Best Duck calls: A must-have for every Duck Hunter

Hunting has been around for generations and it has been our goal as human beings to have the biggest advantage in the game.

Just like other animals, ducks have a huge advantage over is in their natural habitat and as it turns out, the best way to level the playing ground is to improvise. As it turns out, one of the biggest leaps in duck hunting is the use of duck calls.

Just like duck concealments, blinds, and decoys, the best duck calls aren't that easy to get and with lots of options on the internet, it's quite hard to get one that’ll be worth your money. On that note, we have put together a list of the top 10 that is composed of the most durable calls each of which will give you an above average performance.

Duck calls also come in different materials and configurations. At the end of the day, what you end up it’s entirely a matter of personalpreference and to make the selection easy for you, we’ve got a detailed buying guide too.


Best duck call


Material design


Product link

Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck CallDuck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call


Wood with polycarbonate insert

DUCK COMMANDER Ole Raspy Duck CallDUCK COMMANDER Ole Raspy Duck Call


High impact plastic

With lots of amazing options to choose from, it could be confusing to pick one. So, to save you this trouble here's a buying guide with a side by side comparison of the very best.

The top 10 best duck calls reviews 2019 : best high-end duck call

Heading on straight to the main agenda, it’s time to find out which duck call will work best for you in 2019. Here’s a review of the 10 best deals you could get on duck calls this year. Let’s start it off with the reviews…

1. Triple Threat Duck Call - Classic Series

Regardless of the design being quite simple, this duck call blows most out of the water. It is available in 5 different variants and will be able to replicate most of the duck calls. Let’s see what it’s got

Has got a triple reed design

Being a triple reed duck call, the Triple threat won’t be that at all hard to master. In addition to being amazingly easy to use, it will sound more natural to passing ducks. At the end of the day, this stands to be one of the best duck calls for both expert level and newbie duck hunters.

Designed for all-around calling

one of the handiest features any hunter would get on a duck call is this. It’s actually able to mimic most of the sounds made by the Mallard Hen. You can get anything out of it from as basic as the quack to the feed and the hail calls

Unique intonations.

Not only is it able to replicate the sounds but you can also vary the intonation as well. Get the low gravel tones for the mature hens and you can switch to the high scratchy pitch tones for the younger hens. Quite a sure way to strike a catch.

Build to last

For the build quality, it’s tough and durable. Also, it is going to handle continuous use even in wet or humid conditions

Key features
  • Triple reed design for easy usage
  • Made of tough and durable material
  • Mimics most mallard hen sounds
  • Suitable for use even in wet conditions.

2. Echo Calls Meat Hanger Duck Call

Echo Calls Meat Hanger Duck CallEcho Calls Meat Hanger Duck Call

It's compact, easy to use and produces one of the most realistic sounds you can get from a duck call. It is also quite easy to carry along with you in all environments. Let’s find out how much it packs.

Features an acrylic barrel and inserts

For the build quality, it’s got acrylic for both the inserts and the barrel and in addition to this, it weighs only 3.2 ounces. Being made of acrylic, the sound will be sharper and a little louder. At the same time, it going to have a realistic sound output all the same.

Sports a double reed construction

On top of having an acrylic construction, it features a double reed design. This means that you can use it with ease and whether a beginner or an expert, it will be equally as good a duck call to have.

Suitable for close range and medium calling

Looking for something that’s ideal for use in timber environments? Well, this is one of the best duck calls to have. It mainly focuses on producing great medium to close up calling. The downside to this is that you might want to use it along with another duck call as it performs best as a finishing call.

Key features
  • Features a compact acrylic design
  • Suitable for use in small waters and timber
  • The double reed design outputs a realistic sound
  • Its usage is quite easy to master.

3. Duck Commander Premium Wood 1972 Series Duck Call

Duck Commander Premium Wood 1972 Series Duck CallDuck Commander Premium Wood 1972 Series Duck Call

Available either as the Black Wood or the Bocote variant, the Wood 1972 from Duck Commander. It’s amazing how much it’s got to offer you without having to break the bank for it. the intonation is perfect, it’s easy to use and has a durable construction

Features wood and polycarbonate design

Not most duck calls come with a hybrid material design but with this one, you’ll e getting a high-grade wood on the outside and on the inside, there is a polycarbonate insert.

This combination of materials results in a compact and lightweight unit but most importantly, you also get a well-performing duck caller. It will be louder than wood and at the same time give a softer sound output than acrylic.

The polycarbonate interior will also not take in moisture even in wet conditions which makes it usable even in humid conditions.

Double reed construction

The Wood 1972 features a double-reed design which should be easy to blow and master thus suitable for beginners considering it is a friction fit system. It’s also going to maintain a realistic sound output for better odds of attracting ducks.

Ideal for close range duck calling

For the best performance, it’s recommended that you use this for close range hunting. It has got smooth and low-end properties which allow you to blow smoothly and quietly and should be perfect for a finish. The volume and range are also similar to that of a hen mallard.

Key features
  • Delivers a soft tone ideal for finishing call
  • Features a double reed construction that’s easy to use
  • Sports a high-grade wood exterior and polycarbonate insert
  • Ideal for close range duck calls

4. DUCK COMMANDER Wood Duck Call (our recommendation)


Though the design is quite simple, this might just be one of the best duck calls for wood ducks out there. It’s tough, it’s durable and one of the easiest to use single reed duck calls. Have a look at what it’s got. It is also available in either of 5 different units each of which has its advantages

Features a polycarbonate construction

For the construction, it's entirely made of polycarbonate. This means that it's louder than wood and at the same time, it's going to be

Easy to blow

Even though this is a single reed duck call, it’s going to be quite easy to use. In addition to this, it allows for maximum versatility such that you can conveniently use it for flying or sitting sounds while at the same time producing a realistic sound output.

A tough and durable single reed design

Being a single reed duck call, you’ll sue much less effort to operate it and at the same time have loud sound output. Despite having a large range and being more versatile, it might take some time to master.

Also, in addition to proving useful in attracting ducks, it also acts as a confidence call late in the season when the ducks are used to regular calling so you get the most out of your hunt.

Key features
  • Constructed from tough and durable polycarbonate
  • Single reed design for high volume output
  • Designed to be easy to blow
  • Offers utmost versatility once mastered

5. DUCK COMMANDER Dymond Wood Moss Duck Call

Moss Dymond Wood Duck CallMoss Dymond Wood Duck Call

Other than being the product of one of the most reputed brands in the duck calls market, the Dymond Wood has got a lot of more amazing features such as quality and portable construction combined with easy mastery aimed at giving you the best duck hunt ever.

Double reed system

There are lots of reasons you should go for the double reed design. For one, it has got one of the most realistic sound outputs and even more interesting, they are quite easy to master and should be a choice to count on for both expert-level and for those that are just getting started

Built from Dymond wood

Being wooden in nature it produces a soft sound output and considering it is a double reed design, it should be perfect for close range calls such as in timber or small waters.

However, you should refrain from using these in conditions that are too wet since it might swell up which may interfere with the sound output

Key features
  • Double reed design that’s easy to master
  • Ideal for close range calls
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • A realistic sound output that targets ducks on their final pass

6. Echo Diamondwood Timber Double Reed Poly Insert Duck Call

Echo Diamondwood Timber Double Reed Poly Insert Duck CallEcho Diamondwood Timber Double Reed Poly Insert Duck Call

Perfect for any call calls, the Echo Diamondwood should just be the perfect tool for the task. The ideal performance is made possible by its outstanding build quality and what’s even more interesting is that you won’t have to spend too much on it.

It comes in a double reed design

There's plenty of reasons that a double reed design is a go-to choice for most duck hunters. First, you won't need too much effort or time to perfect on how to use it.

Also, considering it’s a double reed duck call, the sound produced will be raspy and mellow which gives you an upper hand in luring in the ducks since they sound more realistic as compared to the single reed duck calls. Double reeds, however, might need a little more effort to blow and it might be necessary to tune it up to get rid of this.

Has got a wood finish with polymer insert

Well, the Echo Diamondwood it looks as good as it performs. Whereas it has a ravishing wood finish on the outside, it has an outstanding polymer insert on the inside.

The wood on the outside makes it friendlier to carry around and it’s also less susceptible to damage. For the polymer on the inside, you get to spend less and at the same time get a more durable duck call. Also, it will be softer for close calls and at the same time loud enough- it basically offers a mid-way performance of acrylic and wood; fairly loud and sharp.

The polymer insert will also not be affected by moisture or high temperatures and it could take you virtually through any duck hunting day

It’s perfect for close range calls

If you’re looking to hunt ducks in either timber or open waters, this is definitely the duck call for you. It’s best suited for close calling and will give a mellow and raspy sound which is perfect for these environments.

Key features
  • Features a polymer insert and a wood finish
  • Double reed design
  • Ideal for close calling
  • Has got a mellow and raspy sound output

7. Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series (runner’s up)

Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck CallDuck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call

Well, the sound couldn’t get any duckier than this. In addition to the good looks and sporting one of the best brand names, the Jase Robertson Pro Series packs just the right amount of power you’ll need to have the ducks close by in a short while. Here’s why it’s one of the best duck calls.

It features a double reed design

It has got the Phil Robertson’s patented double reed system that also comes with a friction fit system. Being a double reed design, it’ll be letting out a realistic sound but even more importantly, this duck call will be quite realistic to passing ducks.

Ideal for close range finishing calls

For its application, you can only use it for close range duck calls which is basically what should be expected from most double reed calls. It also does have smooth and low-end properties which allow you to blow quietly when ducks are in close range

The range and volume are mainly aimed at luring the Mallard Hen and it’s best that you focus on this species. 

Wide applications

In addition to sounding just as a Mallard hen should, the design of this duck call also gives it a high piercing sound output that should be handy for open water application and a raspy low end for finishing.

High-grade wood and polycarbonate insert

On the outside is a high-grade wood finish but the inside, on the other hand, there is a polycarbonate insert which is also quite durable and more so have quite a good sound output.

Key features
  • Features a double reed and friction fit system
  • Has got smooth and low-end properties for close range calls
  • High-grade wood and polycarbonate insert design
  • Easy to blow and quick to master

8. DUCK COMMANDER Camo Max Duck Call (best budget duck call)


You can be able to get this in either of 5 different units so you get to choose what’s best depending on your given hunting application. It is also capable of producing both soft and loud sound and is one of the best duck calls for anyone on a budget you can get.

Durable and long-lasting

with the build quality being a key factor in the making of duck calls, this one has got a durable and long-lasting high impact plastic.

With this for both exterior and the inserts, it will hold up quite well in outdoor applications and especially in wet conditions where you won't have to worry about the inserts swelling up upon being exposed to moisture. Being plastic, it will have just the right amount of sharpness and loudness to get the ducks coming to you.

Custom tuned calls

The main advantage of this duck call is that each of them is hand tuned and tested for its performance. This way, you get to have utmost versatility from it.

For the best performance, it’s mainly meant to target the mallard hen sound for both the soft and the loud sounds when blown. For the best performance, however, you should use this duck call for close-in finishing calls

Features the Realtree camo pattern

If you’re looking forward to long hours of hunting while sitting in your blind, the Camo Max Duck Call has a Realtree Max 4 camo pattern that keeps it hidden in your blind

Key features
  • Custom tuned calls for the utmost versatility
  • Made of high impact plastic
  • Features the Realtree Max 4 camo pattern that blends in with your blind
  • Suitable for use for close-in finishing calls

9. DUCK COMMANDER Ole Raspy Duck Call

DUCK COMMANDER Ole Raspy Duck CallDUCK COMMANDER Ole Raspy Duck Call

Designed to serves as the ultimate entry-level duck call that you won’t have to spend a fortune on, DUCK COMMANDER’s Ole Raspy Duck Call has more to its simple appearance than meets the eye. From the sound quality to the build quality, it’s definitely worth having.

Has an easy to blow design

Considering this duck call is mainly meant for the beginners, it's quite user-friendly. It comes with the patented double reed friction fit system that will get you from a beginner to an expert in no time. Most importantly, the sound quality will be realistic which gives you a better chance against the ducks.

Durable material construction

As for the construction, it features high impact plastic. This not only makes it cheap but also assures you of the durability.

For the sound output, it'll have a blend of what you'll get from a wooden and an acrylic duck call.The product, however, could leave you to exposure of TDI which may have some health repercussions 

Has got a unique sound quality

Speaking of sound quality, the Ole Raspy Duck Call produces both a low and super raspy sound. This is made possible by both the plastic and double reed design.

Key features
  • Produces a low and super raspy sound
  • High impact plastic construction
  • Features a double reed construction that’s easy to blow
  • Quick to learn and easy to use

10. Duck Commander Teal Hen Duck Call

Duck Commander Teal Hen Duck CallDuck Commander Teal Hen Duck Call

From the name, you can already tell that this duck call is specifically designed for a teal hen. Though simple in appearance and design, it's quite easy to use and has amazing durability for its price.

High impact plastic construction

With the design being a priority in all duck calls, this one has got a high impact plastic design. Being plastic, it’s going to give out a sound that’s neither too loud nor too mellow and in addition to this, it is also durable and even when used in wet conditions it won’t get soaked and swell up which could distort the sound quality.

Features a double reed system

For ease of use, it's got a double reed and friction fit design which is easy to blow and a perfect pick even for first-time users. Besides being easy to blow, it also has a self-cleaning system that’s perfect for continuous periods of use.

You can use it for the blue-winged, green-winged or the cinnamon-teal hen.

Key features
  • Features an easy to use double reed system
  • Self-cleaning design
  • Has a high impact plastic design
  • It’s easy to blow

Buying guide- how to find a duck call that matches your hunting skill

How do you get to choose the perfect duck call from the lots of choices in the market? Well, the test is quite simple- test them then select whichever you’re satisfied with it’s entirely a matter of personal preference.

Here are some of the aspects you should consider when choosing an ideal duck call.

The build quality

The most common materials from which duck calls are made include acrylic, wood and plastic. Let's find out what features make them different and their strengths and weaknesses as well.


The very first duck calls were made from wood and there are still lots of these being made nowadays. You should go for wood if you want a tone that’s smooth and soft.

For the best results, wood should be used in close distances or in timber environments. Depending on the quality of the call you get, how realistic the sound is will vary. The only limitation to having wood is that the sound quality may be affected by temperature variations or humidity and they also demand proper care.


Otherwise known as plastic, the quality of these calls has improved over the years. They are almost similar to acrylic but the sharpness will not be as much but will be better than what wood calls have to offer.


This is what most hunters consider as the best duck calls. Acrylic is durable and gives out both a loud and accurate sound.

They are also high density in nature and you, therefore, the to have a smooth operation and utmost control with these. Despite the advantages, the price is quite steep.

What about duck whistles?

Most ducks make a quacking sound but some species also do have the whistling sound and some of these are the Mallard Drake and the Teal Drake which makes a duck whistle a priority- after a duck whistle is cheap and really handy.

Whereas some duck whistles make are simply meant to make a whistle, others produce varying sounds and the caller won’t need much effort to produce the various sounds. The 6 in 1 whistle type, which is also the most basic type of duck whistle should do the trick plus it mimics more than just duck sounds since it attracts quails and doves as well.

Our final word on the ideal duck call

At the end of the day, it all narrows down to your personal preference. From the buying guide, a lot has to be considered based on your hunting style and in some situations, you will need more than just one duck call on your lanyard. So, the best thing to do would be to set your priorities straight before going out for a hunt.

Also, if you need to tune up your call, putting everything back together in the right place could be a little confusing and it’s best that you mark where the various parts are placed such as the wedge and reeds. Most importantly, some duck calls are quite fragile and you should handle all of them with care.

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