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With the lots of models there are to choose from in the market, most people would unfortunately end up with a substandard chainsaw. Additionally, a simple "best 18 inch chainsaw” search on the internet is not guaranteed to get you the best.

So, what do we have to offer you? 

Well, after investing a lot of time and resources in research, we were able to test and review some amazing 18 inch chainsaws. With either of our recommended picks, you’ll be getting a good enough performance for multiple applications. To add icing to the cake, the durability and comfort are not compromised.

Besides just looking into the top rated 18 inch chainsaws, we go the extra mile and cover all that's important o have at your fingertips before spending your hard-earned cash on any chainsaw. That being said, let's get started, shall we? 

It’s always our intention to make the selection process as hassle-free as possible for you and the comparison chart below should make things easy enough for you. Have a look at the side by side comparison of what we got.

The best 18 inch chainsaw reviews

It’s time we take a look at what more there is to look forward to from the comparison table of the 18 inch chainsaws above. Check out the top brands and find out how much you can be able to do with them.

Best 18 Inch Chainsaw


Husqvarna 18 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

You can get either the 18 or 20-inch variant with the Husqvarna 455 Rancher Gas Saw. As expected of this brand of chainsaws, the power is not compromised which makes this bad boy ideal for homeowners or landowners. At the same time, the durability was above average and it was able to handle some really difficult tasks.

Here’s what makes it as good as it is.

Features a safe and functional engine for performance

With the included 2 cycle engine in the Husqvarna, the amount of power you'll be getting will be enough for heavy-duty tasks. To add icing on the cake, this chainsaw is also quite durable so it'll hold up quite well even in

Alongside the 2-cycle engine is also an inertia activated chains brake that made this saw safer to work with as compared to most. To add on to the safety, it does come with a bar cover right out of the box which also protects the chain when the chainsaw is not in use.

Maintenance is made easy with the side-mounted tensioning

Other than the above-average performance, something else I found amazing on this bad boy is the easy to use chain tension mechanism. With the simple side-mounted tensioning, adjustments were fast and accurate so I was able to get back to the task at hand much faster.


The chainsaw does have a quick-release air filter which made it easy to clean things up and replace the air filter as well.

Features an oiling system for overall chain longevity

As far as durability is concerned, I’m positive that this chainsaw will last quite a long time. The automatic chain oiler mechanism kept the perfect amount of oil flowing. Not only did this save me the trouble of doing this manually, but the overall longevity of the chainsaw was improved as well

Something to be keen on...

The handle is made of plastic and not the most durable so you should not be too rough with this bad boy.

  • The quick-release air filter simplifies the cleaning process
  • Safety and efficiency are ensured by the automatic oiler
  • The tool-less chain tensioning mechanism makes it easy to use
  • Be extra careful with the handle as it is made of plastic


Husqvarna 450 18-Inch 50.2cc X-Torq 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw With Smart Start

With chainsaws, it all comes down to how much you can be able to do with one, right? Meant for landowners and less frequent cutting, this feature-packed 18-inch bad boy has got a little bit of everything from comfort to performance. Here’s a look under the hood.

Ergonomically designed to minimize user fatigue

With most medium-powered chainsaws, weight is normally an issue, right? Well, as it turns out, this shouldn't be an issue with this 18-inch bad boy. At a weight that is slightly above 10 lbs., there was no strain whatsoever even after extended use.

To add icing on the cake,

There are anti-vibration dampeners which will take in most of the vibrations hence keeping your arms and hands from added fatigue. There is also a rear handle whose soft inlay, ergonomic trigger and asymmetrical handle made it comfortable to use.

Performance is enhanced with the X-Torq engine

Among all the amazing features this 18 inch chainsaw has, the engine made it stand out. Built to withstand years of use, it comes with a 3-piece crankshaft designed and compressed for superior durability. The engine is also designed with a centrifugal air cleaning system that removes harmful debris before it reaches the filter.

The power output is 3.2 HP, the cylinder displacement 50.2cc, the speed 9600 RPM, the fuel tank 0.95 pints and the chain speed at full power 56.89 ft.

Now, the only issue I found with this is that as much as it is recommended for beginners, the above power specifications could be too much so you must handle it with utmost care.

The overall design makes it easy to maintain and use

The construction has got lots of features that you’ll get in other chainsaws all of which are meant to make it easier to use. What makes this one unique, as I found out, were the distinct marks for better felling precision. There’s also the air purge function to eliminate air from the carburetor for an easy start up.

For the locks, these are easy to use snap-locks that make changing the spark plugs and overall cleaning quite easy. With the included fuel level indicator, it wasn’t quite easy to know when to top up the fuel levels.

  • Fuel efficiency is increased with the included X-Torq engine
  • It’s lightweight and designed to dampen vibrations for easy maintenance
  • The inertia chain brake helps reduce the risk of injury due to kickbacks
  • Be sure to check the chain assembly before using it.


Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Electric Chainsaw

I’ve only come across a few of self-sharpening electric chainsaws but the main reason for me including this one was that out-performed a lot of chainsaws in its class. Well, besides just having the self-sharpening mechanism, let’s take a look at what more there is to look forward to.

It’s ergonomically designed for utmost comfort

The Oregon CS1500 is well balanced from which you get low vibrations. This way, you can be able to work for extended periods without fatigue on your hands and arms. As for the grip, the chainsaw features an over-mold comfort handle.

To add icing to the cake…

As it is expected of an electric corded chainsaw, the weight is greatly reduced and for an 18 inch chainsaw, this bad boy weighs only 12.9 lbs. that should be easy to handle. I also found the assembly to be quite minimalistic since all I needed to do was put the tensioner on the guide bar and the bar and chain on the chainsaw.

However, regardless of the easy assembly and the user friendly design, one tiny thing that turned me off was the ease with which the chain popped off when I didn’t adjust the tension after every few cuts.

Maintenance is made easy with the automatic oiler

Other than being comfortable to use, I also did find it less demanding of intense maintenance procedures. First off, the automatic oiler let just the right amount of oil to the bar and chain. This way, I got a smooth operation the whole time.

The oiler also does have an oil window which made it easy for me to know when it was necessary to top up the oil levels. Besides the automatic oiler, I found the chain tensioning system on this chainsaw to be amazing since with just the simple turn of a knob, I'd have the chain tight enough 

Has got the PowerSharp sharpening system for efficiency

With this built-in system, there was no downtime whatsoever while using the Oregon CS1500. With the PowerSharp level pulled up for 3-5 seconds, I had the chain working just as good as it did the very first time I got it.


For performance, the chainsaw features a no-load speed of 2888 FPM and has got a 15 Amp rating that should be able to handle most tasks.

  • Features low noise, less emissions, and an instant start
  • Has got the self-sharpening SmartSharp system
  • Comes in a lightweight and minimal vibration design
  • The side-mounted motor makes it difficult to make some angled cuts.


Husqvarna 18 Inch 445e II Gas Chainsaw

By employing the latest technology on the chain on this chainsaw, the 445e will give you a whole new cutting experience with chainsaws. Besides this, the powerhead is amazing, maintenance is a breeze and it's really easy to make essential adjustments. Let's go ahead and give it a closer look, shall we?

Performance and longevity are enhanced with the x-cut chain

If you are a homeowner who craves for a professional performance from a chainsaw, you should give the 445e a shot. With the included x-cut chain and the x-force chainsaw Bar, not only will the performance be amazing but you’ll also appreciate the durability.

There’s more…

For an 18 inch chainsaw, the balance was really good due to the included x-force chainsaw bar which, regardless of being light is demanding of less maintenance and as such, it’s productivity surpassed most saws in its class.

The cleaning system is designed to improve engine life

Built into the chainsaw is an air injection centrifugal air cleaning system which prevents larger dust and debris particles from getting to the air filter which then improves the engine life. Speaking of the air filter, it's a quick-release design which facilitates easy cleaning and replacement of the same.


The chainsaw does have an easy to use side-mounted tensioning system with which chain tension adjustments can be carried out easily

Enjoy extended hours of use with the comfortable design

Other than weighing just 10.8 lbs., the chainsaw comes with the lowvib anti-vibration system so I was able to get a lot of work done since my hands and arm weren’t fatigued fast.

I also did enjoy the included side-mounted chain tensioning system with which I was able to make quick chain adjustments each time it loosened up as I was working. There’s also the automatic chain oiler that improves the efficiency and longevity of the chain and bar.

On the downside…

The only problem I encountered was with the starting mechanism, whereby I had to pull a lot of times in neutral before I had it running. Though it may take some time to get started, you’ll enjoy every minute of using this 18 inch chainsaw.

  • Features a 2-cycle engine with an inertia activated chain brake
  • The included side-mounted chain tensioning makes adjustments easy
  • Cleaning is made easy with the quick release air filter
  • It gets a little cranky on the start-up


Husqvarna 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

The first 18 inch chainsaw I reviewed is from Husqvarna, one of the top brands in the market and being 18 inches in size, it should be good enough for all-round applications. Additionally, the overall construction is aimed at

Oiling is easy for the overall chainsaw longevity

A feature that I found useful and will also be highly be appreciated by anyone looking for the best beginner 18 inch chainsaw is the automatic oiler. Even though you'll have to get the chain and bar oil separately, the oiler ensures there is a consistent supply of oil to the bar and chain. This way, the chain will not be subjected to wear and tear as well as overheating plus the cuts will be cleaner unlike ever before.

Designed to handle extreme cutting tasks

Since the results are just as good as the overall performance of the chainsaw, this one was able to handle medium-duty tasks and packs enough power to take down decent-sized trees as well.


Since it does come in different sizes, you can go ahead and pick a larger one for more demanding jobs and vice versa. It’s also worth mentioning that the chainsaw comes with a 2 cycle engine which is bound to get you enough power for most tasks.


Though there is a chain brake mechanism included, it was a little inconsistent since I found it a little difficult to engage at times.

Maintenance is easy and straightforward

Whereas this has been an issue on most chainsaws I have worked with in the past, the Husqvarna 460 proved to be one of the most user-friendly heavy-duty chainsaws. First, it comes with a side-mounted chain tensioning system with which you can quickly and accurately adjust the chain adjustment as you work.

Second, there is a quick-release air filter that simplifies cleaning and also makes it easy to replace the air filter as you work.

  • The 2 cycle engine ensures you get an optimal performance
  • Smooth performance is ensured with the automatic oiler
  • Comes with an easy to use side-mounted chain tensioning system
  • The chain brake mechanism is difficult to activate at times


Sun Joe SWJ701E 18-inch 14.0 Amp Electric Chain Saw

Yet another electric chainsaw on our 18 inch chainsaw reviews is the Sun Joe SWJ701E. If you’ll be using it to work on limbs, logs or firewood, then you’ll find this one quite handy. Among other things, I found the safety mechanism awesome which qualifies this bad boy ideal for beginners.

The start-up and maintenance are both easy

With just the push of a button, the chain should start easily. The amazing features, however, do not stop here. It comes with a self-lubricating 18-inch bar and chain so you don't have to do any tune-ups on this bad boy.


Getting it started initially was somewhat difficult since the kickback protection bar is already engaged out of the box and all I needed to do was switch it on and I was all set.

Includes a lightweight and user-friendly design

On to the design, it’s only 9.7 lbs heavy plus it already comes with ergonomic handle each of which maximizes control and comfort respectively.

It’s designed for safety and performance

Included in this chainsaw is a powerful 14-amp motor which besides being easy to start cuts through firewood, logs and branches quite easily. Regardless of the amazing performance, the chainsaw has no emissionswhatsoever. As for the safety, there is a kickback brake included on the hand guard and there is a switch that prevents accidental starting.

  • It’s run by a powerful 14-amp motor with no emissions
  • Has got a self-lubricating Oregon bar and chain
  • Weighs only 9.7 lbs. and has an ergonomic handle for comfort
  • The 3mm guide setting is a little too lose


Dolmar PS-6100 61cc 20inc bar with big 3/8th pitch chisel chain

Looking for something that'll give you an optimal performance? This is it. Other than the 50 cc's, the crankcase and handle are both made of metal which was enough to set this in the professional category of chainsaws. For the design, it's generally user-friendly and easy to handle. That being said, let’s go ahead and see what it’s got, shall we?

The powerhead is designed for heavy-duty applications

It all comes down to how much you can be able to do with the chainsaw in your hand, right? With performance being a priority, this chainsaw surpassed most I have used in the past by far. With this 18 inch chainsaw, you’ll be getting an amazing 13,500 rpm and a 3.2 hp both of which are meant to get you clean and accurate cuts.

Despite the high powered engine, it weighs only 12.1lbs. and wasn’t any trouble to maneuver and control my cuts.


Despite all the above positive features, one thing that I wasn't comfortable with was the included chain guard that requires you to have the bar at a 90-degree angle with the wood. Doing otherwise resulted in little or no cuts at all.

Comfortable use is ensured with the anti-vibration mounts

Alongside the lightweight configuration, yet another feature that you’ll enjoy are the anti-vibration mounts. Since these kept the vibrations from reaching my hands, the cuts were accurate and control uncompromised

Designed to offer hassle-free maintenance

Alongside the above-average performance and unrivaled design, maintenance is a breeze when it comes to this 18-inch chainsaw. It also does have aside chain tensioner with which you won’t be needing any tools to have the chain in place. More so, there is a tool-less air cleaner as well to keep the dust out.

  • The included anti-vibration mounts minimize fatigue and get you quality cuts
  • It comes with a side chain tensioner for quick and easy adjustments
  • Features a 13,500 rpm- 3.2 hp powerhead for heavy-duty performance
  • It might take some time to get used to the chain/bar design which is rather unconventional


Remington RM4618 Outlaw 46cc 2-Cycle 18-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

Available in either the 42cc or the 46cc model, I’d recommend the RM4618 for anyone looking to handle relatively heavy duty tasks. Besides the engine being powerful, using it was quite easy and I did enjoy the high quality construction that wasn’t compromised on durability.

Get extended time of usage with the anti-vibration system

With gas powered chainsaws being some of the strongest power tools, it’s important that it be as comfortable as possible in the hand. With the Remington RM4618, it was a whole new experience with the 5-point anti-vibration system nd more so, it came with a cushioned wrap handle.

With both of the above features, though not as smooth as the spring mount system, not only did I use it or a long time but I had better control and maneuverability as well.

The durable chassis is designed to take a beating

Unlike most gas powered chainsaws where I had to deal with a little too much weight, this one was only 16.4 lbs., thanks to the unique chassis design.

It’s made of heavy duty die cast and the components are professional grade such that you get better durability while at the same time, the overall weight is cut down without the performance being compromised. Still on the design, the chainsaw also came with a side mounted tensioning system which gave me consistency throughout the time I was using it.

Designed to allow for quick and easy cleaning

As far as maintenance is concerned, access to the spark plug and air filter did not demand the use of any tools so it was no trouble to clean or replace it. To make things much better, it has an automatic oiler system so that the lubrication on the chain is maintained at all times; this way, the chain remained sharp and the cuts were smooth throughout.

  • The quick start technology allows for an easy pull start
  • Features a die-cast chassis with professional grade components
  • Has auto oiler to ensures a proper lubrication at all times
  • The chain needs to be readjusted frequently

Buying guide: how to choose the best 18 inch chainsaw

Now that you have the best of the best just a click away, it would be even better if you knew what to look into before picking the best 18 inch chainsaw for you.

The engine- how much power is good enough?

Most 18 inch chainsaws range in the professional and medium-class category of chainsaws. Because of this, they should be capable of handling a serious workload. At the same time, it should be capable of standing up to the toughest conditions without compromising on the performance.

For this to be possible, how much power the engine packs should be among the first things you look into and this, in most cases is offered only by the gas-powered chainsaws.

The general rule of thumb is that the higher the cc rating, the more power it’s got. At the same time some18 inch chainsaws do cost a little bit more than what you would use for just some basic trimming.

The durability

Other than being powerful enough, yet another feature that defines the best chainsaw is whether or not it’s got what it takes to stand up in tough working conditions.

As already mentioned, gas-powered chainsaws are meant for use in tough tasks such as cutting down trees or firewood. If the construction is flimsy, chances are that it will give in to damage fast.

Regarding the durability, it’s also important to consider the kind of tree you’ll be cutting. This involves determining the diameter of wood in which case you should ensure the bar length is ideal. You should also go ahead and decide what time of the year you’ll be cutting. Whereas you could go for any chainsaw in the summer, the winter season, on the other hand, calls for you to use one with a heated handle and a heated carburetor as well.

Safety and efficiency features

Last but not least, these two features shouldn't be overlooked whatsoever. Starting with the safety, it should always be a priority regardless of how light the task at hand is.

The grip, which is also one of the most overlooked features on a chainsaw should be given the most attention. The reason for this is that since you'll be pulling a cord, it would cause injury if the chainsaw slipped the wrong way after it has started running. You should also avoid using your chainsaw, especially a high powered one above shoulder height.

On to the efficiency, you should pay attention to the maintenance and upkeep of your chainsaw. This involves anything from ensuring it's sharp at all times to keep the oil levels high enough. Both of these aids in speeding up the cutting process while at the same time preventing the occurrence of kickbacks. The oiling also ensues that the wear on the chain is reduced as it runs on the bar.

When the tension of the chain is not set right, it could easily slip off the and unfortunately be forced back towards you which is the last thing you want.


From ergonomic handles to efficient operations and ease of use, you couldn't go wrong with either of the chainsaws above. Adding on to the buying guide you got, choosing the best 18 inch chainsaw for you should be a breeze.

We also got the top brands in the market so its performance is guaranteed. As far as operation is concerned, be sure to observe the necessary maintenance from oiling to adjusting the tension right and doing an overall check-up for the chainsaw once in a while.

All in all, take your time to know why you need one before spending your hard-earned cash.

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