding ChairsMOON LENCE Outdoor Ultralight Portable Folding Chairs

Boasting to have one the most unique designs as far as ice fishing chairs are concerned, this chair also does have a durable construction too. Even more interesting, you could use it for more than just ice fishing.

Take a closer look at what it packs under the hood.

600D Oxford material construction

If you’re looking for something that’s meant to take a beating, then this one’s definitely it. With the 600D Oxford cloth, its durability outdoes that of most ice fishing chairs in its class.

Besides just the durable fabric, it also does have a high-strength aluminum alloy frame that is lightweight and corrosion resistant. With the Oxford Fabric and aluminum frame working hand in hand, the seat can hold up to 242 pounds.

Portable design

Compact enough for you to put in your backpack, this ice fishing chair is even much better than one that comes with shoulder carrying straps. It does have holders at the bottom and this all together with the mesh can be folded up to small pieces for easy transportation

Superior comfort

The seat has got a unique reclining design which is meant to give you utmost comfort for most outdoor activities and with it being able to support quite a lot of weight, it is definitely viable for use by most anglers.

A waterproof and breathable mesh fabric

For durability, the fabric is waterproof which is, even more, the reason for you to put your money on this one. Besides being waterproof, it's also breathable and with the two of these working together, you'll be having an unrestricted seating experience.

  • Both the seat and carry bag are collapsible for easy storage
  • Waterproof and a breathable fabric mesh.
  • 600D oxford cloth with high-strength aluminum alloy
  • It can easily be blown over by wind when left unattended.

8. PORTAL Extra Large Quick Folding Tripod Stool

PORTAL Extra Large Quick Folding Tripod Stool with Backrest Fishing Camping Chair PORTAL Extra Large Quick Folding Tripod Stool with Backrest Fishing Camping Chair

Simplicity and elegance all in one. Even though it’s just a Tripod Stool, this ice fishing chair will surely outdo most ice chairs that’ve got fancy designs. The fabric is durable enough to take you through the ice fishing season and the frame strong enough for the average-sized angler. Take a closer look, it might just be what you’ve been missing out on.

A rugged weather-resistant poly/fabric

I’m pretty sure that you’ll agree that this is one of the most critical factors when we talk of durability in ice fishing chairs, right? This being so, this tripod chair has been constructed from a rugged and weather-resistant fabric which increases its longevity. Regardless of how rough the weather is, this chair is guaranteed to push through

A foldable design

In addition to having a rugged and durable build quality, the tripod is foldable as well. Just in case you need to move it, you could fold it up to 33” x 4” x 4” and carry it with the shoulder strap it comes with as it only weighs 4.5 lbs.

Speaking of the weight, it can support up to 225 lbs.

Includes side pocket and a beverage holder

To make it even more user-friendly, there is a side pocket with an organization as well as a beverage holder- definitely has the angler's interest in mind.

  • A foldable and easily portable design
  • Rugged weather resistant construction
  • Includes a comfortable extra-large seat and back support
  • You just need to be careful while seating on it as it may tip easier than a 4-legged chair

9. Earth Products Take It Anywhere Compact Outdoor Fishing Chair

Earth Products Take It Anywhere Compact Outdoor Fishing ChairEarth Products Take It Anywhere Compact Outdoor Fishing Chair

From its name alone, you can definitely tell that this is a chair you can count on to use outdoors and for more than just fishing. How about we take a closer look and find out what it’s got?

Includes a built-in storage compartment

At the base of this chair is a storage compartment which should be large enough to hold some beverages and foodstuffs for your ice fishing trip which saves you the trouble of having to carry along with you other storage gear.

A high back padded backrest

In order to give you an uninterrupted time out in the ice, the chair features a padded backrest that is also high enough to give you enough back support. This deems it eligible to use for long hours out in the ice.

Foldable design for easy storage

As much as it’s large enough to allow you to seat with ease, the design is also foldable. With this feature available and the addition of a shoulder strap to carry it while folded up, moving from one fishing spot to another won’t be a problem at all

Features an extra-strong design

The frame on this bad boy is 19mm steel. Besides just offering enough comfort, the steel frame is also corrosion resistant for longevity.

  • A high padded backrest for comfort
  • It’s foldable and includes a shoulder strap to carry it
  • Features a 29mm steel frame with 300lb. weight capacity
  • You might feel the seat support bars pressing against your legs hence the need to shift your weight.

10.Eskimo Folding Ice Chair (Standard or XL)

Eskimo Folding Ice ChairsEskimo Folding Ice Chairs

We’ve already taken a look at one ice fishing chair from Eskimo and whereas that one was a quad version, this one is actually a tripod which means less weight and taking up less space.

Quality fabric construction

You can get the chair in either one of the two variants it comes in and in either case, the fabric is built to hold up quite well out in the snow. With the material being a durable 600D polyester, the chair is guaranteed to take in a lot of weight without giving in.

In addition to this, there is a pocket at the right-hand side of the chair in which you could keep some essentials such as your mobile phone or keys.

Foldable design

The chair also does come in a foldable design which makes it easy for you to move it around from one spot to the other. In addition to this, it does save on storage space as well.

The chair does come with a carry case made of 300D polyester right out of the box in which you can place the folded-up chair for even more convenience.

Available in two different sizes

The availability in two different sizes of a budget ice fishing chair is a really huge advantage to ice fishing anglers. With the standard size measuring 16.5" in seat height and 30” overall height, the XL size is much larger than this for utmost comfort.

  • Includes a 300D carry case for portability
  • Made from a durable 600D polyester fabric.
  • Durable 19mm steel frame construction
  • You might want to add some extra padding for comfort

Best ice fishing chair buyer’s guide- get comfortable

As promised, here’s a buying guide that’ll come in handy especially if you’re just getting started on ice fishing. With everything you need to know about ice fishing right at your fingertips, you’ll definitely be having the best experience.

Comfort- what defines a good enough ice fishing chair?

I'm sure that the major reason you're possibly looking at these reviews is that you desire to have the best comfort level while ice fishing, right? Well, you're not wrong, this is, indeed the most important feature on an ice fishing chair and a must have for any ideal ice fishing chair.

The measurements of the chair you choose to buy should allow you to know whether or not it is good enough for your size but in general, here are the major aspects you should pay attention to:

  • The backrest should be tall. This way, you won’t have to strain whatsoever in order to stay in an upright position. In addition to this, you should also pay attention to the amount of padding it’s got. With the right amount of padding, you’ll barely feel the amount of fatigue that comes along with sitting out in the ice for long.
  • Recline positions- in addition to having an ideal backrest, the best ice fishing chairs will have different reclining positions. With different reclining positions, you’ll be able to have the comfort set to just the way you want it when upright and while taking a nap as well.

The weight and size

Whether you’re using your chair in an ice fishing shelter or out in the open, the weight and the size definitely has a huge role to play.

In either case, a light and portable chair should work perfectly well. This way, when the need to move the chair from one spot to another arises, it’s not going to be much trouble. Most preferably, a chair with a foldable design should work perfectly well since it’s going to be less trouble to move around with.

The frame material

The frame on an ice fishing chair is basically what holds all the other components together, right? That being said, it is of utmost importance that this is as durable as possible.

The best frames are normally corrosion resistant. Such materials are also rot proof which gets wooden frames out of the picture. Lightweight metallic frames such as aluminum and hollow stainless steel are affordable and at the same time durable.

Yet another thing you might want to look into on the frame is the nature of the hinges. These should close and open without any struggle.

Resistance to weather elements

The durable frame should be complemented with equally as durable material construction and in this case, you should give waterproofing the top priority since you’re going to be out in the ice.

Here’s why…

Once the fabric on your ice fishing chair gets wet, it will feel really uncomfortable. Even worse, the accumulated moisture in the fabric may freeze which then defeats the purpose of having the chair for ice fishing in the first place 

Additional features and modifications

Some ice fishing chairs normally include additional modifications which are intended to give the angler a better ice fishing experience.

Underneath some chairs are storage units that are in form of either a backpack or a bucket and this normally has got the same surface area as the chair hence you get additional storage space while enjoying comfort at the same time.

Some chairs also do have thermal insulation which functions to act as ice packs for the summer which also acts both ways if you want to keep something a little warmer. You could also get some that can be converted to backpacks and these have padded and adjustable shoulder straps for comfort.

Conclusion- here’s how we sum it all up

I’m pretty sure that with the reviews above at your disposal and a buying guide to back them up, choosing the best ice fishing chairs will be a smoother experience.

If you’d like something simple or prefer a design that has got additional accessories, we have it all. You just need to set your priorities straight and that’s pretty much it- know exactly what you need and you’ll get the perfect ice fishing chair.

As much as you may have the best with you, it should always be a priority that you observe extreme care and maintenance to ensure it takes you throughout the whole ice fishing season.

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