Best Goose call – only the top-rated Reviews

Whether you are a goose hunter or a goose farmer, I’d recommend this section to anyone who is a dedicated goose enthusiast. Whatever your reason is for being interested in geese, the likelihood that you are spending way more than you have to so as to achieve your goal is high.

Like most animals, the main form of communication between geese is via sound and as it turns out, with the best goose call, you can bring the geese to you. Now, this, as compared to waiting out for hours during a hunt or wading in the cold water is much preferable, right?

Now, here’s the thing…

Not just any goose call would pass as the best. Geese have lots of communication sounds which is something that is highly underrated by most goose call manufacturers. Considering the geese can use as much as 20 basic notes when it comes to communicating, you’ll want to have a goose call that mimics this as much as possible which is where we come in.

By reviewing the best calls you could get for the money in 2019 then coupling this up with a buying guide that’s going to help you get started.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead and get started with the reviews, shall we?

It would be great if you could get to the best of the best as soon as possible, wouldn’t it? Well, the comparison chart below will most likely help you get exactly what you are looking for.

The 10 best goose calls in the market- 2019’s best.

Here’s what we came for. By the time we’re done, you’ll have the best priced, most durable and most functional goose calls in the market just a click away. Let’s get started.

"Best short reed goose calls"

The shorter the reed, the better the amount of control you’ll have when using a call and with either of these calls, you sure are going to have one of the easiest and fastest mastery processes of a goose call. Here’s what we got:

1. Primos Hunting 866 Goose Call

Primos Hunting 866 Goose Call, Honky TonkPrimos Hunting 866 Goose Call, Honky Tonk

Looking for a short reed call that’s going to get you some of the most accurate sounds of the Canada geese? This is definitely it. Simple a design as it may have, the Primos Hunting 866 packs a lot more under the hood and here’s why you should pick it out

It got a design that’s easy to assemble

As good a sound quality a goose call may have, the design has to be equally as good for it to be depended upon when it comes to using it in the field.

More often than not, you may need to take it all apart either to make some adjustments or just to have it cleaned up and there’s no way you could do this if the design is too complex.

With this bad boy from Primos, however, there’s a patented reed system which allows you to take the call apart when need be and you can then put it all together again with utmost ease and have the sound be as oud and accurate as it was before.

Features patented ditches

In addition to being easy to disassemble and put back together again, yet another feature that makes this one of the best goose calls is that it has got patented ditches on it.

As you blow through your reed or from using it outside, it might get sticky on the inside due to theaccumulation of spit or moisture over time. It can also be quite a hassle having to take everything part each time you’d want to clean it up.

With the patented ditches located on the sounding board, you won’t have to go through the trouble of taking everything apart, clean it up then put it all together again since it keeps the sounding board from getting all sticky.

Easy to master and use

Being yet another feature that makes this bad boy worth every penny is the ease of use. Considering it is a short reed goose call, you’ll find it quite easy to blow and will master it after quite a short while. It also allows you to achieve the desired calls with the least amount of back pressure

  • Features an easy assembly and disassembly
  • Has got patented ditches at the soundboard to reduce sticking
  • Enables one to make calls with the least amount of back pressure
  • It’s hard to make a low-high honk

2. Primos Final Approach Shock Caller Goose Call

Primos Final Approach Shock Caller Goose CallPrimos Final Approach Shock Caller Goose Call

Boasting to be from one of the most reputed brands in the market while at the same time bearing quite an attractive look, this goose call is bound to get the job done just right. Here’s a closer look at what it’s got in store for us.

Features an easy to blow design

The easier it is to blow a goose call, the better off it is to use when it comes to goose hunting. In the case of the Shock Caller Goose call, you’ll be getting a short reed design. With this, it will be much easier to produce sounds of different ranges.

You could also easily vary the amount of air that you blow through the mouthpieceand you should do some practice on the different calls before going out in the field and using this.

Has got patented ditches on the surrounding board

As it turns out, the accumulation of moisture within a goose call is inevitable either from spit or water and it can be quite inconveniencing as well.

Well, rather than having to take the whole thing apart to clean it up or cutting short your hunting due to a sticky goose call, this one has got patented ridges on the sounding board and they prevent the board from sticking due to moisture accumulation.

At the end of the day, you’ll have both consistent and accurate calls

Minimal back pressure

Yet another feature that makes this an easy enough goose call to use is the fact that it’s got the least amount of back pressure that could be achieved on this design. With this feature, you’ll be using less effort to get more air into the chamber and as a result, it will be much easier to control.

That’s not all…

This goose call is also tested for the toughest situations and to add on to the durability, it features a machined aluminum collar. This, combined with the features mentioned above makes it the best goose call for professionals, recreational users, and even casual users.

  • It’s got an easy to blow design
  • Has got patented ditches that keep the sounding board from sticking
  • Has got minimal back pressure
  • Volume control for quiet clucks is hard to achieve.

 ''Best flute goose calls''

In addition to giving out quite a high pitch, flute calls are also easy to use even for a first-time user. The barrel is longer hence allowing for different sound variations which makes it quite a reliable option. Let’s have a look at two of the best in 2019

3. Flambeau Outdoors BR189 Long Honker Goose Flute-SGB Camo

Flambeau Outdoors BR189 Long Honker Goose Flute-SGB CamoFlambeau Outdoors BR189 Long Honker Goose Flute-SGB Camo

Boasting to have a ravishing Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades finish, the Flambeau Outdoors BR189 is designed to give you a high level of accuracy while at the same time being amazingly easy to use. Here’s every reason you should check it out.

Has got O-ring seals

There's nothing as frustrating as using a faulty goose call since, in addition to compromising your accuracy on the sound variations, the range as well will be compromised. In order to ensure this does not happen on the Flambeau Outdoors BR189, there are O-ring seals present and these eliminate any air leaks as you blow through the mouthpiece.

This way the tone channel will be held securely for more accurate calls. This goose call mainly focuses on the production of easily sung voluminous honks and the single rich or triple clucks and with this much reliability, you couldn’t go wrong with this one

Easy to use design

Something else that makes this probably the best goose call for you is the user-friendly design. It features a long tone channel that mimics the natural and deep hollow sound Canada goose once air is passed through it.

Also, the sole fact that it is a flute goose call with a large barrel makes it quite easy to use since it creates enough pressure that allows for different sound variations. Speaking of the pressure, there’s minimal air pressure created which could otherwise make it difficult to control the tone variation.

Features a polycarbonate construction

For material construction, it comes in a polycarbonate design. This, being one of the most durable will be quite reliable when used outdoors. Other than this, the volume produced is mid-range and the fact that its polycarbonate makes it easy to learn and the volume will also be much sharper

  • Has got minimal back pressure
  • Includes O-ring seals to prevent air leaks
  • Features a durable polycarbonate construction
  • Might take some time to maintain a consistent tone.

4. Primos Canada Goose Flute Call

Primos Canada Goose Flute CallPrimos Canada Goose Flute Call

With Primos being one of the best brands in the manufacture of goose calls, this flute call ought to be good enough to take out with you on any hunting day. It features a uniquely functional and aesthetic design meant to get you through even the toughest environments.

Has got a flex-end hose design

The amount of pressure within the chamber determines the quality and variations of sound you should get from a goose call.

In the case of this one, due to the presence of the flex-end hose, the back pressure will be created automatically. Since it will neither be too high or too low, you won’t have to put in too much work in creating different calls. 

It’s easy to take apart and reassemble

Tough it has been tested for different environments, you’ll also find it quite easy to take apart and put the reed system all together again while at the same time doing so with utmost convenience and have the sound just as good as it was before.

As it turns out, this is quite handy especially when you want to make some adjustments of your own or clean up the inside since the accumulation of dust and moisture is inevitable

That’s not everything…

Other than the features mentioned above that you should expect from this goose call, it’s also best for use when targeting the Canada goose since it is able to reproduce the loud tones quite well. Being a flute goose call, tone variation will be optimal and it will take hardly any air to get the sounds going just the way you like it.

If you are from using other flute styles, you should find it quite easy to switch to this one which makes it perfect for both the professionals as well as the first-time users. Just in case you need some assistance on getting started to use it, do check out the instructions on the Primos website and you’ll be good to go.

  • It has got a unique flex hose design for an automatic back pressure
  • Comes with a patented reed system that’s easy to take apart and reassemble
  • It features an easy to use design
  • It’s a little too high for the production of close calls

''Best polycarbonate goose calls''

if you are looking for the best goose call that is, at the same time also affordable, I’d recommend that you go for the polycarbonate ones. These can be molded to a different design and with either of the three that we’ll take a look at

5. Zink ZNK859 Hunting Game Calls Goose

Zink ZNK859 Hunting Game Calls GooseZink ZNK859 Hunting Game Calls Goose

Starting off our list of the polycarbonate calls is the Zink Power Clucker. With this bad boy, you’ll be getting an instructional DVD to help you get started on using it and besides the unique design and quality construction, it won’t let you down on the functionality. Here’s what to look forward to.

Features a uniquely constricted mouthpiece

For the sake of convenience, the goose call is designed to give out both sharp and powerful clucks since it has got a straight bore mouthpiece and unique constrictions as well.

Being a polycarbonate design, it should also hold up quite well in the production of the medium-high pitch sounds.

Has got a short reed design

When it comes to ease of use for both experts and beginners, the short reed goose calls just so happen to make things quite easy.

With this goose call featuring the short reed design, this should be quite easy to mimic different calls. With a shorter reed, you will also be able to mimic a mellower and deeper sound which should get the mid-sized subspecies of Canada geese, migrators and refugees close enough for you to get the perfect shots.

  • Has got a durable polycarbonate design
  • Features a constricted mouthpiece for accurate calls
  • It’s easy to use a short-reed goose call
  • You’ll have to put in a little too much effort to blow through this.

6. Zink ZNK2006 Hunting Game Calls Goose

Zink ZNK2006 Hunting Game Calls GooseZink ZNK2006 Hunting Game Calls Goose

Yet another one from Zink Calls is the ZNK2006Pc-1 Goose Poly Shadow. It’s available in the Shadow Grass Blade color and it also comes along with an instructional DVD while at the same time being quite functional.

Here’s a closer look at it…

Comes in a premium build

In addition to being in the budget price range, the quality of this bad boy is not compromised. Being polycarbonate, you won't have to worry about the sound being compromised from exposure to the elements.

Other than standing up quite well in the elements, the polycarbonate design will also be producing mid-range sounds that ought to be much easier to master.

Has got a straight bore mouthpiece

As far as the functionality is concerned, the straight-bore mouthpiece and the worn-in tone channel mimic powerful and double clucks with utmost ease among other goose vocalizations.

  • It features a durable polycarbonate design
  • Has got a straight bore and worn-in tone channel
  • It’s easy to use
  • The reed freezes up in very cold temperatures.

7.Buck Gardner Double Nasty 2 Canada Hammer

Yet another one from Buck Gardner is the Double Nasty 2. With more than 5 units that you can choose from, versatility is uncompromised. The call is also easy to use and boasts quite a durable construction.

Has got double O-rings

Having to put up with leakages can be quite frustrating not to mention the obvious fact that it will interfere with the quality of the calls.

In the case of this bad boy, this is prevented by the incorporation of O-ring seals and by utilizing all the air you blow in through the mouthpiece, you'll find the reed quite comfortable to use with the least amount of effort to produce accurate sounds.

Also, for optimal performance, the reed is hand-shaved hence giving you competition-quality sound.

Features a functional polycarbonate design

With durability being a key factor in the best goose call, this one features a complete polycarbonate design which should be ideal in the production of different vocalizations from the soft clucks and moans to the piercing Hail calls with optimal clarity.

Easy to operate short-reed construction

For the entry-level users, this could just be the best goose call you can get your hands on. Featuring a short reed design, it ought to be easy to control with minimum effort

  • Includes double O-rings
  • Polycarbonate design for optimal call variations
  • It’s hand-tuned for competition grade sound.
  • It’s a little heavy

''Best Canada goose call''

Being one of the largest geese species you could find today, catching one of these would be quite amazing, right? Well, to make this easy for you, we’ve picked out two of the best Canada goose calls you could get for the money.

Here goes…

8.Flextone Team Realtree Canada Goose Call 

Flextone Team Realtree Canada Goose CallFlextone Team Realtree Canada Goose Call

On the outside of this goose call is the Team Realtree camo pattern which gives it quite a stylish look. Besides the design, the goose call is available in 5 different units and easy to master as well.

It’s got an improved bell

The more reliable a goose call is, the better of it is to use it during a hunt, right? With the bell on this one, you’ll be getting some of the best tones, a good enough volume and just the right amount of backpressure.

The tone and the volume basically make it easier for you to achieve different calls and since this call is design to produce both the sounds of multiple geese and double clucks, you’ll find it quite convenient to use. The flexible bell also allows for the control of the backpressure as per your convenience.

Features a sturdy construction

Besides the functionality and the aesthetics, you’ll also appreciate the sturdy construction on this bad boy. It’s a polycarbonate design which should get you some really good close encounters.

Being a short reed call, you’ll find it easy to make different calls with utmost accuracy. The design basically makes it easy to master the full range of natural surrounding of the goose call. 

  • Features a durable polycarbonate design
  • Short reed design for easy mastery
  • Has got an improved bell for better performance
  • It takes a little too much air to blow

9. Flextone Camo Hunter Canada Goose Call

Flextone Camo Hunter Canada Goose CallFlextone Camo Hunter Canada Goose Call

Wrapping up our reviews of the best goose calls of 2019 is yet another one from Flextone. With the addition of the Flextone technology, you’ll be getting the most natural sound from your calls. As for aesthetics, it features a natural camo pattern.

It features a flexible barrel

In order for you to control both the volume and the tone, the barrel can be squeezed and released since it’s soft and flexible enough in nature. This way you can be able to vary between different calls o attract the Canadian goose with ease.

The flexible barrel also makes it easy to control the backpressure for comfortable use.

Uses a short reed tone

Boasting to have the short reed tone board, it’s going to get super-fast and loud. This way, it will also be easy to control the range which makes it equally as good a goose call for both experts and the entry-level users.

  • Comes with a flexible barrel for tone, volume, and backpressure
  • Features a fast and loud short reed tone board
  • Has got a durable design
  • It takes a lot of air to blow through it.

10. Faulk's Popular Goose Call PL-22

Faulk's Popular Goose Call PL-22Faulk's Popular Goose Call PL-22

Boasting to have one of the most unique designs you could get on a goose call, this bad goose call is designed to lure in multiple geese species which also qualifies it as being one of the most versatile. How about we have a look at what it’s got?

Features both plastic and wood barrels

Since the material construction highly determines the sound quality one gets from a goose call, this one, being a plastic and wood combo.

As far as durability is concerned, the call should hold up quite well in different environments since with plastic being present, the reed will be protected. 

As for the wood, it should allow for the production of realistic calls. Speaking of calls, let’s see how well it holds up

It’s tuned with a realistic tone

Intended to target all species of geese, this goose call is hand tuned with both a natural and realistic tone while at the same time being easy to use and can be counted on by both experts and entry level users.

  • It features an easy to use design
  • Includes a plastic and wood barrel combo
  • It’s tuned with a natural and realistic tone.
  • The wooden portion might swell up if exposed to water.

Buying guide: all there is to know about picking the best

To accompany the reviews above, here are some things you should always bear in mind when it comes to shopping for the best goose calls.

The sound quality

As already mentioned, geese communication can be a range of as much as 20 different sounds and this being the case, the sound quality is basically the most important thing to look into.

Simple as they all seem to be, you should be able to get different sounds from one. Besides just this, the sounds should also be loud enough such that the different notes can be clearly heard at different distances. It should also be noted that geese have specific calls for long and short distances and as such, you should know which sound to make in either case.

The build components of the goose call are also of utmost importance when it comes to the sound quality and these include parts such as the barrel and the reed. The latter is basically what results to the production of the different notes as it rattles whereas the barrel determines the volume of sound and you want the best of both for optimal sound production.

It should be easy enough to use

Similar to duck calls, goose calls also demand the incorporation of different levels of pressure in order to get them going as you'd like it to.

The last thing you want is having to use a goose call that will have you blow as hard as possible to get the sound out. The best calls should get the sound going just right with little effort but with a flawed construction, this is not the case whatsoever.

Always ensure that the goose call is properly sealed such that there will be no pressure leaks. In addition to this, the reed chamber should have enough space for vibrations and the barrel large enough.

The range of adjustments

Calling geese can get a little messy especially when you have to make the long-distance calls and your call is full of spit. When this happens, your sound could be highly compromised and you may have to take it apart to have it clean again.

Since some calls come preassembled already, it could get quite tricky putting one together again and without breaking or misaligning any of the parts.

In such a scenario, I’d recommend that you highlight the different positions of the various components used in the assembly of the call right before taking everything apart. Though it may seem quite unlikely, the truth is that the right goose call should be quite easy to take apart, put together and have the sound just as good as it was.

One should be as versatile as possible

Since it’s all about getting the sound as accurate as possible when it comes to the selection of the best goose call, it should be a priority to pick one that allows for as many modifications as possible.

There are different geese species present and the last thing you want is to have lots of different calls with you for the different species and as such, going for one that allows for modifications and adjustments should save you all this trouble.

However, …

If you are only after a particular species, then I’d recommend you go for one that is made specifically for that type of goose. This way, you’re sure to get a more accurate sound output and better results at the end of the day.

All in all, it’s a matter of personal preference when it comes to this and you should weigh out your options first before getting one. 

Utmost durability.

Just as much as the best goose call should offer utmost versatility, it should, at the same time be as durable as possible.

Considering you’ll be using your goose call outdoors, it is expected that they are subjected to some bit of wear and tear from all the blowing and even as you handle them. In addition to this, they might end up having some dirt inside them and tend to get sticky over time.

Some goose calls are designed in such a way that they’re self-cleaning and regardless of how much you blow them, you won’t have to worry about accumulated spit on the inside.

It is also recommended that you go for the calls made only of the most durable materials but then, different materials tend to produce different sound variations as we’ll find out in a short while. 

Which kind of material construction should you settle with?

In addition to all the features mentioned above, you should also pay attention to the kind of material from which your goose call is constructed.

You can get either of three options in the market: wood, acrylic, and polycarbonate. Let's have a look at what makes each one of these special.


Wood has been around for the longest time as far as the manufacture of goose calls is concerned and up to date, plenty of manufacturers also continue to make them out of wood. Some of the most common types of wood calls include the Bocote, Bois’D Arc, Cocobolo and the African Blackwood

The reason as to why anyone and probably you should go for the wood calls is that the sound produced is quite mellow and this is not the same when it comes to either acrylic or polycarbonate. It’s also more accurate and when perfected, you could mimic how the geese sound like in the woods.

But there’s a downside…

If not well coated, some wooden goose calls tend to swell up when used in humid environments or gets a little wet and when this happens, the sound won’t be as loud and as accurate as it ought to be.

To avoid such, you could go ahead and consider choosing a polycarbonate or acrylic goose call.


Being the cheapest option in the market due to the low cost in the production, the volume produced from the Polycarbonate goose calls is mid-range.

Depending on the manufacturer, the price and sound quality will vary. I’d recommend this if you are just starting off with goose calls as they are much easier to learn, cheap and durable at the same time. It, therefore, wouldn't hurt to try out some of these before finding one that you are actually comfortable with.


Being the best and the recommended choice for advanced users, acrylic calls boast to be some of the most expensive among the 3. They are louder but more expensive but more durable and have got a much better performance as compared to what the other two limit you on.

Types of goose calls

All designs of air-driven goose calls are made of 5 major parts which include the reed, tone board, the insert, the wedge, and the barrel.

•Barrel: this is where you’ll place your mouth

•The reeds: this is a thin plastic part cut to produce a particular sound

•Insert: it holds the wedge, the tone board, and the reed

Here are the different types of calls that are commonly used in calling geese.​​​​

Flute calls

These are what you should go for if you want a high pitch and amazing range. If you are just starting out, flute calls could be a promising option since they’re also much easier to use.

Flute calls feature a longer barrel which in turn creates a back pressure that allows for the production of different ranges of goose calls while maintaining an accurate pitch and just the right amount of volume.

The only limitation to this type of goose call is the difficulty you might have to face in calls with short intervals

Short reed calls

Meant to get rid of the limitation of flute calls, these calls have the reed farther from the mouthpiece which then gives you better control of the call. Whereas it gives you better control, the sound produced is deeper and mellowerunlike in the flute and resonant cavity calls

If you are just starting off and would like to pick up on using a goose call, I’d recommend that you go for a longer one since such have more backpressure which hastens the mastery of different sounds. This could also be of assistance for one-handed use in hunting situations.

The resonant-cavity calls

These feature a single reed that's longer than in the short reed and flute calls. They're also made of either poly or wood and the reed is positioned over a tone board that’s channeled and held in place by a floating wedge.

They are easy to learn since you could easily switch between the high and low notes just by increasing the air flow. There are, however, not the best in tonal variation, the volume for reaching distant birds is wanting and they’re also not usable in windy conditions.

How the goose calls work

In all of the materials mentioned above, the working is pretty much the same. It’s simply all about passing air via the bore of the call-in which event the air hits the reed.

The reed is mostly made of plastic and the shape varies from one goose call to another with regard to the type of call that the goose call is meant to produce.

One goose call can produce lots of different sounds and this is determined by the air pressure, the placement of your tongue and lip as well as the amount of air passing through the bore and into the chamber at a certain time interval.

Mastering how to produce the different calls can be somewhat difficult and looking up YouTube tutorial videos could be of much help

Final verdict

There you have it; with both the buying guide and the top 10 goose calls you’ll get in 2019’s market, you couldn’t go wrong with getting the perfect one. We’ve got the best short reed and flute calls, the best quality construction and also the best Canada goose calls all of which are perfect for both experts and beginners.

Starting off to use one could be a little difficult and as such, it would be a good idea to do some practice first before putting it into actual use.

For consistent sound quality, I'd recommend cleaning it up once in a while to clear it of any dust or moisture that could result in a sticky reedto avoid compromising the quality of your calls.

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