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The design of almost every chest rig you will come across today is borrowed from the Modular tactical vest which has been used by the army for over a decade now.

With the many options of chest rigs in the market today, it can be, as a matter of fact, quite difficult for youto get the best tactical chest rig. What if I told you that I could save you the trouble of having to search all over the internet for the best chest rigs?

Yes, that’s right, you’ll be choosing from the best chest rigs to carry every kind of combat gear among other accessories while you’re out hunting. To give you the easiest time in getting one of the best, we've done thorough research to come up with a product listing of the best in the game and a buying guide to help you get started.

Just in case it is too much trouble for you to read through each and every one of our reviews, we’ve put together the comparison chart below of our top 3 picks that are best of the best.


Best chest rigs



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Evike Haley Strategic HSP D3CR Disruptive Environments Chest RigEvike Haley Strategic HSP D3CR Disruptive Environments Chest Rig

4 rifle magazine, 2 multi-mission, 2 general purpose & 1 expandable pouch

CONDOR Recon Chest RigCONDOR Recon Chest Rig

3 built-in stacker mag pouches, front pocket pouch, two open mag pouches, mesh pouch

GLORYFIRE Tactical Vest Modular Assault VestGLORYFIRE Tactical Vest Modular Assault Vest

Six M4 pouches, front pocket pouch.

Best chest rigs- 8 of the best ultimate reviews

Here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. It’s time to take a look at the best tactical chest rigs you can get your hands on in 2018. They’re comfortable, durable, spacious and guaranteed to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Here goes…

1. Evike Haley Strategic HSP D3CR Disruptive Environments Chest Rig

Evike Haley Strategic HSP D3CR Disruptive Environments Chest RigEvike Haley Strategic HSP D3CR Disruptive Environments Chest Rig

If budget is not a problem whatsoever and you’re willing to go to whichever extremes so as to get the best, I’m pretty sure that the Evike Haley Strategic HSP will do you justice. Here’s what you’ll be getting from it…

Ample storage spaces

With storage space being a priority in every chest rig, you'll be getting more than enough on this bad boy.

It features 2 rifle magazine pouches for the M4/M16, AK Series with the Hypalon retention tabs as well as dual multi-mission pouches. The latter can accommodate the standard single or and double stack magazines and there is also room for your flashlight and multitools
Also included in the vest design are 2 general purpose pouches which come with flap closures and there is also a single expandable pouch added to it as well.

It comes with the SwiftClips quick release

As far as the fit is concerned, the configuration on this one is one of a kind- one size fits most which means you can share it when the need to do so arises.

Still, on that note, it boasts the SwiftClips quick release system which means you can have it on and off in seconds- utmost versatility, right?

Made of 500D ballistic nylon

For the sake of durability, the material used in its construction is the 500D ballistic nylon which gives you the advantage of using it in a wide range of outdoor applications without the risk of damaging it.

  • It’s got a lot of storage space.
  • Features a 500D nylon construction for ultimate longevity
  • Includes the SwiftClip quick release system
  • •The straps at the buckles are a little loose.

2. CONDOR Recon Chest Rig

CONDOR Recon Chest Rig
CONDOR Recon Chest Rig

CONDOR, being one of the best brands in the market in the production of the best chest rigs, will definitely blow your mind with this one. From having a perfect fit to giving you multiple storage spaces, it’s worth every penny

Features a padded design

If you're looking forward to spending the whole day out hunting, then you'll appreciate the level of comfort on this one.

It’s got padded cross back shoulder straps which keep you comfortable at all times regardless of how much accessories you have on your rig.

Includes the Swivi-Lockster push release buckles

Besides the padded design, there is also a swivel push-button release buckle with which you can have the chest rig on or off in the blink of an eye. This gets you ready for the hunt much faster as compared to most.

A lot of storage space

This always comes as a priority and with the Recon chest rig, there are 3 built-in stacker/kangaroo style mag pouches that will harbor 6 M4 mags and 6 pistol mags. There is also a front pocket pouch which also does have the hook and loop panel inside it.

You’ll also be getting two open top mag pouches (one on either side) and an additional mesh pocket on the interior

Features an adjustable size

The waist size for this bad boy is 30”-60” and the best part about this is that it is adjustable as well hence equally as good a fit for everyone.

  • Features a padded cross back shoulder
  • It’s got a lot of storage spaces
  • Features an adjustable size of between 30” and 60”
  • It might feel a little bulky and will take some time to get used to it

3. Condor Outdoor Modular Chest Set

Condor Outdoor Modular Chest SetCondor Outdoor Modular Chest Set

Yet another one from CONDOR, we’ve got the Condor Modular Chest set. If comfort is a priority, you should definitely consider giving this one a try. Here’s a closer look at what it packs under the hood…

Features an adjustable chest platform

It's not every day that you'll come across this on a chest rig. With the chest platform being adjustable and removable on this one, you can take it off just in case the weight is too much or when you need to feel more comfortable in it. speaking of comfort, let’s have a look at how good the shoulder straps are.

Comes with padded shoulder straps

Being padded in nature, these shoulder straps keep you comfortable at all times and unlike what you’ll get in standard chest rigs, these ones won’t fatigue you by pressing down on your shoulders too much.

A lot of storage space included

Featured in this chest rig are 7 built-in mag pouches and 3 internal mesh pockets. To add icing to the cake, there is also a webbing for modular attachments which can also be found on the interior of the chest rig.

There is also a built-in hydration carrier on this bad boy. As for the sizing, it can be adjusted from large to extra-large.

  • Padded shoulder straps for utmost comfort
  • Features a removable/adjustable chest platform.
  • Includes 7 mag pouches, 3 internal pockets, and webbings for modular attachments
  • When holding a pistol with both hands, the shoulder straps ride up

4. CONDOR Recon Chest Rig

CONDOR Recon Chest RigCONDOR Recon Chest Rig

Simple as it is in design, there’s more to this chest rig than meets the eye. Not only does it have a lot of storage options but it also boasts one of the most user-friendly designs. Let’s take a closer look at what it packs under the hood.

Padded shoulder straps

Starting off with the amazing level of comfort present on the CONDOR Recon, there is a padded cross-back shoulder strap design which will make the weight more bearable in all your time in your hunting expedition.

Features the Swivi-Lockster system

With the Swivi-Lockster system, there are the swivel push-button release buckles with which you’ll easily be able to fasten or remove the bag when going to hunt or when you’re from hunting.

Adjustable sizing

Yet another feature you’ll appreciate is the adjustable sizing on this bad boy. The recommended size is 30”-60” and can be adjusted as well to give you a snug fit.

Multiple storage options

For the storage, there are 3 built-in kangaroo style mag pouches which can accommodate 6 M4 mags and 6 pistol mags. There is also a front pocket pouch with a hook and loop panel on the inside as well as two open top mag pouches each on one side.

  • Features the Swivi-Lockster that makes it easy to put this on
  • There are ample ammo and accessory storage space
  • One-fits-all adjustable waist sizing.
  • The X-strap at the rear is free floating hence the shoulder straps move a bit.

5. CONDOR Tactical Ronin Chest Rig

CONDOR Tactical Ronin Chest RigCONDOR Tactical Ronin Chest Rig

By offering utmost versatility, this could just be the best tactical chest rig for you. the fit is outstanding and won’t let you down as far as storage is concerned. Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

Features an easy fit system

Included in the design of the Tactical Ronin is a push-button release buckle which is made possible by the Swivi-Lockster system.

With this, fastening the chest rig will be quite fast when going hunting and taking it off after you’re done will be in a matter of seconds. It also does have a padded back harness for easy access

An adjustable shoulder and girth

For the fit, it’s configured to fit most users and in addition to this, the shoulder straps are adjustable and the same goes for the girth. Both of these allow you to have a snug fit as well for a comfortable feel irrespective of your hunting style.

Includes a lot of storage options

The padded back harness comes with multiple mounting points for accessories such as hydration carriers and radios and there is also a single mesh map pocket on either side. You'll also be getting a heavyweight webbing for modular attachment.

  • Features adjustable shoulder and girth for a snug fit
  • Includes a push button release for easy on and off.
  • Padded H-harnesses for ultimate comfort
  • You might feel a little pressure on your neck with the mag pouches mounted

6. Condor Tactical Rapid Assault Chest Rig

Condor Tactical Rapid Assault Chest RigCondor Tactical Rapid Assault Chest Rig

It comes with lots of storage spaces, just the right amount of padding and an easy fit: an all-around chest rig bound to give you the best hunting experience. Here’s a closer look at what it packs under the hood:

A variety of storage options

So as to accommodate as much gear as possible, this chest rig features an outstanding 6 open-top mag pouches. In addition to this, there is an added mesh pocket at the rear for storage of additional gear.

There’s also a front pocket which has got a hook and loop panel on the inside which means you get to store more gear and an additional mesh pocket on the inside. 

Features padded cross-back shoulder straps

Other than just having multiple storage options, comfort is also paid attention to since there are padded cross-back shoulder straps which do have webbing and D-rings

Includes swivel push release buckles

With the swivel lockster, you can simply have it on or take it off with the easily operable push-button release buckle.


The chest rig comes with four elastic loops whereby you’ll be getting two on either side which gives you a snug fit.

  • Features a swivel lockster for an easy fit
  • Includes padded cross-back shoulder straps for comfort.
  • Multiple storage options for the utmost versatility
  • •It’s might feel a little too large and you might need some extra clothes beneath it for a snug fit

7. GLORYFIRE Tactical Vest Rapid Assault Chest Rig

GLORYFIRE Tactical Vest Rapid Assault Chest RigGLORYFIRE Tactical Vest Rapid Assault Chest Rig

It’s amazing how much you can actually get from this chest rig without breaking the bank at all. It comes with all the space you’ll need, it’s comfortable and the fit is snug. Here’s every reason you should get this

Features a padded cross-back shoulder strap

With comfort being a priority on any outstanding chest rig, this one comes with padded cross-shoulder straps at the back. The same also do have a webbing and D-rings to add on to the comfort for when the chest rig is loaded.

Comes with adjustable waist size

Besides the shoulder straps, the fit is also one of the best. The waist size is adjustable from anywhere between 30 and 60 inches.This, as it turns out is just the perfect size range for most adults and since you’ll be having other hunting apparel beneath the chest rig, you’re guaranteed to get a snug fit

Lots of store storage options

For the storage options, there is a front pocket that comes with a hook and loop on the interior as well as an additional interior mesh pocket.

There are also 6 open top M4 mag pouches that should be more than enough for any hunting expedition. It also does come with heavyweight webbing for modular attachments

  • Features an adjustable waist size for a snug fit
  • Includes a padded cross-back shoulder strap for ultimate comfort.
  • Comes with a swivel push-button release button
  • You should match up to the recommended sizing to ensure it fits first

8. NcSTAR VISM AK Chest Rig


We’ve finally come to the end of our reviews of the best chest rigs and summing everything up is one that you won’t have to break the bank for whatsoever. Here’s what this bad boy from NcSTAR has for you

Lots of storage spaces

On the outside are two gear pouches meant for any additional gear you may have. There’s one belly pouch as well and it also includes 3 double AK magazine pouches that got bungee retentions traps which make it possible for the pockets to accommodate as much as 6 magazines.

On the outside are two gear pouches for any additional gear you may need

Fully adjustable

Even with the lots of storage options, this chest rig will be giving everyone who uses it a perfect fit as it is fully adjustable to offer a snug fit regardless of your body size

  • Features bungee retention straps to accommodate more magazines
  • Includes an adjustable design for a snug fit.
  • Multiple storage options for lots of hunting accessories
  • You should be careful with the bungee tie downs as they may easily break

Buying guide- how to get the best tactical chest rig

Even with the reviews above, it’s still not good enough and it would be a good idea to complementit with the buying guide below. Here’s everything you need to know about getting started with choosing the best tactical chest rig.

NOTE: Tactical vests come in a lot of different styles ranging from the simple to the full-scale chest rigs and the double-sided vests that come with a hydration pack and a holster. This being the case, it is somewhat difficult to be able to focus on the exact features you need on your tactical chest rig and that’s why we’ve focused on the features below

It should be comfortable enough

Comfort should always come as a priority considering you’ll be having the chest rig on all the time you’re out hunting.

The rule of thumb when it comes to comfort is paying attention to the fit of the vest. For starters, the vest should be easy to put on and take off it is normally recommended that you put on your hunting clothes while out in the field to avoid picking up any scents and as such, the chest rig should be one that you can put on and take off quickly.

Depending on the season you’re using the vest in, you should also be able to know which one to go for. If it’s the winter, go ahead and get chest rig that you can wear over your sweater and still have a snug fit. Speaking of a snug fit, always watch out for the fasteners. The last thing you want is the rig flopping around.

Always watch out for the storage space

When choosing a chest rig, you should always have in mind how much gear you intend to carry within it. having done so, go ahead and take a look at the pouches, pockets and more storage features it’s got.

So, it is always a good idea to list down all the important stuff you’d want to carry before you go ahead and make your purchase

The looks and appearance

I normally like to think of a tactical vest as one of my hunting clothes and no an additional gear and as such, it should match my other hunting clothes.

Depending on the terrain in which you’re doing your hunting, getting a matching camouflaging pattern is always a good idea. As much as the looks are important, it should be task-appropriate all the same. Duck hunters, for instance, should not go for the same tactical vest as deer hunters.

Is shouldn’t weigh you down

Once you’ve paid attention to all of the above, the last thing one should take into consideration is the weight of the vest.

Without the gear added to it, you should barely feel the weight and upon loading it up, the tactical chest rig shouldn’t be too heavy to restrict your motion. This would slow you down not to mention tire you faster.

On the other hand, you might have to weight your options between weight and comfort if you're using it as body armor in the sense that you shouldn't give up safety for comfort whatsoever.


Getting the best tactical chest rig is just but the first step to you having the best-hunting expedition with it.

Most of these will not give you the luxury of carrying everything you ant and as such, you might want to have a list of priorities as to what is most important depending on the amount of space the chest rig offers.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to have a chest rig that’s comfortable, durable and accommodates the important gear. Most importantly, it should always come as a priority to have your chest rig in the best possible condition

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