Best Hand ice Auger for ice fishing 2020

A viable option for least maintenance and still guaranteed to get the job done is a hand-held auger. Handheld augers have got very little maintenance and the odds of these getting damaged as you're doing the drilling are pretty slim.

As compared to its other two alternatives, this type of ice auger has been around for a much longer time and even though it is the cheapest option out there, it demands the most effort to operate.

I’d recommend that you use the hand ice augers only on thin ice since the thicker and harder the ice, the more the drilling process is going to consume your physical strength. Also, the hand ice augers are not really the best option for you if you want to drill a lot of holes.

So, here’s the deal…

If the workload is small, then you should definitely go for the hand ice augers, if otherwise, you should definitely step up your game to either the electric or the gas-powered auger.


Eskimo Hand Auger

Starting us off on our review, we have one of the best hand ice augers from one of the most reputed brands in giving us ice fishing products. Let’s see what makes the Eskimo HD07 a viable enough option for you to rely on every day.

Adjustable length

This is definitely one of the most convenient features you could get from any hand-held ice auger, right? With the ability to alter the length to anywhere between 49 and 58 inches, the versatility of this auger isn’t really limited now, is it?

Cross-bolt takedown system

As for the take down system, Eskimo included the cross bold design which prevents the over tightening of the auger each time you turn it.

This, as it turns out is one of the most reliable features you could get on a hand-held ice auger since it allows you to do the work much faster. If you’re looking for something light that’s going to get the job done fast, you should definitely give this bad boy a try.

Includes a knob for the pommel and handle

To back up the role of the cross-bolt take down system is a knob incorporated on the pommel and the handle. This ensures a seamless turn of the auger hence resulting in a continuous and consistent drilling motion

Blade protector included.

The blade you’ll be getting on the Eskimo HD07 is 7 inches in diameter. This is suitable for drilling a fairly large hole that creates enough space to let even the big game though.

Considering ice auger blades are quite sharp, this one comes along with a blade protector which makes it possible for you to pack it together with your other gear without risking damaging other equipment.

  • It’s got an adjustable length which allows it to drill deeper with ease.
  • There’s a cross bolt takedown system which prevents overtightening as you drill
  • Comes along with a blade protector hence makes it possible to pack it with your other gear.
  • It’s not the best option for drilling a lot of holes since it may tire you out.


Strikemaster Ice Fishing Mora Hand Auger

Strikemaster Ice Fishing Mora Hand Auger

It’s easy to use and at the same time guaranteed to get the job done. If you’re trying out ice fishing for the first time, I’d really recommend that you give this ice auger a closer look, it’s not going to let you down whatsoever.

A closer look:

Soft rubber grips

The design of this auger is meant to give you the easiest time possible. With the rubber grips being soft, you won’t have to worry about any callouses regardless of how much drilling you do. This is present in both handles in order to give you utmost comfort and drill control as you use it.

The handle system boasts an ergonomic design which is more the reason you should give this auger a try. You could adjust the handle from 48 inches to 57 inches which makes this auger usable for both the tall and short anglers.

High alloy carbon steel blades

As for the blades, you’ll be getting high alloy carbon steel blades. These are one of the strongest and most durable blades you could get on an ice auger. You could say that it’s going to cut through the ice like a hot knife through butter.

Depending on the kind of fish species you’re targeting, you can choose a blade size ranging anywhere between 6 inches and 8 inches in diameter. From my personal experience as an ice angler, I’d recommend that you go for the larger diameter any day.

Powdered coat paint for convenience

The surface of the blade has got a powder coated paint which reduces the build-up of ice that could slow down the drilling process as you use the auger.

  • Soft rubber grips for easy and a better-controlled drilling process
  • Adjustable ergonomic handle system to fit different drilling applications
  • The blade has a powder coated paint to minimize on the buildup of ice.
  • It’s not really the best option to use on very thick ice.


Strike Master Ice Augers Lazer Hand Auger

Strike Master Ice Augers Lazer Hand Auger

Yet another one from Strike Master is the Strike Master Ice Augers Lazer Hand Auger. As the name suggests, this ice auger is really promising as far as delivering an above-average performance is concerned.

Let’s find out what it packs under the hood, shall we?

Soft rubberized grips

On top of the handle is a soft rubber grip which gives you a really firm handling of the ice auger. The handle system also boasts an ergonomic design, unlike anything that you'll get on most hand-held ice augers.

Speaking of the handle, let’s have a look next at another amazing feature you’ll be enjoying on this ice auger.

An adjustable handle height

The handle height can be adjusted anywhere between 48 inches and 57 inches. Something that you’ll find quite convenient and also which makes this auger quite versatile as it can be used by people of different heights. You can also adjust the handle to accommodate different ice thicknesses as well as angler heights.

Chrome-alloy stainless steel blades

The blades are chrome-alloy stainless steel blades which are bound to cut through the ice quite fast hence blowing most of the augers in its class out of the water.

A powdered coated drill

As for the blades, they’re pretty amazing considering they have got a powder paint which in turn minimizes the building up of ice on them as you do the drilling.

At the end of the day, the auger ends up performing just as it is intended to and at the same time saves you from a lot of fatigue.

There’s more…the blades come in different sizes and depending on the size of fish you’re targeting, you can select any size between 4 and 8 inches- there’s definitely enough for everyone.

  • An adjustable height of between 48 and 57 inches for utmost convenience.
  • The drill is powder coated to reduce ice buildup.
  • It’s got an ergonomic handle with a soft rubber grip for utmost convenience.
  • The knob on the auger is a little weak and you should be careful not to break it


Strikemaster Mora Blade Hand Auger

Strikemaster Mora Blade Hand Auger

The last hand auger we’ll be taking a look at is one more from Strike Master. In addition to just having ravishingly good looks, its performance is also outstanding as expected from what we’ve already seen from this brand.

Here is what it packs under the hood…

Soft rubber grips

Then handle, being one of the most important parts of a hand auger should always be in the best possible condition. With this being taken into consideration, the handle on this one has got a soft rubber grip.

This allows you to hold the auger firmly and in position as you do the drilling without having to worry about any calluses forming on your palms.

The handle also has an ergonomic design that’ll be amazingly easy to use

An adjustable handle

For the sake of versatility, the handle height is adjustable. You can alter the height to be from anywhere between 48 inches and 57 inches. This is within the height range of most anglers and I’m sure you’ll find it quite convenient.

The adjustable handle height also deems this auger eligible for use on the ice of different thicknesses

High alloy carbon steel blades

For durability and performance, the blades you’ll be getting on this auger are high alloy carbon steel blades. These’ll cut through the ice fast and steadily.

They’re 6 inches in diameter which is the average length you’ll get on most ice fishing augers. The blades also do have a powdered coating on them which prevents the build-up of ice as you drill through.

This reduces the friction you could’ve experienced if it were just the normal painting present on the blades hence giving you a smoother and less tiring experience especially when you want to drill multiple holes.

About the brand

As far as quality is concerned, each model in the StrikeMaster electric or gas-powered augers will be giving you a consistent torque and speed in ice cutting tech. To add onto the performance, you’ll get an unrivaled level of durability which can all be credited to the amount of detail and prowess incorporated in every step of the design process.

  • The blades are made of high alloy carbon for performance and durability.
  • An adjustable height for comfortable usage
  • Powdered coated paint to reduce the build-up of ice
  • It may not cut as fast as expected but on the bright side, it’s easy on your arms.


Eskimo Silvertip Curved Blade Hand Auger

Yet another one from the Eskimo brand is the Eskimo Silvertip Curved Blade Hand Auger. As we’ve already seen, the Eskimo augers are designed with at the best interest of the ice anglers and though simple in appearance, this auger will definitely be giving you a time unlike any other.

Do take a closer look:

An adjustable height

Starting with one of the features you’ll find quite handy on this auger, the height is adjustable. You could alter it to anywhere between 49 and 58 inches.

This, as it turns out is just what you need to drill through the ice of different thickness or to use the auger conveniently and comfortably if you're shorter or taller than average in height

It’s got the blade protector included

Due to the fact that you could do possibly damage the trunk of your car or other equipment around the auger when you place it with the blades exposed, there’s a blade cover included on this one.

When not in use, you could also have the blade covered in order to increase the longevity of the blades. One more thing you should know is that there’s an alternative to choose between either the 6-inch or the 8-inch blades; I’d recommend you do this with regard to the species of fish you’re targeting.

Pommel style handgrip design

The hand grip does have a pommel style design which gives you a really firm grip each time you use it. This is quite useful while pressing down on the iceas it makes the drilling process much faster.

There’s more…

This being a silver tip auger should be much more reliable to use which is not the case for augers with ordinary tips.

Easy take down

The auger boasts a 2-part design that makes disassembly and storage quite simple and this is made possible by the cross-bolt fastener system which also prevents you from overtightening it.

  • The height is adjustable for comfortable usage on the thicker ice and at different heights
  • There’s a blade protector included to increase the longevity of the auger
  • It's got a 2-piece takedown design for easy storage.
  • Then blades are not meant to be used on thick ice for long since they may shear off.

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