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Being the go-to power tools of choice when you need to handle heavy-duty projects at or away from home, it's important that you get the best chainsaw chain to go along with them.

There are a lot of types you could choose from some of which are best suited for something as simple as trimming your hedges or as complex as cutting down a tree. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting one that will decrease the difficulty of the task at hand and at the same time, it shouldn’t have the risk of kickbacks.

By putting in hours of research, we were able to come up with a list of the top 5 chainsaw chains in the market today plus we also got an expert guide to help you choose one better.

To give you an easy time choosing the best chainsaw chain, we’ve gota side by side comparison of all the 5 chains we’ve reviewed and each one of them is just a click away.

Best chainsaw chains 2019 reviews

Straight to the main agenda, let's have a deeper look into what the best chainsaws of 2019 have regarding durability, performance and the best way via which you can use them.


Oregon S52 AdvanceCut 14-Inch Chainsaw ChainOregon S52 AdvanceCut 14-Inch Chainsaw Chain

Starting off our reviews is the Oregon S52 AdvanceCut. As far as performance is concerned, this 14-inch chainsaw ought to do the trick. Here's why you should consider getting it.

Includes chrome-plated cutters for performance

The cutting surface on the chain is heat-treated and hard-chromed to ensure precision cutting operation. In addition to this, chrome functions to deliver a harder surface which in turn minimizes wear. This way, you’ll be spending more time cutting and less time grinding or filing the chain.

Something else that makes this the best chainsaw chain as far as strength is concerned are the hardened rivets. To give you a longer working saw, Oregon induction hardens and quenches all the chain rivets.

This is done to give you a high quality, load-bearing surface which resists wear and improves the strength so you won't have to adjust the tension frequently.

Smooth operation is achieved with the LubriTec oiling system

Meant to make the chain work smarter and last longer, the LubriTec oiling system has been included in the Oregon S52 AdvanceCut to make it operate smoothly.

By ensuring the chain is lubricated best where needed, performance will be consistent and optimal.

Designed to produce a low vibration

More vibrations mean less comfort, right? To lessen this, the chain has been designed with a small space between the saw chain and the guide bar. Since a lot of energy is dissipated by the saw chain, space acts as a shock absorber and the vibrations do not reach the guide bar. This way, the vibrations are reduced by as much as 25%

  • Has got hard-chrome cutters for precise performance
  • Includes a LubriTec oiling system for smooth operation
  • Has got hardened rivets for improved performance
 Be sure the size is compatible with your saw brand


Husqvarna 591129972 Pack of 3 Chainsaw ChainsHusqvarna 591129972 Pack of 3 Chainsaw Chains

Available in a pack of 3, I’d recommend this to you if you're looking to handle some heavy-duty tasks. Let's see what it's got, shall we?

Clean cuts are ensured with the square-corner design

As far as performance is square chisel cutters on a chainsaw chain are guaranteed to get the job done right. As much as they can be used for domestic application, they are also eligible for professional use.

Now, even though the cutting speed is fast, you'll have to sharpen the chain frequently. On the bright side, it does come in a set of 3 and as such, you'll always have a backup

Comfort is ensured by the low vibration design

In addition to delivering clean and quick cuts, you'll also enjoy the smooth operation that comes with this chain. Other than keeping your comfortable, you'll have a steady grip for accurate cuts and with fewer vibrations, there are fewer chances of the chain damaging the chainsaw as it runs.

It's strong enough for heavy-duty tasks

Unlike most chainsaw chains that won't have a consistent and optimal operation on high powered saws, this one is recommended for use on chainsaws that are rated at between 50 and 100cc.

Regarding the size, each one measures 20”, is H47, has got 72 drive links and the pitch and gauge are 3/8 and 0.050 inches respectively.

  • Feature a low vibration operation for comfort
  • Designed for professional use on high powered chainsaws
  • Features chisel cutters for high production
  • Be careful when installing the chain as it’s a little too sharp


Stihl 3610 005 0055 Pack of 2 Chainsaw ChainsStihl 3610 005 0055 Pack of 2 Chainsaw Chains

Coming up second last is a pack of two that’s designed with safety and performance both accounted for. Let’s check it out and see what makes it worthy of our reviews, shall we?

Safety is ensured with the low-kickback operation

It’s obvious that with power tools, safety should always be a priority. Considering the chain on your chainsaw plays a huge role in determining how good the performance is, it’s important that it’s safe as well. With the low kickback design on this one, you can count on it to handle most household tasks as well as some professional applications without being affected by debris and hurting you.

Designed to be compatible with smaller chainsaws

As much as large chainsaws are great, they are not the go-to choice for everyone. If you’re looking to handle some lightweight tasks, this is the chain for you. The STIHL PICCO Micro Mini 3 is designed with a narrow kerf and low profile design which makes it eligible for use on smaller saws.

More on the size…

It does have 55 drive links for optimal operation, the pitch s 3/8” in size whereas the gauge is .043 and as for the size, it’s 16 inches. With all these, you should determine whether or not it’s compatible with your chainsaw model.

It's, however, recommended that you consult the owner's manual for proper part number identification and the proper installation process.

  • Features a low-kickback operation for safety
  • Designed with a narrow kerf and low profile for use on small chainsaws
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Be sure to verify the size with your chainsaw model


Trilink Saw Chain CL15062X2TL2 18inc Twin Pack S62Trilink Saw Chain CL15062X2TL2 18inc Twin Pack S62

Coming up second last on our reviews is an 18” chainsaw chain that comes in a twin pack and is designed to get you smooth cuts while at the same time maintaining a high level of safety. With this being compatible with most chainsaws, you most likely will enjoy what it’s got to offer.

Chain life is enhanced by the self-lubricating design

By utilizing the Centri-Lube oilways on the all the drive links, lubrication is allowed to flow up through the drive links and to the rivets. This, in turn, functions to reduce friction and chain stretch which in turn results in fewer adjustments and has the chain lasting for a long time.

The low kickback design gets you safety at its best

It wouldn’t be the best chainsaw chain if the safety were compromised, right? With the low kickback design, chances of the chain flying back towards you are minimized. This way, you can have complete peace of mind that you won’t get hurt while using this on your chainsaw

Smooth cutting is ensured with the chrome cutters

Last but not least, the inclusion of hardened, chrome semi-chiseled cutters ensure that the cutting is smooth and there is excellent wood chip clearance in all cutting environments

  • The low kickback design gets you safety at its best
  • Has got self-lubricating drive links for smooth chain operation
  • Features durable and functional chrome cutters
  • The chains don’t stay sharp for too long.


SUNGATOR 3-Pack 10 Inch Chainsaw Chain SUNGATOR 3-Pack 10 Inch Chainsaw Chain

Available in a pack of 3, the SG-S40 is 10 inches in size and compatible with most chainsaw brands and models. It does adhere to safety ratings, the quality is outstanding and the performance is just as good. Here’s a closer look at what it’s got.

Built from a high-quality German steel

With the chain being the most important part of a chainsaw, this one boasts to have one of the best build qualities. With the German imported high-grade steel, you’ll get excellent performance while working on different trees and wood.

All the chain cutters are also plated with premium industrial hard chrome for outstanding cutting operation and better wear resistance. The chain also features heat-treated and quenched rivets that strengthen the connection between chain links.

Conforms to safety standards to avoid work accidents

Like most chainsaw chains that are above average, this one too features a low kickback design. To add icing on the cake, the SG-S40 is also UL approved and conforms to the ANSI safety standard.

Comfort is ensured by the vibration reduction design

In addition to having a high-quality construction and safe design, the chain, once installed on your chainsaw will ensure a smooth and comfortable operation due to the vibration-reduction design. It's rated to reduce vibration by at least 20% depending on the material you are working on which is way more than what most chainsaw chains can offer.

  • Wear resistance is guaranteed with the chrome treatment
  • Designed to lower vibrations by at least 20%
  • Has got a semi-chiseled design that is dust and dirt tolerance
  • Be sure to verify compatibility with your chainsaw

Buying guide Tricks - choosing the best chainsaw chain

Best chainsaw chain

chainsaw chain

On to the second section of our reviews, we’ll be taking a look at all the important factors you’ll want to pay attention to if you want the best chain for your chainsaw.

Let’s get started.

The different kinds of chainsaw chains

Before moving on to the specifics of what defines the best chainsaw chain, how about we look at the different kinds of chains you could get for the money?

The chisel chains

These come with square cornered teeth and round grind profile.The reason why most people settle for them is because of their fast cutting speeds. Alongside other chains, they’ll have a faster cutting speed. other than speed, the high number of teeth they got ensures you get clean and smooth cuts.

These are mostly found on the domestic chainsaws and it’s recommended that they are regularly sharpened for optimal operation.

Semi-chisel chains

With less than half the number of teeth, you'll have on a full chisel chain, these chains come with rounded cornered teeth.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

In addition to having fewer teeth, half of the teeth on the chain are spread out whereas the other half are close together. The downside to getting this chain is that the cutting speed is slower by about 10% as compared to the full chisel chain.

The flip side of the coin, however, is that the semi-chisel chain remains sharper for a longer time and dull just as quick. Due to this, you can conveniently use the semi-chisel chains to cut through frozen wood, tree stumps or hardwood.

Skip chisel chains

Standing out as the most preferent chainsaw chain when you need to make the bigger cuts, you’ll get the least amount of teeth on a skip chisel chain. It’s mainly recommended for complex tasks such as cutting down a tree since it carries the wood chippings for a while before releasing them out.

With the bigger spaces, though the cutting speed will be slow, it will be a while before you can sharpen the blade. This way, you can count on them to get you through time-consuming tasks.

It’s also the recommended option when the chainsaw might be exposed to dirt. Despite the many advantages they have, skip chisel chainsaw chains, unfortunately, have the highest risk of kickbacks

Low profile chains

If you are uncertain of the saw that will be best compatible with your chainsaw, I’d recommend that you try this type first as they are compatible with most chainsaws today.

However, …

Despite their compatibility, the cutting speed is a little too slow but similar to the skip chisel chains, they retain their sharpness longer. As for their usage, these are best suited for cutting through softwood materials.

Chipper chains

These to have a close similarity to the semi-chisel chains with the only difference being in the radius at the working corner. Whereas the semi-chisel chains have rounded cornered teeth, the working corner on a chipper chain is larger which makes it suitable for the extreme tasks. Also, due to the larger corners, they can retain their sharpness for a long time even in the rough conditions.

Square chisel chains

These have got a very close similarity to the full chisel chains but instead of being used for domestic applications, they are recommended for use by professionals.

Though the cutting speed of these is fast, they, unfortunately, dull faster and as such should be sharpened more often.

Features that define a good chainsaw chain

Regardless of your preferred option above, it’s important that you pay attention to the features below when you want to get the best chainsaw chain.

The overall chain performance

It’s quite sad that most people forget the fact that the performance of the chainsaw greatly relies on how good the chain is.

If you're reading this post, I'm guessing that your current chain hasn't worked out so well. so when getting an upgrade, it's important that you settle for the highest quality you can afford. It's all about getting a highly efficient chain that doesn't overheat or create a lot of dust plus the chances of a kickback occurring should below.

It’s really important that you take your time when picking a chain with high performance since doing otherwise could damage your chainsaw.

The bar length

There’s no “one size fits all” with chainsaw chains and you can get a model that is as long as 24 inches or one that’s as short as 10 inches.

It’s important that you take your time in choosing a chainsaw that’s got just the perfect fit since going too loose or too snug will compromise on the overall safety as you use the saw.

If this is your first upgrade, I’d recommend that you go ahead and measure your bar length just to be sure. This can be done by running a measuring tape from the tip of the guide bar to the point of protrusion of the bar from the tool casting.

There’s more…

Other than using the bar length, the chain length can also be measured using the number of drive links. These normally range between 52 and 62 and this length is important in determining the kickback. So, to get a chain that will perfectly fit your chainsaw, it's important that you combine several measurements

Drive lugs

These are normally found on the chain passing over the cog which is run by the chainsaw’s motor. Also known as drive links, lugs are one way of measuring the length of your chain

The chain gauge.

This is all about the thickness of the chain’s drive links. These normally run between 0.05 to 0.063 inches. The gauge you choose should match what you have on the guide bar of the chainsaw.

If too thick, the chain will not fit and if too thin, it will end up slipping off on the side. By picking a compatible gauge, the chain will glide around the bar without binding as the chainsaw is running.

At the edge of the chainsaw bar are the lugs. These are on the underside of the chainsaw and they slip into grooves on the edge which keeps the chain from coming free as it runs.

The pitch

This is the distance between two rivets and no two rivets are the same distance apart so for you to calculate this, you’ll have to measure between 3 rivets and divide the distance by two. The pitch of the chain is required to match that of the guide bar tip as well as the drive sprocket. The most common pitches measure1/4”, 0.325”, 0.404” and 0.375”


The general rule of thumb when it comes to chainsaw chains is that regardless of how fast it moves, it ought to be well lubricated. By moving at a high speed, the oil on the chain tends to wear off and it’s important that you check on this by checking the oil levels so that the chain doesn’t give in at high speeds.


If you’re all about getting a smooth operation, it’s important that you go for a chain with full chisel-shaped teeth. This is so because the closer they are, the more even the cuts and the sawdust is fine which means the cuts are cleaner.

Besides the tooth type on the chain, you should also go ahead and pick a chainsaw that's got a high-quality material as well to ensure the teeth bite, cut and pull out the wood with amazing consistency. For this, I'd recommend that you go for chains that got chromium-plated alloy.

Anti-vibration operation

If vibration is an issue, then you should make it a priority to upgrade to a better chain and there’s more than one reason for this. Let me explain why…

The presence of vibration in a chain will affect its traction and overall functionality which in turn compromises the accuracy of the chain. Even worse, vibrations could be an indication that energy is being wasted. Additionally, vibrations could indicate that the chain is not a perfect fit for your chainsaw.

Taking all the 3 factors above into account, it’s important to be keen to choose only a high-quality chain that has got a snug fit on your chainsaw.


Most people will get a chainsaw for the complex maintenance tasks such as cutting through hardwood. In such a case, the last thing you want is to compromise your safety which cannot be done if the chain is subjected to kickbacks.

Kickbacks normally occur when the chain is forced to get stuck by debris while it is at full throttle. The result of this is that a force is generated that pushes the chain back on the user which could then cause a really serious injury.

Most chainsaws for professional use or homeowner applications are normally designed to lower kickback. These are mostly the semi-chisel types which have an outside edge.

Replacement vs same brand chainsaw chains

One of the toughest decisions you might have to make when looking for the best chainsaw chains is whether to stick to the same brand as your chainsaw or look for another brand.

In this case, I'd recommend that you stick to the same brand. This, unfortunately, might be a little expensive but as it turns out, there are fewer chances of you messing up the size. On the other hand, if you are sure about the size, you can go ahead and get your chainsaw from another brand.

Final verdict

It's time to finally call it a day and I've got to say, it's been an amazing review. If you are looking for a professional chain, you could go for the Husqvarna 591129972 or simply stick to the SUNGATORSG-S40 for simple home use. Either way, at the end of the day, you’re guaranteed to get one that’ll work best for you among our top 5 picks.

However, …

There’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ with chainsaw chains which is why you should be keen on getting one that’ll snugly fit your chainsaw. In addition to this, even after getting the best, utmost care and maintenance should be a priority- only use and maintain it as per the manufacturer's instructions.

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